The Honeymoon is Over for Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez

Halle Berry / Oliver Martinez Divorce

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are on the fast track to divorce according to one source close to the couple. The pair, who announced their engagement in 2012 and married in July 2013 at Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France, have recently been living separate lives.

An insider speculates that the reason for the tension is that the pair have drifted apart because of hectic work schedules. Berry is now shooting her new CBS series, “Extant,” in Los Angeles, while Martinez has been busy working on “Revenge” in a guest-star role that starts Sunday on the hit ABC show.

Berry, 47, and Martinez, 48, have not been seen in public together in months. Making rumors of their split even stronger, Berry was not wearing her wedding ring as the special guest at a post-Oscars party. Meanwhile, Martinez was nowhere to be seen.

The formerly PDA-loving couple were last seen in public together on Dec. 7 looking glum as they took in a performance of “The Lion King” at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood.

Berry and Martinez have a son, Maceo, born in October 2013. Berry also has a 6-year-old daughter, Nahla, from her relationship with model Gabriel Aubry.

Meanwhile, on the work front, a source who was on the set of “X Men: Days of Future Past,” tells us Berry, who plays Storm, was cut out of every scene but one in post-production.

“While filming, her role was reduced due to her pregnancy, but it turned out to be more of a cut than was expected. She only has one line in the whole movie. They’re not telling her until the movie comes out.”

The “Monsters Ball” Oscar winner has a history of being romantically challenged. She’s been married twice before — first to baseball player David Justice in 1993, with the couple divorcing in 1997. She ended up taking out a restraining order against Justice. In 2001 she married singer-songwriter Eric Benet. They divorced in 2005, and he admitted to cheating on her, calling it a mistake.

via the NY Daily News Confidential report


  1. Hells bells….again??? I hope this is just mindless gossip but if its true. Halle might just wanna make motherhood and movies her focus. Marriage may not necessarily work for her. Maybe she has some deep seated insecurity about men. No one seems to make her happy for long. But kids love unconditionally. Just focus on them.

    • Heard that she does Not like 2 B touched. (David said she is a Cold Fish)

      This sent David Justice 2 the Strip Clubs 4 affection, and Turned Eric into a Sex Addict.

    • GPH I heard almost six months ago that Olivier was rampantly effing everything in a skirt. Of course, he was always like that with every women he has been involved with. I wouldn’t be surprised if as another post said, she may be nearly asexual due to all the unhappiness n her life.
      The hottest tea I’ve heard in ages is about Halle: a VERY good source told me that both of her children were not produced by her own eggs. Yes, she carried them and birthed them, but they were from eggs of a young, healthy woman.

      • Regardless of how they were conceived, this aging, chronically ill with diabetes aging halle doesn’t need to be trying to raise kids alone. This jerk right here was managing to do right until he got that marriage contract signed. This white jerk right here will get all kinds of money in divorce court, but blk women get nothing these days.

        • She is another Whoopie Goldberg. I have zero sympathy for her. She said she wanted to try “something new” meaning white men but the result is still the same so what does that tell us? She’s the common denominator in all those marriages.

          • Esau is already getting 30k a month from her in CS.It gets worst before it gets better Halle.Stay away from Esau black woman he’s you’re enemy.Duet 28:68

            • BA: Introduce me to a so-called man, even a son of Shem, as you like to say, who isn’t my enemy and I will produce a marriage certificate with his name and my name on it.

              Brotha, no one sent you the memo that men are the new women? Men of all races are out here looking for women to do for them what God ordained them to do for us. That, along with this rampant disease called homosexuality, will lead to the downfall of mankind. Trust.

            • Your interpretation of Scripture is awful. You sound like the yt man using the Bible to spread hate. Repent and turn from your wicked ways, silence your tongue, you don’t honor God with your words…
              1 John 4:20

      • Christa , you might just be right about the thing w using surrogate eggs. I always wondered why she was paying Gabriel child support…when she was the one who had primary custody. I think it makes sense if Gabriel is the biological parent. Supposedly that’s how Katie Holmes was able to get Suri outta TC clutches, whereas Nicole Kidman had to give up her kids.

        • This makes sense. I couldn’t understand why she had to pay CS if she had the majority of physical custody of the child & she didn’t fight back. I used to work for a CA child support agency. Now it makes sense.

