Chris Brown Puts Bad Gal RiRi On Blast!


“These Hoes ain’t loyal!!!! Foreal…” ~Breezy

Breezy’s March 14th tweet may be gone but his “hoes ain’t loyal” memo remains, said to be an indirect message aimed at RiRi.

Insiders say Breezy is disgusted by, Rihanna — who’s reported to be “following Drake all over Europe while he’s on his current tour.” This, while Breezy gears up for the release of his joint track with Tyga and Tunechi, “Loyal.”


Here’s what a source spills:

“We already know that the tweet wasn’t aimed at Ka-coochie because Breezy wrote on Twitter just days ago that she will always be his love, so the only other person that people can think of is Rih-Rih.

Don’t act like you didn’t hear about those rumors last year when it was alleged Rihanna had slept with A$ap Rocky, Meek Mill, Matt Kemp, Ashton Kutcher, Jay-Z and of course her two usual boyfriends.”

Did Karrueche recently take the stand for Chris? Of course… Just ask obvious gold-digger, Deanna Gines.


  1. Rihanna tried to drag Chris via a tweet in which she said something about not allowing a man to make you feel sorry about his poor choices or bad acts. She is void of a conscience and moral compass. A liar and a deceiver should never stand in judgment of anyone. Rihanna knows she struck the first blow, and she will be miserable in her superficial relationships because she will always love Chris. She can never turn back the clock and undo not only what Chris did, but what SHE initiated.

    • Lesbians hate and use all men. She was only after Chris’s money after she and melissa squandered a fortune.

    • Hey Bella,
      I like Rihanna but I can’t disagree with anything you said here. I’m not saying Chris was right for beating her ass but I always believed she hit him first. I also get the feeling she had put her hands on Chris in the past.
      They both need to stay away from each other before one of them winds up dead.

      • Exactly, Cheese. I don’t condone going physically ham on anyone, so for that reason, both parties should’ve used their words and not their fists. But that’s what happens when you insert two young, emotionally unstable people who are wildly successful and don’t know how to process everything that is transpiring in their lives.

    • You sound insane. There is no justification for what he did to her. None whatsoever. If she hit him, why did he not restrain her? Your hoodrat logic is flawed. He beat her viciously. He then left her on a side walk, on her own at night. Someone attended to her after hearing heer crying for help. Does he sound sane to you?

      The relationship was obviously tempestuous but you can miss me with your blame of the woman. Chris has laid hands on his own mother is Rihanna to blame for that? He did this about 3 years ago. It all got brushed under the carpet. So he got away with it. Five months ago after an argument with his mother he smashed up her car. He is a vile animal who should have been locked up years ago.

      • We understand. You’re the lone representative of the “Rihanna Navy” here. She was navy after Chr… Nvm.

        At any rate, this is not the site for stans. We rep the truth here, not the popular brainwashed opinion. There are no Beyonce stans here. No Rihanna stans. Just us grown folks who are cultivating our own gifts rather than marveling over celebrities. Deuces!

    • Keep lying to yourself. RiRi moved on and CB is in jail where he deserves to be. Workd out fine in the end didnt it?

  2. And Rihanna is envious of Kae. Rihanna didn’t start looking like a stick figure until Kae and Chris were very public. When Rihanna was with Chris, she was thick. All of that fast food landed on those hips. Kae is a natural girl. IMO, she is good for Chris. I hope Kae and CB will remain friends if nothing else.

    • I always thought drugs were responsible for Rihanna’s and Beyonce’s sudden weightloss.

      • Oh, I don’t know how she lost weight. I just know Rihanna didn’t lose weight until she was planning to snag Chris from Kae.

      • Yeah me too. Fuck knows what Bella is going on about. Rih looked awful at that time. Very gaunt – she was back with chris then too. Rih has never been thick. She is a naturally slim woman, whose weight fluctuates a little from time to time. When she has a little weight gain it goes to her bum and thighs.

