Lamar Odom Not Doing Well, Could Need Kidney Transplant

lamar odom hospital

After making a near-miraculous recovery just by waking up and having brain function, Lamar Odom still has a ways to go on his road to rehabilitation.  The two-time NBA champion was transferred out of Nevada and into Ceders-Sinai Hospital back hom in Los Angeles, but he continues to have serious issues.

As reported before, Lamar has major problems with some vital organs including his kidneys.  The former Laker needs to undergo six hours of dialysis a day just to keep his kidneys functioning.   A source revealed that LO is undergoing a myriad of procedures just to keep alive, and that he still is unable to form full sentences.

“He’s still really, really sick.  There are a million things they’re doing to him still. He’s not doing well. He’s talking a little bit, but not full sentences.”

To her credit, Khloe Kardashian has remained by his side.  She travelled with him from Nevada back to L.A. and understands the seriousness of this recovery.  Odom’s (formerly) estranged wife is converting a section of her home into a rehab center so the 6’10 man can dedicate himself full-time to rehabilitation.

lamar odom hospital khloe

A source close to the couple says, “Doctors have told her Lamar’s going to need an extensive amount of rehabilitation and she’s preparing for that by turning her home into a rehabilitation center.”


  1. She stayed in the hospital , so she can poison him hence he was doing better but ,now his kidney trashed !!,
    He moves in he dies she's rich smooth criminal!!!

  2. His baby mama and kids better not let Lamar move in with those monsters. So what happened with James Harden? Khloe is as dirty as her mother and sisters.

  3. And TMZ just happened to be there to take pics of LO when he was transferred to Cedar hospital. The K family is still using him for publicity. And this whole travesty is now about the Ks not LO.

  4. Funny how they said LO was too big to fit in a helicopter to get him to a better hospital for care. Yet a helicopter was what transferred him home/to Cedar hospital.

  5. Let's not forget ?the $10 million insurance policy that if something happens to Lamar that witch Khloe cillec

  6. People who have posted on this page are evil haters who most likely are miserable in their own lives.
    Well, except for Crazy Chris.

    I hope that Lamar gets all the love and support he can from white people because black folks aren't good for anything but spreading hate and jealousy. And yall wonder why he married white girl.

  7. Didn't she just call security on him last month for even being near her gym? I hope he pulls through kind of strange he won't be staying with family.

    • She sure did and he started making threats then this mess happened.
      Things that make you go hmmmmm……

      • Sorry that was me.

        But we all know what happens when people start talking to much. Don't believe me? Ask Jay's ex Blue if you can find her that is.

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