Beyonce Caught Lying About Her Age – Exposed By Her Father

beyonce age lie 2

For some time people have suspected that Beyonce lies about her age.  The vain mother of Blue Ivy just celebrated her birthday, and there were only 34 candles on the cake.

Speaking about the mid-90s when there was some serious talent coming out of Atlanta, Matthew Knowles divulged some information on The Breakfast Club.  He started reminiscing about when Beyonce was coming up the ranks alongside her counterparts Usher and Pink.

Bey’s father-manager then let it slip that she is the same age as Mr. Raymond and Pink.

“L.A. had a girl group, bet you don’t know who his lead singer was…Pink.  She’s the exact same age as Beyonce…You had Usher, he was the same age.  They were all 14 or 15 years old living in Atlanta.”

Looks like Queen Bey has been juking the numbers.   If she is the same age as Pink then she’s at least 36, not 34.  She could possibly be as old as Usher who is 37.

beyonce age lie

This comes on the heels of info from a former Destiny’s Child member who says that Ms. Knowles has had a lot of plastic surgery done.  Maybe that’s how she stays looking so good – for her age.


  1. What women doesn't lie about getting old ???.
    Or her weight lmao !!!
    Women act like their weight is top secret ,classified!!!
    Still lovem …..!

    • shrinks the age gap between her and Jay somewhat… prolly enough to stop think Hov was smashin her when she was a minor. or maybe it just means jay was startin younger than we thought.

  2. THIS I believe. 36 or 37? yes. What I did not believe was Gabrielle Union claiming that Bey was shaving like 10 years off her age. First of all, Bey doesn't look like she's 10+years older than Solange, and second of all, who the f*ck would believe jealous ass Gabby? You don't think she doesn't WISH she was Beyonce? Bitch please.
    I couldn't care less about any woman in show biz lying about her age. They are so ageist in Hollywood, it's only fair that the women cheat a little bit.

  3. So what if she lied about her age back then and now they want you to look and be younger then you are but the sad part about it is that her father is that bitter that you are now trying to take her down if her dad comes up missing are dead I don't think it would be a shocker.

  4. Question? Can the girl sing and dance ? And how many of you are lying about that used hair cap ya'll be wearing from a 5th world country? Have ya'll heard about fungus and diseases? Sometimes I think that's the reason why black women are so dam crazy first and anyone who started wearing that shit second! Look at the white wig wearing bitch Kim Zociak ??? crazy as shit! Hair carries energy ya'll! And the amount of suffering going on in Bangladesh (Lemprosy <——– please research!) that right there is some disgusting shit! Fake nails anyone? Trying to cover up that black fungus growth? So what cha trying to hide? Maybe a bald head, an Adam's apple, diseased nails and toenails, and don't let me get on the prostitute makeup! It hides beards, craters from acne and on and on and on! And perfume was and still used to mask odors! My question to Beyonce is not your age, but your dog gone breath my nigga lol!
    Back to Hollywood! I know straight men hollering at my gay friends! My point Beyonce can lie about her age if she want to! I much rather be concerned with these niggas out here of all races acting like they straight! AIDS virus is incurable! And that death is a horrible one! So, if Mr. Knowitall slipped up on that one while he was being a smartass than his media training sucks because he didn't follow through with his lies. You know what they say its better to tell the truth because its hard to keep up with all the lies! Ya'll know how many gay men in Hollywood are married to their stand in coochie? ALOT lol! So, Beyonce go on and lie so dumb people can go on believing your 30, but her lying cant lie about the garbage breath festering in that throat of hers! I swear we got Oprah telling me to go on Weight Watchers! This gotta be her 100th diet she's failed! Her lazy ass got access to the top trainers and the best food! Oprah needs a padlock on that refrigerator door! I never seen that bitch skinny only when she was on a powder diet and coffee! So nooo Im not buying those nasty ass dinners I'll make my own! My point they are all full of shit each and every last one of them including bitches wearing hair that use to grow on someone else's greasy sweaty scalp! Bye Tameka…

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        • You're a f*cking meth head writing all that bullshit. This isn't lipstick alley where all the loud mouth hood boogers like you camp out.

  5. Bitch is 40 if she's a day. Her father wasn't hating on her. She needs to quit lying. Just like she lied about the surrogate.

  6. That broke mofo need 2 get a life leave bey along go take care of those lil ppl he got out wedlock with his old tired stinky greasy azz so damn what she lie about her age he lie that her didnt f*ck those 2 women he got kids with now smdh

  7. So the f*ck what? She's still richer than our asses, so I gives no phucks at all!

  8. Why is this news my cougar milf is 53 I'm 34 in we love each other. Beyoncé legal enough to be wit jayz so wats the problem

  9. I question if Mathew is her biological father – she looks nothing like him, nothing. Age and plastic surgery = of course she has enhancements and is older. No big deal, just look @ her younger pics – big difference.

    • They look VERY alike to me. Nose, Eyes, Lips (her top lip is a bit fuller but might be a fake lip injection but lower lip is identical). That's her Daddy!!

  10. My lol was for15:13 not for Tameka. And Tameka, you best stop generalizing about meth. Yes I agree that for years the stereotype meth user was a redneck and a gay man. But just as opiate pills and Molly found their way from white teens into the black community, meth is making a HUGE impact on the bc now. I'll tell you why: Crack high lasts minutes. Meth high can last half a day and it's cheap.
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      We are so lost as a people. As for heroin, I grew up around that in the early 1970s. If black folks are stupid enough to dance with that weapon of mass destruction, then we get what the f*ck we deserve!

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        I am not in denial or dumb, I guess I just closed the door on knowin' some shit after the heroin and then crack epidemic.

        Crystal Meth???d now, Heroin????

        It is definitely lights out for us as a people.

  11. I don't give a f*ck about baphomet Beyonce's age. Here is the question I want answered; was Mathew f*cking Beyonce? Did Mathew and Beyonce have to do the same shit that Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley Cyrus do to become famous?

  12. They are a lying sick dysfunctional family…there are claims that Jay Z is also over 50 while Bewhichoynce is in her 40's.

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