        • Bella thinks she knows it all. Man smashing up a women never good. U got know kids have you bella. Grown folks, don’t make me laugh

          • Is it possible for you to post in clear and concise English? Or did you take too many blows to your head, like your favorite. What I know is, there are too many guns, knives, goons and/or goblins for me to end up a human punching bag. Worry about your tenement. My palace is in tact.

          • Indeed. Dumb women who are fans of this lunatic will never speak sense when it comes to this clown.

        • I’m replying to people who addressed me. You can keep my name off of your keypad and return to the public park mens’ room and proceed with your homosexual encounters. That’s what I’m going on about now.

    • He is in jail and RiRI is a celebrated beauty and Kae is now CB less and busy looking for another whore master while her pimp is in jail. CB a lunatic nutter.

  3. How is his tweet aimed at Rihanna when obviously ge recorded the song before this tweet or touring around the country with Drake. Ok whatever, enough of this.

  4. This phone along with this site refreshing every ten seconds is messing up my comment altogether.

  5. I think Rihanna is the new master spin doctress of the industry. Like Madonna, she’s learned to ride the wave of controversy and this on again off again thing with Chris Brown is a big part of it (keeping her in the blogs and on people’s minds.) All of this attention to her personal crap is important when she releases a new record because much of her lyrics and videos point back to her personal life that blog folks are already invested in and her fans eat it up.
    Everyone knows the ’09 beating had a galvanizing effect on her career so I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Chris Brown have some type of unwritten agreement that every once in a while they get together/take shots at each other for the sake of paparazzi, blogs, etc.
    Rihanna may act like an idiot but she’s no dummy.

    • IMO, folks credit Rihanna far too much with being a witty, talented, intelligent individual. If she was so capable, first off, she would have self respect and high self esteem. Instead, she self medicates because, in actuality, she despises who she is.

      Rihanna is a puppet, but not of the Jim Henson caliber. That requires longevity and decency. Homegirl is a wannabe bourgeoisie Bajan who, in reality, is a banshee. Money allegedly changes everything, but money also highlights how much or how little class people have. This girl has yet to make a sound decision. That is not the mark of a marginally intelligent person, more or less the MENSA member you’re making her out to be. Her personal relationships are about as fulfilling as eating a bag of air is filling. She makes poor choices in men as well as how she presents herself.

      At the end of the day, she has a choice. Rihanna can decide not to be a level 1 prostitute or MK Ultra hooker — whatever tf term people like to regurgitate here. But she so desperately seeks attention that Papa Fenty clearly never gave her, so she projects that onto the men in her life. Those men are equally as confused as she is, which only lends itself to volatility. Why people cannot see this girl for who she is and not who they want her to be is beyond me.

      Fame is blinding like a mfer.

      • very much enjoyed reading this you rip Rih Rih a new one and I pretty much agree with everything you said

      • She stressed Chris into mental problems, now she using drake weak dumb azz for protection Melissa weak azz cant give her. She scared her chickens coming home to roost. Her plan to get chris to commit suicide didnt work. the devil is a lie.

        • And at what point is Chris responsible for what he does? Right as I type this Chris has been arrested for violating his court order – He got chucked out of rehab. You stans are a joke. You either blame Rhi, Kae, his mother or illuminati for his woes. Pathetic.

      • Weak JZ is the one who fuels her fame. that coward is so afraid she is going to come for beyonce again, like when she first came to america, that he keeps paying and paying to keep her relevant. that’s how a coward deals with situations.

      • I wasn’t making her out to be nothing but someone who keeps her name out there with controversy and then points back to it in her music. I actually agree with the rest of what you said but it’s strange how you’re making my statement way extreme just so you could rant a bit.
        Anyway, you say some interesting stuff here.

        • I didn’t make your statement anything. I read it and replied to it. I have obviously had an opinion about what transpired between CB and Rihanna for years. The media opted to ignore the truth. I haven’t. I had no idea that posting observations based on what REALLY transpired constitutes “ranting.”

