Nelly Hit With One of the Biggest Celebrity IRS Tax Liens


    nelly tax lien

    Add another celebrity to the list of famous people who suck at paying their taxes. NeNe Leakes was hit with two liens totaling almost $1 million, Iggy Azalea has $661K in unpaid taxes, comedienne Mo’Nique received multiple bills totaling almost $400K, rapper Cam’ron received a $183,150 bill, and now Nelly was hit with a massive IRS tax lien.

    Nelly received notice in August that he owes $2,412,283 in federal income taxes. The tab is so big, the IRS is ready to start seizing his assets and property ASAP.

    But that’s not it, he also has a state tax bill in Missouri totaling $149,511. Sources say Nelly is working with the IRS to resolve the issue.

    Other celebs who had tax bills bigger than Nelly’s include Wesley Snipes who was locked up for owing $17 million, and Chris Tucker who settled his $14 million IRS debt back in 2014.


    1. I get why poor people cant keep up with their taxes but these RICH nigga's leave me scratching my head when they dont pay. Wazzup with THAT!? Guess they wanna learn the HARD way. Unca Sam dont play about his Money.

        • You're wrong. That nigga had to be FOR REAL rich for a minute to owe 2 Milli. That Nikka had a couple hits that were songs of the summer. When you get that big even for a minute you should be RICH FOR LIFE!! He hit a lick and blew it just like Hammer thinking it was gonna last FOREVA!!

          I just dont get it. If they know Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, etc. can have ups and downs in their careers I have NO IDEA why they think they wont. These Nikka's thing they'll have more longevity than the greatest artists of our time!? SMDH?!

          • Somebody tell meek mill that cause he be talking like he the riches nigga in Philly and he never gonna get a Nelly run

          • Ummm no. Small tax bills add up over time they put penalties, collections and all other types of bullshit fees onto what could have been a smaller amount originally owed.

            That is why when people make deals, they are usually allowed to pay the original tax amount w/o all the over-inflated fees.

        • The hit songsaint coming no more and he f*cked over his group the lunatics then he had a whole label of artists and never released anybody them bit even Avery storm came out yet Nelly bought too much p*ssy he spent plenty on ashanti

      • It doesn't take intelligence to tell a joke, act or sing, that is why you should not let DUMMYS TELL YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR.

        They are not intelligent enough.

        The democrats are draining them dry, and I'm glad.

    2. Ok I believe this is a conspiracy lots of weird things happening this election year too many celebs owing the IRS at the same time

      • these high paid celebs don't have money it's on paper these black celebs are getting a wake up call these jewish folks are not going to let them keep that man, i know whites are getting hit too but not as bad as the blacks.

    3. Nelly needs to pay his taxes and stop trying to keep on with Ms. Jackson. She's used to Floyd money…not Nelly money. Nelly needs to cut that loss and cut Shantall loose because he cannot afford her.

    4. One thing I learn bout celebs jus cause it say ur net worth is 20-100 mill doesn't mean you have that in cash networth is how much everything you have as a whole is worth in you have to pay to keep it up

      • DaRa

        Their "program" is living way beyond their means/

        That catches up with you eventually. You can't put this on The Man. The IRS treats everyone like shit regardless of color. White people tend to play along, or at least get a good CPA to find legal loopholes. Black folks don't get it.

        • RIGHT!! White people already know you cant outslick the IRS. The IRS has access to every government database there is. They could pull up every transactions this nikka ever did with his debit card if they wanted. They're used to getting away with petty food stamp and welfare scams and think that shit translates once you start earning REAL money. Sorry Nikka, It Dont. Unca Sam want his cut and he'll take it out of your ass if need be.

          • Well in that the case, why Lee called Mo'Nique up and tell her she is no longer apart of Hollywood no more? And just as soon he got off the phone with him, two weeks later, she got hit with an unexpected tax lien. Mind U , she pays her taxes. But right after Lee called her with the bad news, she gets hit. Notice these folks all of sudden getting hit all of sudden they tired of playing the game they chose to become famous. Look at Iggy. She done gave up rap and going back home to Australia. Boom! She got hit! Sounds familiar?

            • Nah. Every couple years the IRS goes HARD at celebs since it makes the news and keeps people scared of the IRS. They're waaaay understaffed and cant catch all the normal cheaters so they hit the celebs to keep the rest of us in line. Its been part of their strategy for a looong time. Truthfully the repubs have been slashing their budget for YEARS so they use these big cases to keep the fear level up (and they have a toll-free line for snitches WITH a percent reward that helps people seek revenge)

            • When dirty DUMB n8ggahs in entertainment and politics get a little power, the first thing they use it for, is to destroy other black people.



    5. I said it before and I will say it again. The gangsters called the I.R.S. will go after rappers and black actors all day every day. They will not touch Donald Trump, Monsanto, General Electric, Apple or the NFL. The white owned Amerikkkan Government/Federal Reserve will protect billionaires and billion dollar corporations who pay less than ten percent in federal taxes. Any black man who doesn't pay their taxes will go to federal prison. It is a fact there are two Amerikkkas; one for rich white men, one for broke black men!


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