Porsha Williams Sporting Around W/ Son of African Dictator

Porsha Williams African Dictator's Son

Porsha Williams may have found a new man… for the moment, the wealthy son of an African dictator … notorious for human rights violations.

According to sources, Porsha has been seeing 42-year-old Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea since 1979.

Mbasogo (the father) is known as one of Africa’s most brutal and corrupt rulers — not only for having his predecessor executed and political opponents tortured, but for pillaging his own country’s wealth while its people live in complete poverty. All while his son is reaping the benefits — living like a king in Malibu and all around the world.

We’re told Mangue (the son) has been showering Porsha with expensive gifts for the last month — Louboutin shoes, Chanel … even a Rolls Royce — and Porsha has been posting photos of the gifts on Instagram.


  1. did any bloggers write an original story for this thread. Same shit word for word.

    • didnt this idiot learn anything from lisaraye? he probably billed all them gifts to her like lisaraye prince of the cow pasture did. he’s not civilized.

      • Dude definitely turned the tables on Lisa Raye’s golddigging Ass!Dude bought her a Bentley that she had to pay for.Wow!

        • **a Rolls Royce Phantom. L Raye admitted that marriage was a business arrangement. Michael offered to provide for her financially in exchange for her hand in marriage. She isn’t the first nor last person to marry for convenience.

  2. Who proclaimed his father to be a dictator?? The whites that were forced out of their former colony that’s who! Just like Cuba, Zimbabwe, etc, etc…

    • But does that mean he is NOT a dictator? I mean, Castro was a dictator even though a white president was overthrown in Cuba before he assumed control?

      Bye Ashy!!!!!(my favorite Porsha line)

      • I have never been 2 Cuba, so I can not definitively say that Castro is/was a Dictator.

        The whole Dictator story arose AFTER he kicked out the US Businesses right after the Revolution, so I do not believe everything I read in the Papers.(Propaganda is a 2-way street)

        I do see that he is still quite beloved by his people, which speaks volumes 2 me.

        • I get your point, Anon, but it seems like most oppressed people support their oppressors and express tremendous love and affinity for them. Look no further than Black Americans and 2520s in the U.S.

        • Anon1 When a country’s president will not allow the residents to leave the country or allow them to speak without threat of death, I call that a dictatorship.

          I do agree that Castro is beloved by the Cuban people tho.(just not the ones in Miami.)

          • Christa, he did open up the Borders to let a lot of people out in the 80s. (Think of the beginning of the Movie Scarface, that actually happened)

      • How dare you! Her great great great grand pappy was a conductor on the Underground Railroad so she should know! lololol

        • Having trains run on you does not make you an expert on Black History, especially the Underground Railroad. That’s why Porsha’s mind was blank.

  3. If he or his father exploited and murdered his own people whom happened to be BLACK Porsha need to not walk but quickly flee from such a wicked, evil man

    • As you stated, if she’s dating the son of an African dictator…Not A Good Look! It makes her look desperate for all the wrong reasons. Porsha wants a Sugar Daddy, but did she hook up with A Crab?

      • HOW do we know he is a Dictator??????

        How many have been 2 his Country????

        Did the source to this come from the same folks that told us Tarzan is the King of the Jungle????

        IJS…….Do Not Believe the Hype…….

        • @Anon1

          You’re Right…Point Taken! Sadly, Corruption is a major issue in Africa. The Continent is abundant in natural resources, thus, the blackmen in power bow down to Arabs, Europeans, China. A lot of foul ish is going down in Africa, we need to stay mindful of this.

    • Fools with dollar signs in their eyes like to learn the hard way. Hope she doesn’t lose her stupid greedy life. When he takes that mask off, she wont recognize him.

      • Bitch better ask Ali Bongo’s ex-wife what these niggas do. They are shiftier than Black American men. Bongo’s ex went from shopping for $20 million mansions in Beverly Hills because she needed bigger closets to filing for public assistance when he left her penniless.

    • Bwahhhahhhahaaaa. Naw, cuz Kenya’s man is imaginary. I’m sure she’s mad . Now, I’m waiting for “Monique” to show up and curse Porsha put in 3…2….1…

      • Yep. Queen Mo will be here shortly to straighten our dumb asses out. I LIKE Kenya, but even I don’t believe there is an “African Prince” waiting in the wings.

        #Team Twirl

        • I’m so disappointed that you like Kenya! I hope you mean like in a relative way as in more than Nene n nem…

          I can’t stand Kenya’s messy ass. She’s one of the biggest ‘friend in my head’ letdowns to date.

          • That’s exactly what I meant Joi. Relatively.

            In that bunch you have to go with the lesser evil. I think Kenya has a good mind and she has had a rough life which(to me) excuses SOME of her behavior.

            I love it that you have “friends in your head” too!

            Right now my bestie FIMH is Tamar Braxton. I loooooove her and want to have lunch with her and just listen for a coupla hours.

            • One more reason I like Kenya: since Sheree exited, there is no one else who an do a decent read on Nene. She’s a keeper for that if for no other reason.

