Tank Exposes “Gay Minister” Cruising Him On IG!


Tank, took a screenshot of one of his Instagram direct images and posted it on his account for all to see. It was a man, who Tank says claimed to be a minister, exposing himself in a video. Tank didn’t delete the video or keep it to himself, he took a screen shot and posted this lengthy message on Instagram.


“I first apologize for this image to all my fans and anybody who sees this! This man is claiming to be a minister and sends this to my DM!! This is what’s wrong with the church now! Misrepresentation of God and who he really is!! This is the devil operating in our sacred place! We can’t allow this ANYWHERE!! I have no problems with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this!! What message were you trying to send a straight man “minister”? I hope ur bishop everybody in ur congregation become aware of your actions! If you’ll send this to a celebrity God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!! The devil is working and this is what it looks like! I won’t stand by and allow it to happen! I will take this down soon, BUT this serves as a warning to you perverts infiltrating our churches!! You’re not welcome!! I pray that God deals with you swiftly and accordingly!!”


  1. I’m not on instagram or Facebook, so could somebody tell me how this man was able 2 dm tank?

  2. This is some sick shit but that’s good he told. Whats done in the dark shall come out in light let’s all take are blindfold offs

  3. That’s a demon and as time continue to go on you will start to see more of them with evil plans to take us all to hell with them be safe and strong we are about to see some crazy shit.

  4. This occurred a few months back. The said minister in question is from COGIC -Church of God on Christ.
    He’s been in counseling ever since.

  5. there’s a women on world ship hip hop showing her nipple while she’s reading a bible is nasty!!!

      • Its a lady pastor that is on YouTube and when she reads her Bible she only got on a bra and pants and her Brest be hanging out because when she talks she be bouncing

        • Where do you find this crap and why are you watching it? Zelma, you’re always posting about demons and the devil. Watching stuff like that is entertaining the devil.

          Spend more time focusing on God and praising Him and less time casting a spotlight on satan. The less attention you pay satan, the more you diminish his authority over your life.

          • @ B. Stiviano, That ladie is out there. You may have not seen her because, yes, we are trying to ignore her. I see your point as to what is the use of bringing her up, her actions are evil. But that pastor ladie is out there.

            • That heifer is not a pastor. A pastor wouldn’t be doing what she reportedly does. There are, however, a lot of false prophets out here. False prophets seeking false profits, stealing God’s property and keeping it for themselves, money included.

          • I know I am starting to read my Bible more and I am also trying to go to church I seen this video last year I don’t look at that stuff on YouTube at all anymore.

            • I feel you! You definitely have a good Spirit. I just want to encourage you to focus on the light of God and reject the darkness of the devil. He is a liar. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. If he isn’t stealing people’s lives, he is stealing people’s souls, joy, peace, happiness, relationships, etc. Just be mindful of that and keep your eyes on the prize called salvation. <3

        • I know what you are referring to her nipple was damn near hanging out one sermon which she does from her kitchen table it seems. The guys on worldstar think that is sexy and will bring people to God. Shes not a flat chested women either.

  6. I’m glad Tank exposed him. He may have saved a lot of people from the grief that comes with deceit. Glad this guy is seeking help, but he needs much more than counseling. Anytime he’s comfortable taking and sending pics like this, just sounds off a red alert warning to me. Yeah, I think his demons need much more than just a few slap on the wrists.

  7. The flamers invite the hate onto themselves, Why? If someone disagrees with their worldview, they morph into ninjas with pink spandex on. Most human beings don’t see the logic of 2 men rubbing beards together. They know why their lifestyle is not supported…They Know!

    • There are a lot of afflicted people in the world, Ty. God’s people are under attack. The more obedient you are and the more you work to serve God, the more opposition you are inclined to face.

      The young man who sent Tank those images is not a demon, but the Spirit of evil has a hold on him. He doesn’t need judgment or criticism from others, but help. Prayerfully, he wasn’t exposing himself to innocent children or even worse, raping or molesting anyone. People don’t normally engage in such behaviors, so my guess is he has been compromised in his lifetime. I am happy the young man is receiving counseling. He needs a lot of counseling, prayer and possibly medication to regulate his emotions.

      • Haaaa this whore talks about The Most High then a few posts later talking all open about rods hahaha…..y’all gonna be sorry soon

        • Honey, the whore is the one who birthed you. You need to check your own screen name and the content of your posts. I’m good over here.