          That is one of the many problems in our society — folks don’t want to think/be introspective. They’d rather take what they’re spoon fed and consider it fact. So glad I know otherwise.

          • ‘the MENSA member you’re making her out to be’

            C’mon now…I said nothing close to this. I agree with your last statement as well. I’m glad I know otherwise as well.

    • Rih is very adept at utilizing controversy, sexuality and social media. She’s arguably one of the biggest music stars around now. Between her and her team they have hit upon a good formula. Look at the comments here. People all up in their feelings, who clearly don’t like her. Projecting their ideas about who they think she is. And that’s the point for these mainstream artists – To sell music and to get people talking. Once a celebrity occupys a space, no matter how small in your thinking, they’ve won.

      • She has that while Jayz machine behind her. That’s another reason Chris needs to leave her permanently alone.

        • Gay-Z and Seabiscuit are on their way out. Most of the press surrounding them is negative. Any Black celebs on the top of the Hollywood and music compost heaps should be concerned right now. Cards are being pulled. Folks are being replaced. ‘Tis the season!

        • Rihanna has the Def Jam machine behind her. She is only managed by Jay Z’s company. Chris hasn’t been involved with Rihanna for a year now. So I don’t know why you people love to bring her name into Chris’s lunacy.

  6. Am I the only one not taking sides? I find all of their behavior to be immature, trashy, and disgusting. I don’t see how any one of them can point the finger at the other.

    • This is the thing. Rihanna hasn’t pointed the finger. When she was in her breezy haze, and he had her feenin, sure they would throw pathetic subliminal shots. This was two years ago though. What the rabid breezy stans passing comment up here failed to mention is Rihanna has paid him dust since they broke up. She hasn’t uttered a word publicly about him. Never talks about him in interviews either. She has been careful to keep quiet about his various troubles. No supposed subliminals on Twitter or whatever since the break up.

      If Chris wanna talk about loyalty, perhaps he would like to answer why he keeps selling fake Rihanna stories to the taboids. The text message exchanges and rihanna rehab visit to see him came from his camp. His beard Karruche has also sold stories to newspapers with a Rihanna angle too.

      Karruche is a good match for Chris. Two desperate hoodrats.

    • I don’t know if it’s love between them but I’m glad they are having fun. At the very most they are obviously comfortable with each other. They are recording music too.

      Let Chris seethe. With his bitter ass. If he wasn’t such a monumental f*ck up, Riri would still be with him.

        • The fact that you’d refer to yourself in such terms is concerning, BA. You pride yourself in being the exceptional Black, conscious male on this site. *shrugs*

            • Cushites once again are Hamites.I’m from the seed of Shemm,so before you address me,have you’re ducks in a Row.

          • If you want to equate the truth with conscience, have at it.At the end of the day,I speak the unadulterated Truth!Anyone whom opposes that is a damn liar!

    • Chris was cheating on Kaerruche with a rehab worker. Loooool. He ain’t never been loyal. Dirty dick crack head that he is.

  7. I don’t get this here circle first she’s with a woman on an island then she’s back with Chris and now drake this is one mix up in the head set all of this from one bed to another is getting sicking to say the least these publicity stunts are played and from what I’ve read rihanna has harpies doesn’t she? I hope him or her are practiceing safe sex

    • Baby…

      I just read a post this am on another blog where a female to female HIV transmission was recently reported. Folks should know how difficult (damn near impossible) it is for lesbians to transmit diseases to each other. The world is coming to an abrupt end, and folks are too busy arguing about petty isht to realize it.

        • Do tell. There must’ve been some penises in the equation — unless IV drug use was involved.

          P.S. Thank you in advance for sharing your story and debunking any myths that the CDC may be perpetuating.

