Golden Boy Tarnished? Scandalous Pics Of Ocsar De La Hoya Surface!

Oscar De La Hoya Back Door Action

HSK published this exclusive on Oscar de la Hoya back on: June 5, 2014

Resignations Amidst Revelations?

HSK Exclusive – Sports Illustrated recently published this question: “What has De La Hoya been doing?” The answer may lie in a set of shocking images — exclusively picked-up by HSK — of the boxing icon appearing to be involved in… let’s just say… some backdoor activities!

De La Hoya Golden Boy Scandal

Just yesterday [June 4, 2014], Oscar De La Hoya was forced to address the current state of his combat sport promotional firm, Golden Boy Promotions. Know why? Not only has Richard Schaefer — De La Hoya’s longtime friend and former Golden Boy CEO — announced his resignation, others have also parted way with the firm… with more soon expected to do the same.

“Golden Boy is a mess, and De La Hoya’s statement offered little insight into what he plans to do to clean it up. It just lost its CEO and will probably lose its Chief Operating Officer, Bruce Binkow, in the coming weeks.” -Sports Illustrated, June 4, 2014

Dig the Drop:

“Floyd Mayweather and Richard Schaefer have distanced themselves from Oscar because they know the shit’s about the hit the fan.

The prostitutes who took the pics went to TMZ with the photos. TMZ offered them 50K and the girls turned them down”

Here’s Oscar De La Hoya announced during yesterday Vegas press conference:

“Golden Boy Promotions is moving ahead on all fronts. We look forward to continuing and expanding our key position in the boxing world and to providing the public with the very best the sport has to offer.”


  1. Weren’t there pictures of him wearing women’s clothing? This should come as a surprise to no one.

  2. The purpose of making athletes look gay is population reduction.Gay sex = less children being born. Women are brainwashed to be more and more materialistic through pop music and with the economy in the tank, most men do not have any money. So if they see so called manly men athletes having sex with other men, they will do it as well because it’s too hard to get a woman.

    Understand that most people’s sexual orientation is situational and they don’t care about intimacy, only orgasm. So if it’s too hard to get a woman to have sex with and their male friends are willing to have sex in secret, they will do it…

    I. Pearl

    • most people’s sexual orientation is situational and they don’t care about intimacy, only orgasm.

      Don’t forget about prison’s reinforcement of this theory. Due to the high percentage of incarceration of our young men, this mind set is commonplace in the community.

      • This is true, especially with “gangster rap”. People were told the origin of sagging pants over and over but people still did if for fashion purposes. The misogyny was also a dead giveaway. Now you are seeing the results of the seeds that were being planted about a decade ago…

        I. Pearl

    • I agree I. Pearl. And I just got done saying over and over again this why there is so many women are side chicks, mistresses, and hoes. U can’t blame these women for that.

      • DaRadiant1,

        There are so many so called “loose women” around these days because there are too many people on the planet. Don’t forget that in the past, it was common for women to die in childbirth…

        I. Pearl

        • To many people on the planet. That’s the argument elitist use to f*ck over the human race. It’s to many people acting wrong is the problem.

    • Sho you right Pearl. I was just explaining this to a young man the other day. high 5

    • Thank you Pearl. Went to a funeral of a gay friend two weeks ago.

      We were all shocked when his ex-wife spoke, and he had 4 kids (okay, 2 were a set of twins). How da f*ck you gonna have ex-wives, a baby momma and 4 kids and you all about the dick and you a man?

      No such thing as born gay. It is only about the orgasm. Love and “civil rights” ain’t got nuthin’ to do with it.

  3. This fool wears women clothing in private no surprise that he f*cks men privately as well.

    • That’s either a female or a trans. Legs are shaved and look at the pink fingernails. Not that it makes it less gross.

  4. Vomit. Aint yall ever heard of adding a NSFW warning ? Man, that shit is not safe for my damn lunch. Ewwww. Nobody wants to see his open ass. Gtfohwtbs!

    • Jacky is telling the TRUTH! I know a girl in LA who used to mess with Oscar. Details in post #17

    • Jacky, that’s how you talk to an interested reader? LOL…I think I asked a legitimate question, I mean, there is no face. If you had a good answer for that you should just say it. I was not questioning your journalistic integrity and I do not know what “that’s another subject matter” means. I think I will take your adivse and “step off” this site, delete it from my favorites and tell all of my friends, who I’ve already told about this site to step off as well. Bad Form Jacky. Rude!!!!

