Tyga Snapchats Son Playing Around Weed And Blunts

tyga king cairo

Tyga is probably going to hear it from the Kardashian matriarch once she sees this.  The rapper posted a Snapchat of his son, King Cairo, playing with hats and running around having a good time.

It was a cute little video of his and Blac Chyna’s son enjoying himself.  The only issue is, there was some weed on the table next to some Swishers right beside where his son was playing.

tyga son weed

Shortly after, T-Raww removed the Snapchat but not before people were able to save it.


His girlfriend, Kylie, is known for her presence on Snapchat, and airs so much public business that Tyga has asked her to tone it down.  The Snap-habit has worn off on him and now he’s put himself in a compromising position as him and Chyna are in a custody battle over young Cairo.

tyga blac chyna king cairo

The Queen of the Kardashians, Kris Jenner, has already been vocal about her feelings of having Kylie date Tyga, so she certainly will not be impressed.


  1. Can someone please show this picture to children protection service and not brush it off like they did with the Smith kids you see how that turned out.

  2. Can you believe some kneegrows got the nerve to say that isn't abuse and they blaze in front of infants? No wonder we going down the tubes.

  3. Kris Jenner couldn't care less about baby King Cairo and his daddy. She wants the $800,000.00 (with interest) her lil minx of a daughter allegedly "loaned" The Frosted Flakes kid.

  4. Blac Chyna needs to stop chasing "D" all over the USA and get her baby. *Jacky what's up with this refreshing sh*t again?

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