  8. thank God for Tank! I think more of these down low men should be outed! I wish they could go to jail for this…. Prayerfully someone identifies this sick pervert!

  9. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not. Men in general are very sexual creatures. We see straight men in women DM all the time say thing and being very thirsty so just because he is doing the same thing but gay its a problem. Know I don’t agree with his actions but I damn sure don’t agree with what the f*ck you ignorant ass is saying. I don’t understand how people have a problem with people being gay when its not your life and it does not effect you at all.

    • Anon 7:29:

      Thank you for raising such a poignant question. When I think about the gay people I know, I can honestly say none of them are angry. They have been nothing but kind, loving, compassionate and encouraging. Some of them have been hurt as a result of being shunned by their parents after coming out, but angry is not a word I’d use to describe them.

      People don’t need to agree with a homosexual “lifestyle,” but they also don’t need to lie about people and paint them with the wrong brush.

  10. The industry is full of sodomites and down low dudes so why is so bothered by this? He is around down low dudes all the time and he is faking the funk.

  11. Thats all good and all, but sick is sick who can proove he’s in counseling? If its working. Had Tank not exposed his sick ass next week headlines would’ve been Tank downlow behavior exposed. He Ginuwine and Tyrese are in a three way love triangle dont believe me ask Sole. We wouldve been dragging that man’s character down the toilet. I respect Tank to the fullest

  12. Actually u should expose yourself to what is evil, so that you know what and how to fight it – these pervs need to be outed; the only thing keeping them strong is that SHHHSH factor of covering it up; and no to forgiveness or recovery- they are demons that need to be sent to hell

  13. APPLAUDING a BM for doing the right thing and calling out a PERVERT. Black kids are the most molested and the most unprotected and props to him for outing this pervert. A man of god? You KNOW he’s touched some kids! Damn demonic spirit.

  14. why do people even go to the church when they know they’re doing wrong? Do people think “god” is going to suddenly think nice thoughts because they went through the motions for 2 hrs a week despite how they live the rest of their lives? Do predators go to churches because its one of the last places some people still feel safe or feel that they are among “good/moral” people? People need to recognize especially if they have kids predators and pedos love places/jobs where kids will be, especially if there is some sort of unquestionable authority like a preacher etc.

    If you want to be promiscuous, gay, whatever do it on your own time and w/ consenting adults. Not as a preacher,teacher,counselor etc. People need to read up on pedastry because its a practice certain countries have been involved in for hundreds of years therefore its more prevalent in some places vs others.

    Thanks Tank for outing this joke..maybe him and bishop Eddie whatever his name is can go play in traffic.

  15. lol gay ass demonic preachers smh stay out of churches they are synagogue’s of satan.

  16. B. Stiviano, I couldn’t agree more with you comments. We should stop focusing on darkness. I believe its a trick of the enemy that a lot of ppl today seemed focused on occult topics. Lets try and be more positive and uplifting.

    • Thank you, PRB. I totally agree with your sentiments. I’ve wasted enough of my time worrying and trying to fix things in the natural. Once I started releasing my concerns unto God and focusing on him rather than the rest of the world, I found peace. I still acknowledge people who are in the world suffering and I do what I can to help, but living in the light is far greater than living in and constantly obsessing over darkness.

  17. Someone may have hacked this “pastors” account and spammed his friends. I received unsolicited pics displaying sides friends I didnt care to see when scorned exes got ahold of passwords and mobile phones. Nothing more embarrassing than a dick pic forwarded to your granny from your own number.

  18. Honey i have seen Tank down to his underwear and he is not working with much,so he ought to be glad someone took a interest in him. Don’t tell me maybe he is a grower and not a shower because ain’t that much growing in the world. Where are all the big dick brothas at? See what race mixing has one to us…watered our genetics down.

    • The well endowed brothas are in L.A. They are Nigerian. They are handsome, well educated, come from good families, are very clannish and their male members are like Louisville Sluggers.

      • Nigerians are out of the question, dating wise. When I was single I avoided them. Attractive people but It’s just a whole different culture. We look the same but i find Africans to be very very different.

      • For someone who professes to be a holy-roller, you sure do know a lot about which ethnicity had the largest penis. Just sayin’.