        • Have you ever thought that Suri is not the biological daughter of Tom Cruise but perhaps the product of Katie Holmes ex boyfriend that was an actor in the American Pie movies. After all, right after they broke up she dated Tom and was possibly still seeing the ex off and on unbeknownst to Tom and they married very quickly.

  2. What is going on with this? Helle u said u don’t want to be bothered with African American men so u been through the European men and they’re not working what’s next? Asian men? French men? Irish men? Or will you surprise us with your now interested in women? I think it has something to do with helle some self examination is needed. There’s a problem some where. Better be careful he might start spill’en tea for profit.

    • Did she really say that because pre Nalas daddy, black men were all she really dated. She married two…so its not like she doesn’t like black men. She just can’t keep it together w anyone black or white. Oh and I wouldn’t advise her to go lesbo either cuz that would really be a knock down drag out slap happy bitchfest of epic proportions lol



    • Pebbles don’t be surprised if Halle comes out to say she is gay, just to save her career. As far as her problems with men go, that comes from her father not showing her enough attention. The second problem is Halle f*cking and sucking dozens of men on the casting couch. That shit has driven her crazy!

  3. Halle B. can’t keep a man to save her life, I think she is very difficult to get along with in a romantic situation and keep in mind, probably always has to be the star, she a LEO, although I think LEO women are some of the coolest of the zodiac

    • It has nothing to do with keeping a man. She has been beaten, abused and cheated on by men. She hasn’t found a good one yet although I believe her current husband loves her. Those men she was with weren’t shit. At least she was smart enough to leave them. Some of these foolish women will stay with a man and go through all kinds of mess just to say to say they have a man.

      • So, all 37 of the previous men were abusers and a**holes. Nothing at all wrong with her though. Ah, I see…

        • some people attract assholes and/or they don’t KNOW how to pick the right mate.. they go for the cutie they makes them gush in the beginning but that’s just Dopamine. She was abused as a child and a teen, a never EVER knew what true honest clean love was. She doesn’t know how to discern and therefore gets the JACKASS every single time.

    • I’m not going to lie when it comes to romantic relationships, we Leo women are the biggest drama queens walking the earth. It takes a strong willed man to be able handle to handle one of us, then add on top of that Halle’s mental instability….she has to be hell on wheels.

      • Cheese: ILY like I love cupcakes and candy, but that is such a stereotype. I am a Leo. I do not stand for drama, especially in my personal relationships. I love strong men, because I am a strong woman. If I veer to the left, I most assuredly want a man who can help redirect me. But I know better than to engage a man in fisticuffs and to act anything other than a woman and a lady with him.

        • Glittery Pink HeelsCheese and Bella, my summer born sisters...I'm one of Yall and before I met Da Man, I was notorious in my circle for having crazy love affairs. I always SAID I wanted a sweet , quiet guy buy all I dated were ballets w combustible egos.

          Cheese and Bella, my summer born sisters…I’m one of Yall and before I met Da Man, I was notorious in my circle for having crazy love affairs. I always SAID I wanted a sweet , quiet guy buy all I dated were ballets w combustible egos. Leos can be attracted to all that glitters. I think that’s Halles problem . She has had hella fine ass men…and ruins it each time like she.doesn’t think she deserves to feel sexy and happy…

          • Don’t know why my previous comment came out all crazy. Anyway, I meant I darted ballets not ballet dancers, lol. I have such a goooood man/life now. But I feel Halle does not learn from her romantic mistakes….also atypical for a Leo rap one so attractive. She seems to have low self esteem. Oh and Bella, its a stereotype but I have noticed august born Leos male and female are wold as shit. Lol. I guess it became a stereotype for a reason

            • I’m glad you are successful in love. That is the one area that has eluded me in life — romantic love. I have the other forms of love. Maybe one day… I’m open to it. Finally.

            • Yes GPH! The great thing about Lions is once we identify the reason our relationships failed, we never make the same mistake again. But our ego is a sonofagun.

              BELLA- I’m also still looking for Mr. Right. I have done the marriage thing TWICE(yes I’m like JLo without the babies,lol), they were both handsome, intelligent men but they were also both crazy as hell.
              Don’t worry, our dream men are out there waiting for us, we just have to be patient.

