K Michelle Received 2 Blood Transfusions After Faulty Butt Injections

k michelle blood transfusion butt injections

The other day, HSK revealed that K. Michelle was in the hospital and having a meltdown, and now we know why.

The singer and reality star gave an update to reveal her bad butt injections landed her in the ER. She even had to undergo 2 blood transfusions.



  1. Sad part about it this is going to be someone’s motivation speech to still go get this shit done people are going backwards instead of forward.

  2. The black woman (true Israelite) doesn’t know she’s a GMO: GOD MADE ORIGINAL.

  3. It’s powerful that she spoke the truth and pain behind butt injections. Round of applause to her!

    Here’s the thing tho… Women do all this surgery/cosmetic shit to look beautiful for men who cheat on them with average looking women (in most cases) So does it really matter to have a big butt? Guys are still going to holler at you.

  4. Get well rested queen. You have a message to spread to every woman that needs to know that plastic surgery isn’t worth it.

  5. It’s sad. So many Females do all this dumb shit to look good which can result in death just to impress dudes then get cheated on. Yeah it’s nice to look good but at the end of the day personality and destiny beats looks. No matter how good someone looks if their personality is terrible then they are terrible period. Everyone has a destiny in life and some people are just not meant for you no matter how good you look. Her self hatred almost killed her I hope she learns from this but she probably won’t ?‍♀️

  6. BTW there are natural ways to get a good lookin’ a$$. Squats for one. 🙂

  7. The problem with these procedures is that they don’t go to the right doctor, a qualified and board certified surgeon. The second problem is that they don’t stop at one procedure. One could say don’t do it period, but if people are determined to do it, you have to do it right. Look at the Khardashians getting injected periodically. At some point their bodies will break down since it’s not supposed to be that way.

    • “At some point…”? Haven’t you seen “Jim’s” non photoshopped pics? Gross. Looks like lumpy cement in a burlap sack. Hideous. This is actually great for black women to see ha ha. You can’t imitate natural born blessings!!!

  8. These injections affect in a negative way , your kidneys, your liver and your blood in general . I tried to post the truth about what these injections will do to the body , Dont look for these people who get these to stay healthy as they age . Autoimmune disease will in fact cause them great harm and crippling pain. Because they wanted a bigger butt . Just stupid

  9. Just put a pillow under your butt when the lights go out they cant tell the difference lol

    What’s strange is some men will knock a sister with no ass and turn around and cheat on her with a bony white girl with no curves whatsoever.

    Love the body you were born with!

    I have a flat ass but my body is healthy and silicone free ?

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