  19. Sorry to butt in off topic, but please pray for our pastor who is in the ICU in West Palm Beach after being shot two times in the head last night in a road rage incident. The old white man who shot him is still at large, and Pastor Simon is very close to death. Everyone is in shock right now. I ask my fellow HSK people to pray that Gods will be done both in hopefully saving his life and in catching the animal who did this.
    Thank you.

    • Will do. I’m praying for Pastor Simon and his family and that justice will be served against the person who committed such a heinous act.

        • God bless you! Please keep me posted re: his recovery. We serve an awesome God who is going to bless Pastor Simon to make a full recovery. Let’s stand in agreement for divine healing for Pastor Simon, in Jesus’ name.

  20. Well I didn’t do you tube either until just recently I have been going through it with heartbreak and someone sent me a video of this Trent ….uuh..guy I forgot his last name but he was talking about breaking your own heart and I saw more of his videos and it’s kinda been helping and he seems for GOD too. There are good people in the church still like myself who aren’t professing I’m saved and perfect to the world because I’m not.I’m a work in progress so not all people in the church are playing.

    • You can be saved and still be a work in progress. We’re all working on something that we need to improve (at least we should be). Continue on your faith walk. You’ll get to where you need to be.

  21. Come on Tank u no u liked that shit u r a FAG BOY 2 stop actn like u did not like that shit.

  22. Haaa gay ministers in blk church….not surprised….judging by the comments from the women on here you can see why things going way bad….mom is first teacher and if these are our current/future moms we in big trouble….lol actually we already there

  23. i find it hilarious that every profession demands one to be not only a follower but a practitioner of the written disciplines that defines the practice. And yet, any ass or their first cousin can claim God and be accepted as a “Minister of God.”

    No one reads the bible to ensure said person is following the requirements along the vein of the first century Christian. T.D. Jakes, Orel Roberts, and a score of others are always preaching about tithes and tithes and tithes, and yet, tithes was a requirement under the Mosaic law which was an edict written exclusively for the Israelites. Paul under inspiration wrote that when it comes to contributing, you’re to give what you can and from the heart. Paul also said that the older men of the congregation are to be self sufficient and not a burden on the congregation. And monies given were to take care of the widow, the fatherless children and the poor of the Congregation. T.D. Jakes and others are some of the richest cats this side of the Jordan.

  24. Why are so many people concerned with pastors earnings. Don’t get mad because they have reaped the benefits of their labor. Your concern should be for the fools that are out here spitting negative venom.

    • What they’re doing isn’t supported scripturally,i.e., they’re scam artist selling sensationalism to the unawares to the tune of billions of dollars.

      Jesus was modest living, as was all of his disciples and apostles. These fabulists prey on the weak and those are ne’er-do-wells spiritually, and those who are emotionally bereft.

      • Yes, Jesus did live a modest life, but we are not Jesus. His word says, ”
        Trust in the LORD and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.” He also says, “I’ll give you the desires of your heart.” With that being said, some people has faith and receive more than others. I will never knock a man for spreading the GOSPEL, never. When you really have a relationship with CHRIST your focus is not on the person speaking the word, but more on the message.

        Paying tithes honors scriptural principles.

        • I guess you missed that part in the bible where Paul urged Christians to be weary of apostates, and those who crucify the Christ all over again with their human inspired rhetoric and their anti Christ like behaviors. We’re warned to not allow our ears to be tickled. The bible’s the measuring stick that was left for you to measure anyone who stands before you. Remember, Jesus said that on that day many will say, Lord, Lord…but that he would push them to his left to be cut off in the ever lasting fire.

          As Paul wrote, what have the uncorrupted to do with the corrupt. There’s no excuse when one willingly ignores bible consul and follow the ways of these fabulists. God’s spirit is not with these ones, so why give them the time of day? Don’t mind me though, although I haven’t gotten laid in all of my 37 years, I have no idea if I can shoulder the temptation these pastors face when ‘counseling’ the wives of their parishioners.

          I’d probably have to wear a rob burly enough to hide my boner. Imagine all those suffering wives wearing their skimpy skirts inviting you as their Pastor to ‘console’ them proper.

  25. Really? You talk like straight men aren’t doing mess like this too? Black woman are posting naked and nasty pics all over social media trying to attract men for sex. Swingers clubs are all over the place and we all know that the biggest rapists and pedophiles in history have been straight men. Get off of that high horse and come back down to reality. There are nasty, ratched people in every group but since you live in a glass house, you should be the last to throw stones!

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