            • Cheese: I am so curious about the institution of marriage. My primary concern is how well I can coexist with a man I’m not of blood relation to. I had to abandon the notion that our matching sneakers would look cute at the foot of our bed. I know marriage is work. *sighs*

            • @ cheese, that is true, once we step in one pile of shit, we don’t do it again. We Might step in some again, but it won’t be the same kind……lol

          • I will agree that we pull some of the finest looking men on the exterior, but they don’t always act fine. I attracted ballers, but they were only balling at the bank, and that was fleeting. I wanted an intellectually stimulating man who is of faith and successful in life, not just in business. Someone who truly knows how to live and can teach me a thing or two about life since I’m always putting someone on. Still waiting! Lol

            • This! I would have said all this if I could only master first grade spelling, lol. I agree that looking past the outside and having good intent brings it all to you. Halle has to look beyond the surface both her own and her partners to find happiness. In fact she should just stop looking and let it fall in her lap. When she said she would never marry again I thought that was wise….and then she went back on her word and here we are. Again.

            • GPH: You have mastered spelling and living, sis. Since HSK refreshes itself, I can now type 200 wpm pretty accurately — trying to beat the clock. Lol. Thanks, Jacky!

  4. I heard rumors that she might be bi. Maybe it explain her lack of emotional interest in men.

  5. Women who fall nlove with all their co stars are not rooted in reality. That’s her real problem. Fairy tale expectations.

  6. I knew it was doomed from the start. She is a nut….she wanted to put her dogs into her car and use gas to kill herself when her first marriage broke up. Dave Justice is probably laughing his ass off. He said she was nutz decades ago and he was right.

    After the way she set Gabriel up, I knew she wasn’t shit and lost ALL respect I ever had for her. This Martinez dude is SCUM. I am happy that Gabriel didn’t let those two nutcases take his child to France. She had Nahla hanging all over this abusive dude after only knowing him for a few months, meanwhile Gabriel had to practically BEG to see his own child. I wonder how Nahla feels now? ABANDONED and confused. That poor childs life will be a revolving door of daddy’s because of her nutty ass mother.

  7. Halle looks like the type of woman that will say something like “give u some head?? Please, i’m Halle Berry!!!” IJS..

    • That was the story — that she is a “limited edition Cherokee” aka she doesn’t give head. Malinda Williams is rowing the same boat. Mekhi Phifer aired Malinda out years ago.

      • Yeah,he not only downplayed Melinda’s sexual Prowess but he also mentioned she was very domineering woman.There has to be some truth to that because DNice left her too.

        • He sure did — about 6 months into the marriage. He impregnated a chick from that short lived reality show Harlem Heights. I can’t remember if D. Nice married her.

          • The female DNice with now is pregnant by him and she’s from a very prominent black family whom is none to please with her current status as a future Baby Moma.

            • They can be displeased all day, everyday. That child has been in the world. There is no escaping that. She is further proof that regardless of one’s pedigree and/or coming from a two-parent home, a woman can and will accept being a babymama and forego being wife. I’m glad, though, because I’m sick of the attacks against single mothers and single parent run households.

      • Only fags have to have head as a deal breaker.
        Real mean don’t need to humiliate women by making them give head.
        Real men are cocksmen and realize that the biggest joy of male sexuality is serving the needs of the woman and making her orgasm.

        Its no great feat to make a man cum.

        • I don’t know what Mekhi does after he gets off work, but I’ve had just enough experience to know that it doesn’t take much to “give” a man an erection nor does it seemingly take much for him to be sexually satisfied.

          I’m not a lesbian, but I know what I like a man to do in order to satisfy me. It is called reciprocity.

          Sorry for the TMI folks.

  8. The H in Halle Berry stands for hoe! The B stands for batshit! Put it together, Halle Berry is a batshit hoe!

  9. Halle Berry and Kobe Bryant have some things in common. Both Halle and Kobe are old and past their prime. Halle thinks she is the supreme star of black hollywood, Kobe thinks he is the supreme star of the Lakers. Halle has a massive ego. Kobe has a massive ego. Halle has married outside of the black race. Kobe has married outside of the black race. Halle has serious problems with her relatives (Father, sister). Kobe has serious problems with his relatives (All of them). Halle left Cleveland and alot of people in Cleveland talk shit about her. Kobe left Philadelphia and lots of people in Philadelphia talk shit about him. Halle was once arrested. Kobe was once arrested. Halle’s career is in a serious slump. Kobe’s career is in a serious slump. I think this is a interesting comparison.