    • Porsha couldn’t steal a jar of Ampro brown gel to slick that baby hair down. Porsha is so jealous of Kenya, admittedly. Porsha tried to drag Kenya about Kenya’s feet and Kenya’s age because that’s the only ammo Porsha could find. Porsha couldn’t get Kenya’s title right, but Kordell sure did. I’m Team Twirl ALL DAY.

    • The rapper Eve? Isn’t she engaged to a very rich white dude? Maybe she dumped this guy.

      • Ever notice how foolish black women who get involved with african black men, never date black again?

        • Hmmmmm… the only one I can think of is Kimora lee Simmons, but then she did make a VERY big switch up after Djimon. She didn’t just go white, she went super white.

        • Perhaps,that should be a indication to all so called American Black women to never date Hamites.

        • I have found in my dating experience that African men treat women better than black men.

      • Eve is engaged to the Gumball 3000 dude who was married and has 4 children. Money or no money, I wouldn’t want to be anyone’s stepmother 4 times over.

    • Oh.Dear.Gawd. It look like he’s trying to grow out his relaxer and that heavily pomaded comb over is the unfortunate result.

      • That’s a quarter jar of Murray’s pomade and a wave cap that went astray in the middle of the night because he sleeps hard. Who mad? Lol

  4. I won’t take his money. Blood money. Porsha is a thirsty hungry bitch that better be set for life after this mess…she will get herself killed if she ruins this dudes rep like she tried to do Kordel when she was feeling scorned…. I would not sleep with, take money from anyone who has killed and committed mass murder across a full country….I’m no Angle all the time and I normally would not kick a billionaire to the curb but Forest Whitaker played Eddie Amean so good …Porsha better hope her legs don’t turn to arms and her arms to legs messing with a dictators son.

    • I hear you Jayde but I’m not sure he has committed any of those atrocities. His father sure has tho. He just traps the benefits, living like some sort of prince right here in the USA while the average person on his country lives off pennies a day.

  5. Porsha is being taken over by them “spirits” aka Demons b/c once she signed those contracts w/Bravo, she is now marked…Everytime those women sign a contract with BRAVO, they have to do a ritual, didn’t HSK admit that with Clive Davis??..ask Nene, she swinging it anyway too to get that bravo check, them dykes & gay demons at Comcast & Bravo will make sure that them women will not get paid until they give up some of their soul…Now Porsha got some swimsuit line or something like that, they are already offering her stuff b/c she signed those contracts…RHOA is filled to the brim w/ turned out black women & Porsha is learning how to be a whore for the “industry”, only a matter of time before they have her signing her name in blood….ask Kandi Buruss

    • I’m guessing part of Jane’s contractual obligation with Bravo included her chopping up her danm nose looking like a brown skinned Rudolph. Homegirl,has really allowed her Makeshift Fame to go to her head.I really hope she’s prepared for the Afterglow.

    • Chop Suey are u the Sumner Rothstein troll?

      Nene’s deal didn’t have nothin to do with Satan or even the Jhewish Hollywood cabal. Ryan Murphy the creator of Glee and The New Normal knows how popular Nene is with gay men black and white. So he stunt casted her in both his shows hoping it would raise their profile with the target demographic.

      Sometimes things just aren’t that complicated and devious.

      • I told you guys ChopSuey is the Sumner Rothstein troll on a previous thread, but someone called themselves correcting me. IDK why I even post here.

        • @ Bella I may be incorrect, but I remember you stating that Chop Suey was a problematic troll, and someone piped up that Chop Suey was Dice.
          The nexus to me is that

          Chop Suey= Dice= Sumner Rothstein troll

          He and his many sock puppets are responsible for about half the shit spewed here for the sole purpose of stirring shit here. JMHO

          • I stated that ChopSuey is the Rothstein/Davis troll. Then they said Dice. Its still on a previous thread. I can’t delete it.

  6. I’m not saying that I know anything, but I can’t blame Jacky for going with this. Tonight on TMZ they reported that he has gifted her with a Rolls and a room full of Birkin bags and Louboutins. I feel sure that they wouldn’t go to air unless they had checked it out.

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  8. Who is Tamera Jones? What is she in? This story was posted on both TMZ and theybf.com, so Jacky wouldn’t be the first to get it wrong if there is any error.

      • I was not about to assume. I haven’t seen them together in ages, but Tamela/Tamala (sp) used to be with Big Gipp. That would be a hell of a stretch.

  9. Only non-white leaders and leaders who don’t cooperate with the IMF/World Bank can qualify to be classified as dictators.

    (true story)

  10. Update: Bossip posted a story stating that this man is indeed with Tamala Jones, NOT Porsha Stewart. Theybf.com printed a retraction. Not sure if Lying Levin did.

  11. I know I’m not the only one who that messed up conk on top of his head. Ain’t enough money in the world.

  12. Hope she ain’t snagged no Idi Amin. That hair or what ever that is on his head is conktified. For Real.

  13. These Hollywood has beens and fake TV stars are nothing more than mid-level escorts for the wealthy and powerful.

    • Oh, and lets not forget they are paid beards for gay male entertainers and athletes who for business reasons , have to maintain a heterosexual façade. The Beard biz is huge and double so, for an intelligent and dedicated beard with professional ethics.

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