  8. Chris has no place talking about loyalty. He beat that girl like she was an animal. She took his ass back too. Plus Chris dirty dick done run up in many women. So if it’s true Rihanna slept with those men (I doubt it) then Chris can fall back, she was single when all those rumors hit. Her p*ssy, her life. I can’t with this abusive ass hole acting self righteousness.

    Chris don’t care about her anyway. He’s about doing what he can to sell his terrible ghetto ass song. The only thing he has to interest people is his connection to Rihanna. Meanwhile Rihanna’s career sky rockets and she is looking happy. Chris wants to bring her down but he needs to put the crack pipe down and keep his whack ass in rehab.

  9. I wish Chris the very best in life. I hope he has some good people around him who are undergirding him.

    Stay Strong Chris! Stay Strong!

  10. Chris reportedly left a court ordered rehab facility and has been arrested and jailed without bail for an alleged probation violation. Lord…

  11. Chris ain’t ever been loyal to no woman. Bet he’s loyal to his boyfriends tho.

    #Ask Tyga

  12. Oh dear. His ass is in jail!!!! Finally!!!! He was having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with a female employee of the rehab center’. So he basically cheated on Karruche


  13. this is my first time commenting!! I don’t know Rihanna personally but I will say she give off a dock or a I don’t know what it is but that girl has crossed over to the dark side in my opinion. now for Chris he definitely has his demons but I feel like he has a pure heart I wish the best for them both but Rihanna just gives off a very dark dark aura

    • A pure heart?? Lol. Go research some of the tattoos on his body. I will give you a heads up about one of them – The neck tattoo – The one with the woman who has a beaten face. People thought it was a nod to what he did to Rihanna. It wasn’t!! It is an homage to a deity from the Mexican death cult.

      Somebody with a ‘pure heart’ would not mark themselves in worship to something that is not of God, I assure you of that.

      • Let’s see if GOD can get him out of jail for battering his ex and for not taking the half a dozen changes he had to change. He is bad, mad and need locking up.

    • Yet, Chris is the common criminal in jail for many many crimes and Rihanna is celebrated from corner to corner in the world. Funny how that works eh?

  14. I stated that I feel Chris Brown has a pure heart and I stand by that. I refuse to look up deities and faults gods because I believe that is the trick of the enemy Satan. as I stated I wish the best for them both as they are young peoplebut I just feel that Rihanna comes from a dark place that is all thank you.

    • Co-sign this, well then again she is an Island gyal and you know Island people love to mixup with evil spirits.

  15. To me it’s obvious Chris loves/loved Rihanna truely and knowing this Rihanna will try and mess with Chris whenever he tries to be happy without her…although I don’t condone Chris’ behaviour I understand where it stems from.IMO,Rihanna displays acts of a bitter, calculating,vindictive person-not good character if you ask me,sad infact.I hope Chris realises soon before it’s too late that has to let RiRi go-truthfully -so he finds himself again and prove to himself that he’s a fighter of adversity and be content with life again…as for Rihanna,I hope she loses no sleep at night over her evil antics and may she find peace within herself to let go of the past.And to people bashing Chris,instead of doing so try and understand his psych and the phase his going through,as caring human beings we claim to be,why don’t we support someone whom we all loved/respected at some point in his time of need,in a time where he may feel the whole world is against him?? Where’s the love huh? ………………………. we’re gradually losing the essence of what makes us human .

    • In order to show love, you have to know love. Your post makes perfect sense, but everyone cannot and will not express love because they are angry. You’d swear CB assaulted them. Folks don’t know how to separate themselves from situations not involving them.

  16. I know we don’t reason the same but they sure do sound angry and we all know not to make decisions or say something out of being so.I feel like people are always ready to snap at or judge others nowadays without considering other perspectives in situations-be it on this topic or life in general.Just to mention,I like Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Judge Me’ ,dope song!

  17. She dnt have to be loyal to him! He lucky she came back to him after he beat her! Ungrateful a$$

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