Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah’s Criminal Past Exposed!

leolah brown mugshot

Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah, has been on a rampage since the death of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina…asking anyone who will listened to help her get justice for her former sister-in-law and niece.

But finding justice comes at a price according to Leolah…and she’s asking for $200K in donations through her GoFundMe.

Leolah says she has “exhausted all of her funds,” and she needs the public’s help to retain a professional attorney who will “fight for us,” as well as money for hotels, food and travel to attend hearings in Los Angeles and Georgia.

“We will fight until we bring justice to Whitney, Bobbi Kris & YOU! Please give whatever it is in your heart to give! Every single donation is gratefully appreciated to the utmost!”

So far, she has collected over $1,000, but she’s now asking donators to just send the money straight to her PayPal instead…but you might want to think twice about that — because an HSK insider has dug up Leolah’s criminal past…and it ain’t pretty!

Leolah has charges all over the state of Georgia in her birth name of Leola Rochelle Brown, and the new name she goes by, Leolah Muhammad. Her charges range from forgery and theft to harassing phone calls!

leolah brown muhammad arrest record

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leolah brown criminal past




  1. Who cares if she has a record it's nothing compared to what Bobby did during crack and being a man whore sleeping with everyone. But that what's goes on in Hollywood.

      • Leolah's record is hardly worth mentioning.

        Bobby has proved over and over that he is just a typical american man, doing what they do. He never abandoned any of his wives or children. Did his best.

        Whitney's drug abuse (not her fault) enabled both of them to deteriorate mentally and physically.

        • Of course Whitney's drug addiction is her fault – whose fault would it be? She should have been smart enough to leave it alone, but like all fiends, they approach drugs looking for the high.

    • If people are happy with giving money to a convicted felon who has had numerous arraignments against her, who is constantly distorting her own background and saying she is so Godly she knows things through divine intervention… then sure they can go right ahead. The money will not go towards helping anyone but Ms Leolah herself. I have truly had enough with both sides of this family. I would like Nick to be in court to answer some questions, but that is up to the justice system. Unfortunately I think despite the evidence again him being disturbing, it may be too 'circumstantial' to get a conviction. But he will get his sooner or later for whatever he has done. This will hang over him for the rest of his days and one day karma will catch up, no matter how he tries to run from it.

  2. Everybody has a past. I still believe that in all her craziness, there is some truth about foul play in the deaths of Whitney and Bobbi K. Pat and Cissy hands are not clean. Let's see what they have in their closets.

    • I think old Pat had a hand in Whitney's death.. How can anyone stay in the tub over an hour and no one checks on them.. Pat is greedy and Whitney's brother that married Pat know more than what they told.. Pat couldn't wait to have that sad reality show, months after Whitney death.. Just know what you give out, you will receive much worse..

      • I agree with you! That Pat is wicked, you can see it in her eyes! Bobbi Kristina saw it too! Bobbi didn't like any of them, including her grandmother… Poor little girl, she never had a chance….Leola has committed petty crimes in her past, but that doesn't mean that she isn't distraught, over the outright f*ckery that took place, around the deaths of her loved ones..When your Black and poor, no one trusts, or listens to you, and that ain't right man!

        • Oh and P S! The murders of Whitney and Kristina, were sloppy, poorly orchestrated, industry hits! They kill Blacks wholesale! If you look at all of the suspicious deaths of ce!ebs, involving RX pills and Heroin, you'll see that most of the murders were quick and sloppy! They don't even care if the public knows! That's how gangster they are, because they know ain't nobody gonna do a mutha f*cking thing, but talk about it! Just like were doing now, in this discussion panel, and that's never gonna change!

          • Well Whitney didn't lie when she said Clive Davis was the DEVIL.. They don't care and these celebrities are worth more dead than alive.. We will never know the truth about Whitney or her only child death..
            They made her daddy out to be the daddy, but Bobby Brown didn't make or encourage Whitney to doe cocaine.. Bobby liked his weed and he drinks.. But those two people found something in each other, that completed them.. No one knows what goes on behind closed door but the people involved….

            • Could you please provide a link to Whitney stating that Clive Davis was the devil? I always heard her calling him her surrogate dad and BK's godfather and surrogate grandfather. I never saw a word in print in which she spoke badly of him.
              Thank you.

      • i dont think that pat DIRECTLY added to the violence. i think she had grown tired of babysitting a grown woman and was glad that job was done with.