  5. So is Oscar a cross dresser and a bottom?! Who am I kidding? Mostly all cross dressers like to bottom and have a nice big stick up that boohoole…

    • Probably the same sensation a woman gets when she has sex anally. After you adjust…It must feel good to them. And as far as the pitcher goes, I guess he gets the same sensation a man gets when he phucks a woman up the ass.

  6. The rich elite of the Roman and Greek Empires were constantly engaging in gay sex. The same thing occurs in this American Empire. De La Hoya on the DL is not shocking. FYI, alot of professional athletes are DL; including the females!

  7. O my what is that a picture of? Who is he with a male or female, lil o me is sooo confused

  8. Oscar stay losing….wow how u let some trannies bust ur bubble & let them even have their phones out…u know u bout to get set up..he shoulda collected the phones from jump…DUMBASS, & its probably b/c he not doing what lluminati telling him to do…how many more gay stories need to come up on his ass? Look like Oscar bout to give blood sacrifice….this obsession w/ trannies totally bewilders me

    • Why would this make you think he’s about to make a blood sacrifice? Because he’s getting rammed up the shitter? You really have those sacrifices on the brain man. Talk about obsessions.

  9. Oscar has always been teased about his tone of voice. This is a shock to me, hard to grasp this one. All i know, is that, history does not lie.

  10. This of no surprise to me. When I was in LA in the 90s a very close friend of mine who is a swimsuit model used to f*ck with him back in his prime. She told me about one of their freaky smash sessions that involved him going to the freezer to retrieve a frozen block of ice molded in the shape of a penis, which he instructed her to put in his ass and suck out of it as it melted. She said he threw his legs up in the air like a woman when she did it too. She also told me he liked her to wear a strap on and smash him from the back. I have known he was bi or gay since the 90s.

    • Oh. Dear. Gawwwwww! Chile you need a blog of your own cue your comments have me hanging on every word. Damnnnnnn!

      • LMAO! It’s crazy this stuff on him is just now becoming public knowledge but when I was living in La La Land and working in the entertainment industry, I saw and heard of the wildest stuff like it was everyday news. I’m no longer living there but I do have a little bit of tea on certain celebs from back in the day. I thought my tea was cold but I see some people never change, like Oscar.

      • @21:49 Holy shit! I second that motion. Spill the Tea need a blog. Girlll do that thing and get back at us with the URL, STAT!!!

  11. Its not a trans its a woman if you read the story the females offered the pics to tmz . I was wondering what the hell had happened people was running away from dela hoya like shit in a matter of days .I’m glad someone is reporting the real shit tmz report half of the shit jacky do so I know this is true first cross dressing now this talk about f*ckin your money up…..

    • The story just referred to them as “prostitutes “, could just as likely be male as female

  12. people need realize being famous you have to do alot of bad things just to be on top
    alot of these artist/actors have cheated stole ideas from other people

    having nasty dirty sex just to be famous???

    people need to think twice about being famous

    • Did you ever think that he may be doing it because he likes it? Not everything they do is to get famous. f it was Clive Davis f*cking him I might agree, but how ya going to get more famous or successful by having a ho f*ck your ass?

  13. I truly beleive oscar is an mk ulta slave who is victim of satanic ritual abuse. A neice of his was on one of those reality dating shows with that white rocker dude bret michaels and she also exhibited mk ultra slave traits,down to the butterfly tattoes.

    • I have a butterfly tattoo because I like butterflies.
      You shouldn’t read too much into little things.

      • Let these nuts round here tell it you are an illuminati plant bent on destruction cus you wear a butterfly. Oh and you date the boogieman. Lol

      • mk ultra is real check out the butterfly effect its a movie the butterfly is a sign of mk ultra that they ise for hollywood not everybody is under mk ultra has a butterfly only these entertainers

  14. Why do you think Shanna Moakler divorced his ass? She found out what was really going on. Oscar has always been on the sweet side of things along with many men who play hard to everyone. Behind closed doors when alcohol or drugs are floating around the real man comes out and when i say man i mean Wo man.