  10. Halle Berry is still very attractive, but she is starting to look like she is 47 years old. In addition, Halle has to compete with the up and comers. Here is a short list of black actresses aiming for Halle’s prime hollywood spot.

    1. Kerry Washington
    2. Zoe Saldana
    3. Jessica Lucas (My favorite)
    4. Lupita Nyong’o
    5. Meaghan Rath
    6. Meagan Good
    7. Nicole Beharie
    8. Tia Mowry

    So far Zoe Saldana is the front runner. The Hollywood mafia will soon let us know who will replace Halle Berry.

      • I say that they have already decided on Kerry Washington.

        She has 1 upped Halle’s role in Wite Ts agenda.

        They gave Halle the Oscar 4 fukkin Wite T in Monsters Ball, which started the whole Black Women w/ White Men Theme for sub-species survival agenda.

        Olivia Pope has TWO Wite Lovers on Scandal, and smart as she is otherwise, is soooooo cumfused (sic) when it comes to who she loves, so she continues 2 fuk them both, taking the agenda to a new level.

      • I dunno Jessica Lucas is his favorite so he’s got some great taste. I’m a big fan of Gugu Mbatha Raw too.

        • Jessica and Gugu are probably the two best ones. Meaghan Rath isn’t even black.

        • I don’t know that white America values Meagan Good or any of the Mowrys. I would’ve placed Jurnee Smollett (sp) on that list before them, and I know she isn’t a household name. But she would be the perfect entity to so-called “replace” Halle.

          Also, if we use the Kerry Washington criteria for fame, why is Tika Sumpter (sp) excluded from the list. She is one of the busiest Black actresses working. IJS.

          • White Hollywood has declared that the era of the Mulatta has run its course;/

            Don’t ask me why because Im not privy to the big picture of info.

            Black is back as far as the caucasoids are concerned.

            • Oh, I concur re: Black being Black. I honestly believe they respect achievement, knowledge and education more than they respect skin tone. That has always been my personal experience. You haven’t lived until a Joo (sic) asks, “Why are you considered Black? You’re not Black, you’re brown!” Like I told him, the decision was made for me. I never had a say. But I love my race.

        • Thandie Newton is also absent, as is that pretty Noemie actress. There are very popular WoC who appear in blockbuster films that Hollywood would easily recognize. I am not a film buff, but I wouldn’t compile a list of the usual suspects, either.

  11. im convinced its all halle.she gets with these men pop out there babies want the public to believe its the real thing next thing you know there gone.and by her having a white mother that skin is looking hella loose her looks are starting leave she looks old riggidy dried out ran threw!coming from that black woman have its perks dont let known of this ir fool ya one being youth tight smooth skin built with its own oils.bags all up under the eyes and mess you slept your to the top now your time is up u slooze u loose.

  12. It wasn’t her this time..I read here first cause Jacky is my fav..but noteenough I found some additional info.

    Yes, she is difficult, and they both have tempers, but there was a bigger issue: he is a chronic cheater. She actually thought that when they settled down that he would settle down. Nope! He kept right on cheating at pretty much the same pace that he always had! He really isn’t too selective, either: actresses, singers, models, household staff. It’s that last one really hurt the wife the most.

  13. Exactly! Halle is a mark. Dudes only f with her for the come up. They know she is crazy. Eric Benet knew it. That’s why he strayed.

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  15. Her ex’s already put her on blast! Hallie can’t keep a man for shit,something in her buttermilk must be sour

  16. Everybody has a lot of theories but the bottom line is Halle Berry beautiful but she’s crazy as hell.

  17. Now, I know that this doesn’t surprise anybody. Halle’s IMO is to blame the men for the break ups, like she’s never done anything wrong in the marriage or the relationship. Because of who she is people tend to believe her side of the story. But, a bad wind’s gots to change one day.

    I heard that she is having financial problems. But, when them white men get through with her she ain’t gonna have nothing left. I feel sorry for her precious little daughter.

