Alexis Arquette Dead After Outing Will & Jada’s Homosexuality

alexis arquette dead

Remember when Jada Pinkett Smith encouraged everyone to boycott the Oscars when Will Smith wasn’t nominated for his performance in the movie Concussion? Transgender actress Alexis Arquette went on an epic Facebook rant, outing Will and Jada for their homosexuality. She also claimed Will’s first marriage ended when his ex-wife caught him servicing his sugar daddy.

alexis arquette will jada pinkett smith

And now, Alexis has died at the age of 47. Her brother Richmond left an odd and savage FB post announcing her passing on his page.

alexis arquette dead


Alexis was born as Robert Arquette, and she’s the sibling of actors David, Rosanna, Patricia and Richmond. She transitioned to female in 2006, but it sounds like she flip-flopped on her gender identity throughout the years.

There’s no word yet on the cause of Alexis’s death.


    • On BET, the GREAT TUPAC said he loved Jada so much he could see himself married to her one day!

    • It that FB post was a message. That family knows what's up, they have been hamsters in the wheel for a few generations, every one of them. Don't upset the hierarchy.

  1. Alexis had aids I doubt will and Jada has enough clout and money to kill a white whos family is more powerful than they are not gonna blame the elite for everybody getting the flu it's their fault

    • Trannies are on the low end of the totem pole…pardon the pun. That is why the brother's FB emphasized that Alexis went from a trans to a gay man before her death. Gay men are very powerful in the industry because gay sex produces powerful sex magic. There is more to it but that is the basics.

  2. They killed that faggot cuz loose lips sinks ships .. But in this case , His lips had met many powerful homo 's in holly … Some remain on the dl and that fag was a liability … Guck Will and Jada who else would he out next … ? They can't have that !

  3. yeah old ask qunicy jones how do you think will smith got that show and look at their children changing their sex making them transgender. jada smith was queen latifah lover hell she turned a few of these chicks. everybody in hollywood know they gay their all gay shit. look at tyler perry the gays in atlanta outed him now he's trying to get married just like donnie mcurken. eddie murphy had killed trangedners for out that he was gay. PIMP C SAID IT BEST BEFORE HE GOT KILLED IF YOU ASHAMED OF SOMEHTHING YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOIN IT.



      • It makes you bi-sexual. Bi-curious means you are just thinking of or are curious about homo sex and have NOT actually done it.

      • @Truman, I agree, your not curious about sht if you've already been punched in the Azz-Hole, YO AZZ is a straight up Fudge Packer.

      • I hear so many REAL GROWN women, been married for decades, say their husband's are butt f*ck*ng them. REAL TALK!

        R they downlow?

        They claim their marriages were made in heaven LOL I really cant see it but???

    • Stephen the same can be said about LL Cool J. His tv show was produced by Quincy Jones. Look up Jacky's archives. He exposed LL as a undercover trans lover. Looks like LL stands for ladyboy lover.

  4. nobody talking about will smith kisses his son in the mouth and mayweather and diddy at party kissing these niggas are faggots

    • oh yeah one more thing barack obama killing his gay lovers donald young and larry sinclair michelle obmaa is a transgedner his real name micheal robinson. joan rivers told the truth and got killed for it and i believe her. there is no proof her giving birth to those children those kids are adopted. just like when beyonce was "pregnant" how are you pegnant in high heel shoes and your stomach bends?

    • Snoop, attends Diddy KOONS all male pajama parties. So u know he does. You don't get that far up and don't participate in the rituals. Shit many of them are replaced with demonic clones anyway.

      • Lol I can see snoop in his pjs with the feet kind with his hair parted in two braids and his wife was like where are you going and he is like to diddy slumber party.

    • tupac exposed dr dre saying he upstaris sucking dick and p*ssy and eazy e exposed dre saying he wore lipstick becasue dr dre is not gangsta and ice cube isn't as well eazy e made them fools dr dre was apart of the world class wrecking crew lookin like a bitch. tomica wright, ice cube, dr dre along with mstermind jerry heller killed eazy e

      • he was STRAIGHT. just saw his biopic on BET and he was in the GOLD but dont tell any woman alive that a man that fine and decent isn't straight BECAUSE WE R NOT LISTENING. I thought the white woman doing his interview was going to eat him whole LOL so fine so sexy so decent so intelligent

      • Shut the f*ck up. You bitch ass nigga. You are the faggot and yo momma should have Aborted yo hoe ass. You f*ckin loser. Die from AIDS loser.

    • According to one blog that I have started reading Will is sleeping with his son and also passing him round to the paedos in the industry. He stays wearing leopard print which is a beta sex kitten mind control trigger. I don't know what they are doing with Willow but Jaden is a hoe!

      • Which blog said that Will is sleeping with Jaden? You've gotta bring receipts on that I read most popular blogs and never read that.

        • Stepping off this thread. All of a sudden, BP experts on mind control and the IIlluminantbut can't marry each other, pass on family legacy money, control our communities or kids. But yeh, we know everything the Elites are doing.

          • LOL U R so right. Illuminati, mind control all that Bullsh8t is NOT a part of American black culture. All these voudon devil worshipping devils NEED 2 B DEPORTED 4 BRINGING THAT MESS INTO OUR WORLD

        • It is a tumblr blog. Go to 'hollywood-agenda' search for Will Smith. If you scroll down you'll get to it. Jaden is always in leopard print and for a guy that is pretty telling I think. Yes this is only someone else's theory but if you remember that Will kissed his own son on the lips. It does make you wonder.

