James Harden Secretly Smashing Ashanti

james harden ashanti

Rumor has it James Harden has been secretly hooking up with Ashanti.

The two have been dating as far back as 4th of July weekend when someone on Twitter spotted them in a club together in Vegas.

Although Harden and Ashanti haven’t been photographed together, Ashanti has been spending a lot of time in H-town. She was there for All-Star weekend and Valentine’s Day.



Harden has ran through every D-list celeb, from Khloe Kardashian to Amber Rose, so he might as well add Ashanti to the list.



    • LMAO. As a woman don’t you want your man to claim you and tell the world how beautiful you are. But She probably doesn’t like attention of public relationships or the men don’t find her valuable enough to pedestal her

      • Its not that.. she knows the Deal… James just buying her instathot asss some gifts in return for her Services if ya know what I mean.. shiit he not trynna claim her… its more of a mutual shiit that happens in the industry… I mean how can she travel and always taking vacation picks all these years yet her Asss has not had not even a single HIT since how long?

        • Back when she was hot, she wrote much of her own material. Not to mention she still tours.

          • But Ashanti is old. Tricking on a women in her prime is somewhat understandable but these ballers be tricking on women nearing menopause that’s crazy.

              • Yeah but touring and writing don’t always mean big money.. shiit there are still 90’s old asss rappers still touring. . I mean you can still get by but we know when the money is a little dried up and you are used to a certain lifestyle your next husstle is always to find a few tricks… contrary to popular opinions its how many washed up celebs and models get by.. there are actually very rich corporate CEOs, execs and others who actually pay money to sleep with a lot of hollywood former A list stars, pop stars, rnb Singers, reality tv z listers etc… its just done behind closed doors.

  1. What happened to her Arab sponsor? The strange part is that Trey Songz is trying to smash too and must know about Harden. But Ashanti is a well unknown passed around chick so shit isn’t surprising

    • Seems like all the pretty are always thought to be passed around. Never hear anything about the ugly celebs getting passed around or used up, just the pretty ones for some reason.

      • LMAO. Call that beautiful women privilege. They get expensive goods, attention and acclaim in exchanges for their bodies. But what is weird is that true gold diggers have very low body counts.

        • How come we never hear anything about Gabby Sidibi, Mary Gray, India Arie being hoes, slurs or passed around, just the beautiful ones?

          • Maybe they are being passed around just that nobody wants to claim them. It’s like when you have an ugly baby mama …you always try to hide her from the homies.

            • You have no homies or women and the mutt duck here is you that is why no one will EVER claim you…lol.

              • Hey redumbshit tell us how busted you really are.

                Can I use your pic as a repellent…lol.

              • Did you forget that 75% of black women will never see a day of marriage. Very few people are claiming black women. The other 25% are the beautiful feminine ones that I am desperately try to get.

              • LMAO…more BS but regardless they would rather be SINGLE than be with YOU…lol and that is 100%.

            • Reformist There is a beautiful demure black woman out there for you. Don’t pay any attention to the shrill trashy harridan who lives to rebuke you.

              • Bro I love black women. I Have seen black femininity and it’s very beautiful. But these vulgar, mannish black women are who I am trying to keep from poisoning the good sistas

              • LMAO…no woman will ever want two dick choking self-hating fags like yourselves…you fuckers will be on here years from now stroking each other off…LMFAO…

  2. The way these people pass each other around. No thank you. They are both playing the field and playing and playing.

  3. Is Ashanti a lady of the evening now. She don’t have nothing popping but keep popping up some how, I heard that washed up celebrity women turn High Price Hoe to keep up their life style.

  4. She betta head to the clinic soon. Dating that nasty mofo after he’s ran through the Kartrashian klan. Hope he washes his beard. Gags!

  5. That reminds me. It’s so yummy the way asian chicks grab you when they’re gonna ***

    • You are so thirsty it is sickening….go get you some instead of reminiscing on your singular experience..smfh.

    • Asians are some of the wildest girls. It’s just that their not openly sexual. But get their clothes off and they will do ANYTHING. Why do think us black men are so thirsty for them on the online dating sites?

        • Even if that’s true what is the difference between sleeping with a ladyboy and an American black women. LMAO
          #black trannies

          • You should know you are the one who has slept with black MALE trannies and lady boys so you tell us…lol.

            • The condom use I will agree because a lot of brothas are just non discriminative in who they bareback. But why aren’t sistas on any sort of birth control expecially when they are sleeping with SERIOUS FELONS.

          • You got that right Reformist. Most American black women are just an ounce of testosterone away from being men. They look like men(without their weaves) and they talk like men.

            And for a 10,000 dollar reward, they will turn their men over to the cops.

            • Black women are natural snakes. I have seen them coon and turn against their OWN FAMILY just to get attention, sympathy and money from white men.

              • Stop talking about your own experiences redumbshit and redumbshitiest…no one cares about either of you losers.

            • Child support= Black women place black men into the white mans system so we can legally increase the prison system and contribute to the fathersless black family.

              • Child support=dumb ass men who decided NOT to use a condom = sealing their own fate.


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