Cardi B: ‘Faithful Men Don’t Make Me Happy’

cardi b faithful men

Even though Cardi B is currently engaged to a man who’s allegedly cheating on her, she doesn’t mind because faithful men aren’t her style.


  1. Somebody shut this dumb woman up, she sounds as dumb as she acts..
    Keep your eating man and you will be full of sexual diseases.. Girl go get your STD’s because your man don’t care….

  2. I don’t understand why she keep saying this and she is having a baby and a daughter at that I think she is just hurting and this is her way of dealing with the problem in reality no one wants to be with someone that is cheating all of the time.

  3. Cardi B: ‘Faithful Men Don’t Make Me Happy’ because like attracts like. You are what you attract.

    • Mane, if what you said is true ((, that website got shut down by the Feds and any $ she has is going to IRS. No wonder a lot of celebrities/businessmen/politicians are liquidating their estates, and “going to rehab/retiring”…

  4. Wow dumb hoe and she get mad when ppl call her illuminati. Why else you think the industry is riding for you, you are nothing but negative energy with a ghostwriter. Take care of your child dumbass and worry about that hoe saying she want 5gs a month from ur baby favah.

  5. She is such a Dumb Retard.. Bitch is Autistic. She is so desperate for a man 2 show her any Attention. . she Wack. Flow. Style. All. She talks like a teenager. She had missing screws. Go Away Lucy Ricardo. She a whole Clown ass bitch.. She think thay goofy acting is cool. U look stupid thats why the whole industry is LAUGHING AT U DUMMY.. THEY NOT LAUGHING WITH YOU. AND UR SISTER IS NOT AMUSING EITHER SHE SOUNDS WORST THAN YOU. YOU 2 ARE SOME ILLITERATE. RETARDED SOUNDING MUTES . U LOOK LIKE A RAT.. RATOULLE IS UR NEW NAME AND OFFSET LOOK LIKE AN UGLY BLACK GREMLIN.. LORD POOR BABY DONT HAVE A CHANCE..


    • Why are women always judging other women!!?? Ya’ll crack me up. That’s why us men are always able to divide and separate and bang all of ya’ll with equal opportunity.

        • Say what @Don’t get me started?? Well, I would love to knock the dust off your poonani my Queen. You sound like your pu$$y taste good.

    • @Mary Jones you are saying exactly what we all are thinking. We just don’t have the time or energy to write all that hateful shit!

      • @Dont’ get me started…I’ll marry you my black Queen! I will fight through fire to taste that lavender clit and those purple lips!

        • @Don’t get me started…Imma knock you up so you can have a gut full of Ol’ Leroy.

  7. There’s a lot of illiterate rappers (Li’l Yachty, 69, etc.) the rap game is not about perfect grammar. It’s about “that life”. She’s no more sexual than the average male rapper is, if not less. Ya’ll hating on her cuz she’s Dominican.

    • Her being Dominican has zero to do with it. Shes a bird, simple as that. If she was blk, she would still be a bird.

      • Nah, ya’ll don’t like Spanish people!!! LOL!!! I’ve seen and read it on this blog. I’m Puerto Rican and I been on this joint for awhile, and ya’ll got the most god awful things to say about Spanish people. Calling them white and pale face. There was a time when blacks and Puerto Ricans partied and played drums together in the city of NY…I don’t know what southern mentality haunts this page.

        • Oh lawd please. Girl their is NO brown and black uniting. You are just biracials that speak spanish and have spaniard culture. We can be civil, but it’s not like yall are family. Get real.

          • They are always trying to hitch their cart to our wagon, when they are in crisis…but when shit is well, act like they don’t even know us.

          • Read a history book bytch, PR’s are not biracial. You don’t know the origin or the Puerto Rican people. And we are not hitching isht to you. We have our own struggles and history of oppression. I know in NY (in the north), black people and latin people lived in unison. Don’t tell me what I’ve lived. There is no “biracial” in Puerto Ricans dummy. We are a collaboration of Taino Indian, African and Spaniard (this is where the Spanish comes in). So please learn history correctly.

            • And BTW. You gotta be from the south. That’s where your slave mentality comes from. Look at your skin color…your ancestors were raped by Master time and time again. And I’m sure you’re not rockin’ an afro, so you don’t even keep it true to your African roots. So STFU.

              • Thank You for showing your true hate-filled wetback colors….

                Every Brokeback Beaners should be left to rot in their own piss in pr.

              • I can call you whatever I CHOOSE WETBACK, BEANER SPIC…you are all trash so it does not matter, LOL!

    • This the type of shit I’m talking about. People can’t have their own opinion in anything without some clown labeling them “haters”.

      • True Dat!

        Especially when there is NOTHING to hate on. No sane person would trade places with this Bitch.

  8. Folks please remember this gem of knowledge is given by someone who promotes,stripping,gangbanging and sucking dick….sooo yeah she will now be in charge of a small human…we are all doomed the end us near. ..what is wrong is now all right?

    • I’m not Cardi fan, but dont put it all on her. The entire industry is fucked and promotes nothing but poison. Shes not the catalyst, just a vehicle.

  9. Another black man knocking up a chick and making babies everywhere. Uggghhh….disgusting. She deserves better.

    • If she thought she deserved better, she would have and attract better. If it wasn’t offset, it would be another dude just like him doing her dirty. Its what shes used to and it’s what she likes.

  10. You know one of the reasons Cardi’s winning? She looks like she’s having fun, and she looks like fun to be around, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

    • Except for when she is drunk/high telling the world how she really feels about being trapped in the industry.

    • That Bitch is NOT happy and she is NOT winning shit, except her ticket straight to H.E.L.L.

        • For Anon 17:41…she looks very happy to me. Everybody needs to stop hatin’. She’s a female rapper trying to do her thing in a male dominated industry. Cut her some slack and stop being jealous.

          • Fuck this Bitch, she IS a SAD MISERABLE PUPPET, don’t ac like you have not seen this bitch drunk talking shit about how horrible the industry is, since you are all on her nutsack.

          • And slack for what? Being an ignorant ratchet ass POS who is bringing down the value of hip hop as an art form?

            Yeah that is really something to be jealous of…FOH.

  11. Y’all chopped and screwed her whole statement. That is not what she said…. anyway Cheating is hard to forgive when you truley love someone. So she may just be In list with offset, cause if she was in love, she would be more hurt than what she is. Cheating is not a easy fix.

  12. I blame people for making her happen. You all buy her music, pay attention to her, attend her concerts. She is a puppet and not a bright one at that.

    • Hold the Fuck Up…

      I don’t know what “people” you are talking about, but it damn sure ain’t the majority of folks here…she was NOT created by the people, she is a puppet cooning for the beasts she serves.

  13. A walking billboard for adultery…this is what the younger generation has to look up to.

    Parents raise your children so these so called celebrities wont have so much influence over them.

    So sad when you have to lie to cover up the fact that you are in love with and pregnant by a serial cheater smh

  14. Cardi B is not a role model so i don’t expect much along the lines of morality. She just making money ?. Which is the root of all evil. So we all know she just yakking and talking prepaid over rated shit..

  15. I feel so bad she having a baby.
    She gonna turn a beautiful black princess into a hoe like into herself.
    B***h needs to be iced.

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