        • He money train stopped the day Whitney died.. Hence the reason she was giving interviews right after her death.. Pat had no other income.. Imo

  3. The one thing that is clear is that both of them were murdered. Nobody is going to send Leolah money to help her maintain a lawyer for a case that any lawyer would take pro bono for exposure reasons. Stop it!!!! They are shooting a reality show and banking off the tragedy. Trying to make a name for themselves through association with Whitney & Bobby at the end God sees all and He will expose all of the murders that have taking place in the industry.

  4. I hate to say this but, Leolah is gonna mess around and get herself killed over this. I say that because I believe anyone and everyone who may have been responsible for these deaths, no doubt, in my mind aren't people the kind of people who will allow anything she may find to surface and point the finger at them. I'm sure they want her quiet in one way or another.

    • is that you jamaican murdering thief drug kingpin, trying to scare Leolah? I do not believe that any American would ever kill Michael or Whitney. We loved them way too much. Foreign haters WITH NO TALENT attacked All of our GREATS because they couldn't compete with them!

      From chris brown, to michael, to whitney, to terry mcmillan, to lisaraye, on and on

        • @Chris! Word! Terry's wasband lips was juicy and glossy as hell! His wedding outfit was more suitable for the bride! He was obviously gay! Terry isn't street smart at all! In her defense, All that gay shit wasn't as rampantly exposed, in the Black community as it is now! Black people of a certain age group weren't exposed to those behaviors! Unless it was directly in your immediate family! Give her as break Chris!?????????

  5. When she came to the funeral in gym shoes and jeans I was through! And then left and did a street interview! Too much! Patricia always had her lines down on that show and didn't act concerned about the drug/alcohol abuse. More like "see what's going on?" And when Orpha interviewed that poor girl she grinned and gobbled her mouth so much it was like Orpha wanted to eat her up for dinner!

    • i agree with that statement. Oprah knew that without intervention she'd be in the same drugged up situation as whitney.

  6. Stop stealing stores from Lipstick Alley! Also, Leolah's past is how many years old? Do bettter!

      • Exactly! No need to address a nutcase like Leola, Maria, Neva, LeLe or whatever other alias she may be using. lol

  7. Leolah is hardly even relevant anymore, I know. Even the loopiest of people can have 'flashes of clarity' and say something with insight. They are not always hindered by conventional and rational thought. I have my questions too about what happened to mother and daughter. But Leolah's no better than the rest and 99% is rubbish or same old…

    But now she is angry. I for one did read her book, despite the difficulty because it was so poorly written. She admits an early charge in Georgia, for shoplifting and possession of cocaine. Bobby bailed her out and she got put on probation, which she broke by not reporting to her officer. When they caught up with her again, Bobby hired some very good lawyers and she was lucky to get a release. But it didn't end there. The book doesn't say anything about the 2004 forgery charge. She negotiated a guilty plea for that in court, and got off with 10 years probation. That's on the court official record available for all public. Then she got caught shoplifting in 2013, and a guilty plea was negotiated for that too. It was NOT overturned in court, according to the county website, and it's a crime she has a previous clear history of. She's had more arrests and now she has another court case pending according to one county website.

    Her background wouldn't matter but she doesn't deserve any public funds she is asking and I'm really not interested in anything further she has to say. One of her profile descriptions which she linked to on her own FB account says she was part of a modelling agency. But her book says she never signed with that agency. Other claims are distorted or exaggerated. And she has a young woman on her page she is saying is her daughter, and this girl is calling her 'Mommy'. Leolah is even talking about baby pictures! But their personal communications only appears to have started in January.

    She needs a lot of help but I can imagine it is very difficult to get through to her. I sincerely wish the rest of the family (who I have no ties with) all the best in their futures. I am waiting for this book which she says has all the 'evidence' – then we would be able to see and judge for ourselves – but she keeps stalling on it. Good grief if she has anything just put it out there. That's all – because all this information is quite easy to obtain and people should make these checks before parting with their money especially in these difficult times. Any media who support her – shame on them.

    • She doesn't have any "evidence" and we all know it. If the police and the DA have hears what she has and haven't indicted Nick, Pat or anyone else, then the "evidence" is bullshit.

      I have a friend who is a cop in that area, and they would LOVE to take Nick down, but there simply is not enough to take him to trial. And you no no DA wants to lose a case. Especially one which will garner national attention. But I promise you that they have not given up looking for a snitch who will spill the beans on Nick.

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