Peter Thomas Sued for Defrauding Investor

peter thomas fraud sued

Peter Thomas lost his wife, Cynthia Bailey, and now he’s about to lose a lot of money! The former reality TV star is being accused of defrauding an investor out of over $150K according to The Jasmine Brand.

A guy in North Carolina claims Peter conned him out of the money by promising him 30% ownership in a second club in North Carolina…a club that never even opened.

Peter is being accused of making false claims, saying the bar would be used for tapings of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the bar could use the show as free marketing and publicity.

The guy also says Peter him him up for a $50K loan which he never paid back.


  1. This Negroe, uuuuuugh!….There's nothing wrong with ambition, its a great quality…However, every time you turn around, he's f*cking up somebody's money…He keeps trying to get into a business that's not very lucrative for him…He was successful at it in the 90's, but the economy is different, and the need for certain things have changed..Peter isn't willing to accept that, and it cost him a good woman, and his livelihood!…

    • LOL My TRUTH about them IS, 99% of them are con artist/criminals on the make. It is part of their culture. So he just proved me right again!!!

      But what I cant wait for, is Porsha's faggy husband admitting he defrauded him too. Peter, the devil, whispered into Kordell the fools, ear to leave his beautiful wife penniless because he wanted every cent of that fools money in his pocket, AND HE LISTENED.

      Appolo and Phaedra were doing fine until Appollo decided to believe he was a friend, eventhough at the beginning he showed his jealousy/hate of Appollo.

      The morrow of this story is RESIST THE DEVIL and he will flee. If you give him an ear he's GOTCHA!

  2. How could anyone cut this fool some slack when he walked down the aisle with his VOUDON Jamaican wife, and told fool Cynthia that "SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND."

    A WIFE is a husband's best friend. Cynthia is pathetic.

    • @Frannie!…It was a joke!…I actually never cared for Peter, or his arrogance!… The one good thing that he had, Cynthia, he's lost, because he's an arrogant wannabe!…He's always involving himself in everybody else's affairs, but he can't seem to keep his dick in his pants, or his business in order!…That nigga was cut enough slack, if you ask me!…Fuck Peter, he's a f*ck up, and a fraud!

      • Most Jamaican men do the same thing over and over but the Cynthia's of the world always hope they found that one good one and never learn from other's mistakes. This is how it goes:

        IF they need a greencard/citizenship. They:
        marry a 40 something year old woman who has good credit and job
        they abuse her psychologically and physically if they can get away with it
        they work with their countrymen to steal from her
        they separate you from your family/friends
        the person they tell you is their best friend or sister is their Voudon wife
        They work hard to destroy the American wife who supported them
        And if she isn't smart enough to get rid of them early N the relationship, THEY STEAL EVERYTHING SHE HAS TO set up life with a Jamaican woman.
        The American wife is left in poor health, finances ruined, unemployed,homeless, and reduced to 3rd world status

        • OH, and they ALWAYS set up a business, and use it to drain the American wife dry with claims of, I'm investing the money in the business, but all the time they're lining their pockets with it, and giving money to whatever jamaican woman working with them. They always work with one of their women.

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            • We are not in slavery.

              No white man forces dirty caribbean coons to be hateful and jealous of black americans.

              black american mothers dont train their sons to hate on foreign black women, but dirty foreign blacks ostracize their sons and hate on them for caring for a black american woman.


              • All the while the dirty foreign jealous black woman trains her son to hate black american women,

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  3. Peter just can't realize that his money making days are over.. He has judgement in ATL for a long time.. Cynthia was a fool to marry a man with grown kids.. I don't like his attitude and the way he stays up in the women business. I don't see nothing sexy about him at all.. He's also verbally abusive to Cynthia… This marriage was doomed from the star.. I wish Cynthia the best of luck in the future.. Peter will be in court soon for more than this, he's a cheater in life and business…

    • Normally I feel sorry for women who have been used and destroyed by men, BUT CYNTHIA DESERVES NOOOOO SYMPATHY, because she GOT IN BED WITH THE DEVIL AND helped him do his dirty work.

  4. Shittttt…I could have told y'all this my damn self! That club was "allegedly" was to be up and running in Charlotte. Of all places, Charlotte, North Carolina? Really, Charlotte is one place U don't put a club building there.

    • It was cheap to set up a business in a depressed area. That way he had more money to put in his pocket and tell the fool investors that he is using the money for club expenses.

      • There is nothing depressed in Queen's City. Not one part of it. If anything, he saw Charlotte like another Atlanta, but a l bit faster because of The Panthers, The Bobcats, The CIA, The race. He saw Charlotte as a gold mine, which it is. But, due too so many damn club shootings, it wasn't going to thrive anyway, especially in Mecklenburg County.

        • He knew that when he went in and tricked fools out of their money! He knew no business thrives in a war zone. A con artist always blame everyone but himself.

  5. It's" the MORAL of the story!" Not "morrow". I swear man…. Did you guys study grammar in school? That's grade school stuff…. How is it you're an adult and still have grammar issues?????

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