    • I take that back. That nasty will smith n8ggah kissing his own child in the mouth, IS LIKELY A PEDOPHILE

    • C'mon Stephen….everyone talked about that Will and Jaden kiss!! It was a HUGE topic here when it happened, and it is often brought up.

      And Frannie, I do not think for a minute that Will is having sex with his son. Most gay men are repulsed by pedophilia just like heterosexuals are. Yes, there are some gay pedos, but there are way more hetero pedos. All the scientific data shows that.
      Will and Jada are gross and tired, but I don't think they are diddling their children.

      • i just took the other bloggers word for it, but any man kissing any man or boy on the mouth is suspect.

      • There aren't way more hetero pedos. Check the stats on boys who are molested to girls, the numbers are close and it might be worse if more boys actually reported what happened to them.

          • And the gay pedo numbers R growing!!!

            I saw one old white b8stard on a cruise, who was parading around this young white boy of about 19, tonguing him down in front of every one, and wouldn't let him wear anything but them little tight azz speedos. Everyone was about to throw up!

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            The average woman who refuse butt f8cking cant even get a date!

            And married women R butt f8cking 2 try 2 compete with the gay men 4 attention


  5. Wow I called this the day that message came out. What is with his brother message my brother be came my sister now my brother now my sister now my brother what! this was a hit and it was to send a message out not only did this happen on 9-11 it's a great cover up for that Hillary Clinton stunt this was a hit and who they gave it to know what they are saying loud and clear.

  6. lol He/it didn't out ish. Everybody knows iNcluding Stevie Wonder, about Jada and Will bisexul Heaux,swinging endeavors. He knew because that's what goes on in Hollyweird.

    • Actually swinging amongst whites is almost normal. THAT'S HOW THEY STAY IN THEIR LONG LOVELESS MARRIAGES AND KEEP THEIR MONEY IN TACT.

      They think that having sex as a team, in front of each other, is NOT cheating. They think it is only cheating when you have sex with someone else and dont tell your spouse LOL LOL REAL TALK dont ask me how I know LOL

      • Heck, whites are always doing tv shows & reality shows bragging about their swinging lifestyles, sexual perversions, & everything else that is an abomination.

  7. Dre been doing gay chit since he was famous cause all Dre's old friends said he wasn't Fagging then by a long shot when eazy, pac, suge, quick, Luke, choice, cold 187, j a rule, and Jermaine dupri call you gay for years I mean Everytime somebody diss Dre they call him gay something up with that as for snoop kokane outed him in 94 saying snoop got f*cked in the ass in jail in a diss song when ruthless and death row was beefing

  8. Jada acted like he er and j Jasmine guy was lovers back in the day dawnn Lewis acted like a dyke Lisa bonet and Cree summer act like lesbians they both hippies so it wouldn't surprise anyway will and Alfonso ribero acted like fags in many episodes of fresh prince so did jazzy Jeff and that damn gay ass butler we know Alfonso used to hang around Michael Jackson and was on silver spoons where that gay bkack dude died of aids I forgot his name but you had all this gay chit back then like Richard Pryor dressing up as a maid in the toy and he wonder why his son was a cross dresser

    Bubba Smith cross dresser in one of the police academy films been awhile since I seen all of them but bubba Smith looked silly wearing a dress

    • yeah i remeber richard pryor wearing a dress in jojo dancer didn't richard pryor admitted to having sexual realations with a transgedner

      • anyone who grows up in a house of prostitution like pryor has seen it all and probably done it all.

      • Yes Pryor OK liked to f*ck trannies just like all cool j did when he was a heavy crack smoker mister see been exposed and he still denies he like men but he did say hell let a man suck his dick

        Teddy pendergrass was kicked out the blue notes by Harold Melvin not just for taking the spotlight but cause Harold was sick of being Teddy's bitch and said I'm sick of living this lie tell them who you really are teddy

        • well let's just face it, the average man is a slave 2 his dyck. Jesus is the only one who can control his predatory nature.

          • that's only because he was a god or had supernatural powers.

            jesus was the only demigod I knew or read about that did not have sexual relations with humans every other god, demon, jinn, or hybrids loved them some human p*ssy or in some cases human dick too.

  9. Wouldn't this person have been mk'd at some point? Wouldn't they know therefore how to keep secrets? Maybe becoming transgender mucks up your programmed alters and you forget that you've been programmed to keep quite.

  10. The white trans was free to talk CAUSE HE KNEW HE WAS DYING OF AIDS! Dying people get very fresh and frank. Not everything is a conspiracy!!

  11. Well I told y'all around the starting around the beginning of football season until Halloween, U are going to see a bunch and I mean a bunch of folks going down.

    • the words blood ritual WAS NEVER PART OF ANY AMERICAN'S VOCABULARY until too many foreigners came here.

      • Bulk of it up is happening right now. During the entire year it was Prince, Philando Castro, Eric Gardner, Chyna from WWE. But now, it really going to get crazier.

        • Way more people than that have passed, including all the 'celebrity' family members dropping like flies.

  12. pac was bisexual.

    i dont even need to speak of that tub pic…he transitioned to a whole different person over night when he got into the industry and later took on that bad guy role where he flourished. nigga never heard the director from juice yell CUT!

    wont go into all the lies and facade surrounding his character just know that kid in highschool is the rela him.

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