    • Pearl:

      Halle always struck me as being one of the financially savvy celebs. I hope her alleged money woes are just a rumor. She is reportedly worth $70 million. She never flaunted her money. I’ve never seen her step out of a car that was more than a Lexus RS350. Her Oscar gowns are to die for, but she usually keeps it casual chic in public.

      I hope she isn’t becoming Dorothy Dandridge the sequel!

      • True, them Leo’s hold on to their money. But, on the other hand Leo women are really good to their men. They will take care of them; will buy them anything they want. But, that man had better not wear that shirt and tie out to a club or anywhere else that she bought him without her tagging alone.

        The Leo women I know are controlling and jealous. They think they know everything. They gotta be the center of attention. They think so much of themselves, It’ as though they are sitting on a throne in their own little kingdom with, everybody bowing down to them and in servitude. Again these are the Leo’s I know.

        I remember hearing that when a Leo woman makes love, she calls out her own name. LOL

        • Being a Leo woman, I can tell you that people assume we know it all. People consult me for EVERYTHING. The fact remains, I can usually assist them. If I can’t, I can make a phone call and get them help. I have this amazing favor that I attributed to me being me, but it may be a Leo thing. Doors open mysteriously. Opportunities appear out of thin air. Everyone wants to be your friend.

          When I go out, I require no fanfare. I sit in a corner by myself. Every time, someone will come find me. I can be the life of the party, but that’s exhausting. I just want to be.

          • Aa a Lleo man (Aug 21) who was married to a Leo woman (Aug 19), I bear witness to the fact that Leo women do know it all, and I loved it for a limited amount of my incarnation.

          • I am perplexed. Again as I stated in my original comment, I was referring to the Leo women that I know and have known for quite sometime, I know many of them who are family and friends.

            People on here have talk negatively about my astrological sign but I didn’t get offended because I know that what they said didn’t have anything to do with me. I don’t know you, I didn’t even know you were a Leo so, how could I be directing my comment towards you. This is so weird. Dang!

            • I don’t know if your response was directed to me, but I responded to you because much of what you stated is the perception about Leos. Never said you thought that of me personally, because we don’t know each other. I’m by no means offended, either. Not sure what was lost in translation.

            • Bella my last comment was directed to you. Again I don’t understand, you mentioned perception. What I spoke of was not a perception it was my years of experience. I wouldn’t speak of something that I didn’t know. If what I spoke has nothing to do with you then it’s all good, no foul.

            • Ok, now I’m lost. Please ignore my replies because I thought we were having a discussion. Nowhere did I think you were coming for me, so-to-speak, nor was I coming for you. I’m out.

      • Perhaps,she’s attempting to appropriate Dorothy somewhat contingent on the fact that they’re both Ohio Transplants and according to Halle born in the same hospital.

        • Something like white women who admire and attempt to emulate Marilyn Monroe, only to end up dead at a young age or with their lives in shambles?!. I hope and pray that isn’t the case. Art emulates life far too often in Hollywood. I would hate to see photos of a deceased Halle in a similar placement as she was when she portrayed an expired Ms. Dandridge.

          • When one patterns themself after tragedy usually the same fate befalls them. Let’s hope things stay on a Straight And Narrow for Halle.I’m not always smitten by some of her choices,but at the same token,I’m no Antagonist of her.

            • Likewise. You don’t have to explain yourself to my. I’m not one of the new posters who takes offense to everything people say. 🙂

  18. Interesting that Halle Berry and Stacey Dash have alot in common besides Christopher Williams.




  20. When you are that accomplished and financially stable you should just do May/December relationships and switch mates as they age out. Halle just needs to get a young man and have fun. Men act like women nowadays anyway so women should use them accordingly. Its quite sad.

  21. Lol @ non importante. I agree its sad how upside down this world has became. After “they” normalize the gay agenda, “they” will be coming for our kids say they saying that they were born that way attracted to children.

  22. Lol @ non importante. I agree its sad how upside down this world has became. After “they” normalize the gay agenda, “they” will be coming for our kids saying that they were born that way, attracted to children that is. The auto refresh on this site is the worst.

    • *me singing to Jacky in Mark Morrison’s voice*


      Ya liiiiied ta meeeeeh!!! Lol.

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