Sheneka Adams Smash List & Nude Photos Go Viral

Sheneka Adams Nude Photo Scandal

HSK Exclusive – Sheneka Adams jumped on social media over the weekend  to deny that she was ever Carmelo and Lala Anthony’s sex slave.

Now, we have an exclusive disgusting naked picture of Sheneka Adams before her plastic surgery’s along with an incomplete list of the names of the celebrities she’s smashed.

sheneka-adams-tea sheneka-adams-exposed

Here’s Sheneka’s Adams F*ck List:

  1. 2 Chainz
  2. Cap 1
  3. Soulja Boy
  4. Carmelo Anthony
  5. Garrett Temple
  6. Marquis Daniels
  7. Brandon James
  8. Mike Will Made It
  9. Young Trap
  10. Jazze Pha
  11. Rich Dollaz
  12. Gucci Mane
  13. Syari Da Kid from K Camp
  14. T.I.
  15. DJ MLK
  16. T.I.’s road manager Clay Evans
  17. Nick Cannon
  18. Jacob York

Tune in tomorrow & we’ll tell you the story & reveal the picture of Sheneka’s battered face from her pimp Jacob York, when she didn’t want to have an abortion.

You can find the uncensored photo can be found HERE (warning NSFW)


  1. Dont know too much about this girl but i wonder why all the hate. If she is single , then she should do her

    • Yes she should do her all the way to the grave yard full of diseases in her body. Do you any clue just how stupid you sound?

      • No one cares what you believe and most here despise you, it ins’t just SB and his various handles. You always show up on some promoting nastiness bs and get read for it on the regular. Btw if you are going to play someone using the kings english please note: Its the QUEEN’S english and dont forget the word the, idiot.

  2. The only 2 good ones on that list is Carmelo and perhaps TI. But then again thats not good cuz they r both married, lol !

  3. My nucca knee deep in the p*ssy with his socks on lol…You gotta put some boots on so you get that traction…

  4. Sheneka ain’t she the the lil trick that posse ta be burge’s girl? and so she graduated from him ta suck’en dick all threw the industry? wow I guess Carmelo got more money lol, na you throw’en the p*ssy all up and down the strip but you can’t afford furniture? bitch please, then you a free used up trick then hu? least you could have made one of them buy you some furniture after all the nut you swallowed trick, love you hip hop just ain’t what it seems, you tired used up tramps is stupid as hell.

  5. why can I only recognise 3 names on that list? This woman is hustilin backwards or nah?

    • Apparently you are lost as well because you can’t comprehend between a singular and a plural noun….I said woman not women. LoL….reading is fundamental silly bird.

  6. You bettah ask the real God what He has to say about that. The body is a temple . Not a stadium full of jizz.

  7. Ugh….that picture tho….just the fact that she knowingly posed for some shit like that is appalling. And whos the dude with her. He fux with his sox on. Thats classy.

  8. Thats sad only ONE phuckable guy out of about 20. Her girl is right, she better own up to Melos cute self (not the pre diabetic Melo). Sheneka is a trip to diss Young Thug for trying to get at her on IG when she has bedded worse,

    • So she’s got to “bed” Young Thug cause you think some of them men on that list are “better?” LOL. Now that takes the cake. Even hoes got standards, ummkay?

  9. She is used up trash and if she keeps on somebody is gonna find her somewhere stanking in a big green garage dumpster where she belongs she a nasty piece of used tissue.

  10. Amazing how Kim K can get away with doing the exact same thing as Sheneka Adams,yet,she gets much applause from the same niccas blowing her up for loving the d**k in like fashion. They want the Caramel Sundae like a thirsty dog,then wanna act brand new after the fact…Negros in 2015!

  11. In the words of Karly Redd “I hope she’s planning on wearing black on her wedding day- Cause that coochie is DEAD”!!!

  12. Sheneka, stop emailing this site to drum up interest/ business. It’s just getting sad now.

  13. Jacky, you should do a story on Jacob York’s infamous father. Now THAT would make some good reading…


  14. I dunno if the accusations are true or not but specifically on how Jacob York sold his father out and got paid off from the Putnam County Sheriffs dept. How much is Jacob worth and how did he acquire his wealth? Party & club promotions? Pimp’n? Hmmm

  15. Full court dumps is a couch surfing free sex giving bum anyway that trip to DR did not help her face. These wannabes just trying to get in a TV show smh

  16. Philly = Sheneka Adams…..the only delusional mf defending this ghetto trash whore. Dumb azz biotch!!

  17. She don’t look lightskinned to me. And anyway what does her skin tone have to do with the fact that she is posing like she got community pu**y.

    One day she will regret that pic.

  18. IS ARNIE A LIAR?? He says that China syndrome is not possible once the Nukelava splashes to the floor of the drywell. He says at that stage the soup only contains 5% of residual heat- ALSO can anyone confirm that reactor number 3 no longer exists! What about SFP #4? I cant see them in the new pixs– We need to have an honest dialog avoiding falsehoods like TEPCO claiming cooling will be up and running in a month or so– UP and running around what?? Units 5 and 6 ?? com on!

  19. Très original, en effet. Je demande à voir ce que donne la « circular dress ». Je vais essayer dans un vieux drap, ça excite ma curiosité de couturière, cette affaire là !

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