Cam’ron Hit with Huge IRS Tax Lien

cam'ron irs tax lien

It seems like every celeb is being hit with tax liens these days. NeNe Leakes was hit with two liens totaling almost $1 million, Iggy Azalea has $661K in unpaid taxes, comedienne Mo’Nique received multiple bills totaling almost $400K, and now, rapper Cam’ron is the next celeb to receive his bill from Uncle Sam.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the Harlem rapper owes $183.150 to the IRS. The government has demanded he pay up or have his property and assets seized to collect the debt.

According to IRS records, the lien was filed earlier this year in New Jersey. Cam’ron hasn’t released a solo album since 2009, so it looks like someone needs to get back in the studio ASAP.


  1. These I R S gangsters are going ham on everybody, especially ethnic people!…You can't have shit, without someone trying to take it, whether it's this corrupt organization called the Internal Revenue Services, or some asshole, that feels like their entitled to your belongings, and steals from you!…There's no peace in Babylon, that's why it's gonna burn!…

    • C'mon Brooklyn Queen. Everybody has to pay taxes. Why should "celebrities" be allowed to slide when regular folk have to pay? Whether the IRS is right and good is not the issue. Everyone knows the rules of the game, you either play by the rules or you got to prison.

      • @Anon19:20!…I was speaking for everybody!… Celebrities are apart of society, and they eat, sleep, and shit, like everybody else…I never once in my post, said that they shouldn't be held accountable for their finances, or taxes!…I never said that celebrities should be held in high regards either!…Soooooo????…..I mean, I basically just said that, it seems as if someone is always out to get somebody else!…I E we live in a dog eat dog world!…Babylon must burn, whether you want it to or not! ✌✌

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