  15. I always said he has those shifty eyes. High pitched voice too. Not surprised personally

  16. I was a little confused but I think that’s Oscar on top riding…and that’s either a woman with a strap-on or either a trans. Look at the nails, but that’s Oscar big back on top. Smh

  17. Brenda,

    He didn’t piss anyone off, this was part of the plan. Everything you know about the way *they* do things is wrong, they tell you that stuff because that’s what *they* want you to think…

    I. Pearl

    • there’s been some pretty outrageous accusations tho. lol With other celebrities I mean. Oscar, I believe he has bi-sexual tendencies…But like about Usher being gay (come on now)…and how about that one where Jacky said Jay Z and Beyonce where having threesomes with Gwenyth Paltrow. GTFOH! LMAOOOOOO!

          • Then he needs to explain why he was wrestling with Puff in the mornings over cereal. Puff got drunk and started spilling the tea . Even Kevin Hart was like Wtf????

      • Gwyneth and Beyonce had sex while Chris and Jay Z watched. No. I wasn’t there. But that is what Gwynnie told a make up artist who did my makeup for an event. You can believe it or not. **shrugs**

        #those spindly white bread chicks are the biggest freaks of all

  18. Please also remember he gas two kids with Shanna. Maybe wouldn’t give the kids over to the ‘organization’????? Hmm….

  19. Dela Hoya has a major problem wth bitches he is like crac head to bitches he can’t get enough that’s y he has almost 30 kids or probly more

  20. I’m not sure about that. Bloggers know way more than they tell. The guy who outed Casper Smart saw the naked pics exchanged but he didn’t publish them because he didn’t want to buy them. That’s very typical. For all we know the writer here saw a series of pics but published a safe one so they couldn’t get sued. But Oscar would recognize his own body. I noticed he hasn’t threatened to sue. Silence is deafening.

  21. Just because all you see is the back… We have photos and video. There is no question.

  22. These kind of pics kept on file for what, they’re not damaging, you can’t see anybody, lol.

  23. !!!! ooop Brenda, someone’s knows a lil something. Now talk on the underground publicists who will buy the photos out instantl, if they somehow leak to the market against the will of the ptb…

  24. This is a big Misunderstanding and in defense of my Israelite brother Oscar I’d say Oscar is up top receiving Oral from the female lying

  25. LOL…I needed a good laugh this morning. Oscar’s riding cowboy style! Woo Hoo! LMAO

  26. Lol…Jamie looked high as hell. Even though I love Mayweather, They all are Gay anyway.

  27. Brenda… I agree with your way of thinking…
    If it was about money for these females to cash in… Oscar would purchase them himself…
    Its not about the money… Its probably black mail from the CEO who just resigned. .. after being investigated by the FBI for fixing fights. .. maybe this is Richard Schaefers way of warning oscar to keep quiet…AND YEAH SCHAEFER FATHER HAS TRILLIONS … HIS FATHER IS THE BANKER FOR THE ROTHSCHILDS …

  28. I caught my ex messing with a chick w/a d… but never dreamed women would have no place in the world … everyone is gay… oh my goodness how can we as women compete with this…lol

    • You’re not supposed to compete with that. There is no competition. You either have XX chromosomes or you don’t.

  29. This just makes him more interesting. However what he gets up to in private is his business.

  30. This looks like revenge from Schaefer and Al Homo Haymon against Oscar who unceremoniously dumped Schaefer and Haymon from Golden Boy.

  31. a devils work Schaefer and Al haymon! they are the shit of boxing, they sre the real flomos of the sports, id rather watch MMA when this two promotes!

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  33. Wowwwwww! That’s all I can say man LMAOOOOOOOO what is this world coming to? LAWD Jesus help us pleaseee

  34. oscar isnt playing the game thre were pictures of him in drag not to long ago yall really thing is a “conspriacy” therory” i mean look at these high paid entertainers wearing dresses , kissing the same sex on tv, lots of homosexuality activity diddy and floyd at a party floyd is about to kiss didy in the moth these are the riutals it’s not a theory when they constanly show it in your face

  35. The guy is high profile. Any hooker with a phone was gonna record him. I betcha there’s a lot more photos to come… Next time he should be a lot more aware of his surroundings not just the nut he trying to bust.. His body looks terrible. What shape is that exactly..sponge bob square dick?

    • These photos are from waaayyy back…something must have happened for them to be resurfacing.

      • He missed that Jaguar payment..his money funny and couldn’t pay that hush money. He betta get a commentary job. Or a boxing commission job with the quickness.

  36. You do not see his face, therefore it is not him. Someone is attemptting to frame De La Hoya.

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