Playboy Users Instagram To Tell Others He Infected Them With HIV


A Jamaica, Queens, playboy recently hopped on social media to warn his past lovers that he’s HIV positive; suggesting his former lovers need to get tested.

The unnamed instagram user went on to say that, he was smashing both women and men with condoms knowing he was spreading HIV.


  1. Well people need to stop being so careless theses days f*ckin,sucking eerybody they cross paths wit learn self controll sex is overrated.

      • I get tested every year I require the man in m life to get tested we sit down and look at our results. I will never have sex with someone with out medical papers. Always ask, “When was your last physical?”

        • Dumb Ass people! You need to go with the person and swap results because just because you ask a person about physical or Hiv results. They will not tell the truth. Believing a person gets you AIDS. VERIFY Results and NEVER TRuST!

    • Someone says that this is fake because it shows a negative for the HPV. They said that test do not exist for men for that particular disease. I don’t know myself. I don’t work in the medical field. However, if it is true or not it does serve as a reminder that we should be careful and not become complacent when it comes to our sexual health. It says that he is pos for herpes and hiv. Scary


      • DR1, you know I was in the military and we got the test ever 6 months. I hadnt smashed nothing in over a year before I got out. I been treating my disease free status like a winning streak, or a credit card with 0 balance. Im feeling pretty good about it and I think the next time I smash something will be wedding night, I’m going AC Green. I’m out the sex game til my Honey moon, and that real. I don’t give a shit who try to clown me about it. If she offers the ass, I will say ill pass until I find a woman to whom i will swap glass….and by glass, I’m Talkin cubic ZARCONIA…….LMMFAO. Times like these make me proud of the dusty ding.

    • DANG! Killing women and men, caus he dont give “a flip” about himself…

      Damn shame!

  3. What’s the problem with what he did when our government allows gays to be married, adopt kids? Isn’t it all attempted murder from what he did?

  4. Hope someone send this to law enforcement and they issue a warrant for him for attempted murder. Let him spend his last days in jail and let’ see if that will help him learn to a “uck.” Agree with ^^^^^ Don’t understand how people out here sleeping recklessly w/ everybody they meet. DISGUSTING.

    • Thank u for posting that link 🙂 Cuz I couldnt see his face and he looked like my ex *Whew*, lol !

    • Yeah I don’t know what the deal is, he is denying it and it could be a bad prank and thats better than having that Gangster disease. And he might be HIV negative BUT, that ninja LEGS got full blown AIDS!!!!!!

    • I knew a girl who wasnt phucking nobody but her husband and he is the 1 that gave it to her

      • And a whole lot of married people cheat!….even if I was married I would use condoms. Married men getting the most aex. Get it from their wives abn their side chicks.

  5. 1st Of All The Guy Ain’t Even Black, Fed Up Of Non Blacks Using The N Word!!
    It Ain’t A Fucking Swear Word, Is A Racial Slur, It Ain’t Suppose Make You Look Cool Neither

    2nd People Need To Becareful Stop Sexing!!! If You Haven’t Got A Rubber In Your Wallet
    Women You Need To Start Carrying Condoms, It Wouldn’t Make You Look Like A Slut If Your
    Carrying One, It Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

    Parents Needs To Buy Condoms

  6. He’s a nasty muthafukka….glad I never ran into his trifling azz. And let me tell you all something about New York dudes….a lot of them hate and refuse to wear condoms!!!! Moving here from Atlanta 6 years ago I was astounded by how many dudes I kept running into who simply refuse to use basic protection. This does not surprise me one iota.

    This is why NYC has a high rate of HIV infection and I get tested on a regular basis even though I only deal with one man.

    • I didn’t say NYC has the highest rate…..said it had a high rate. Fools like this man keep the rate high that’s why I deal with one man at a time. Lots of pretty boys in NY slinging the D for women and men and don’t give a damn about catching a disease.

      • You may only be dealing with one man at a time, but how many women might he be dealing with on the side?

  7. At this stage of the game,having sex without proper protection is a death wish. Women know that dudes nowadays have been brainwashed into seeing deviant sexuality as normal…Pause! This pigeon is gay,but,he couldn’t keep it 100 with his inner-self. Note to women, if a man is caught up in a fake persona, run for the hills…He Ain’t Real!

  8. I’ve Been With My Boyfriend For 9 Years We Don’t Use Condoms Because He’s Allergic To Latex.

  9. It also looks like he rang positive for herpes and herpes simplex 1 & 2.
    It’s unfortunate that he took his self pity out in everyone he laid with. They have dating sites for the infected and sexually active.

  10. Please read–thx for sharing that intimate detail of your relationship. That’s dope of you. People need to hear and read real reality.

  11. Bravo to you for doing your research. But, and this is straight from an MD and you can ask your doctor if he/she agrees, IF the person with herpes is on an anti-viral such as Valtrex or Acyclovir for suppression, the odds of them shedding virus asymptomatically are practically nil. As I wrote on the other herpes related thread from 4 days ago, I was infected by my husband who did not know he had it. While no one wants to have the herpes virus in their body for life, it truly isn’t as bad as some folks think. Everything changed dramatically when the antivirals hit the market years ago. I am telling you this because I would hate to see you lose a good man because of your fear of becoming positive for herpes. You learn to sense the prodomes(symptoms for an oncoming herpes outbreak, and they are very obvious)and you begin to take the meds immediately. Outbreak avoided. This also eliminates that fear of you being more susceptible to HIV. Good luck and I hope you never get it, but just know that there are a lot of cautious and non-promiscuous people waling around with herpes, so I wish that folks(not you) wouldn’t judge so harshly.

    • Wonderful. I am sure that your loving support and understanding will be a major factor in your man’s desire to share his life with you forever. You sound very wise.

      • Please Read I know you wanna to educate me with the links and I appreciate it, but I think I already know how you can label them. Your partner contracted his from someone who had HSV-1 and gave it to him on genital. No matter where it is on genital it will consider a HSV-2. Reason, it’s easier to catch and more mainstream because of the high sexually activity. Plus the CDC has to categorize it into two classes. Sorry if I offended you, but you are 14 years too late. You can keep yourself safe and keep reading. Unless it’s a cure, then I will happy but until then there nothing else to do but live with it and move forward.

      • Hey Shame. Anon 13:47 is telling the truth. She mention yesterday about what happened on another post. Not to mention she shared a lil bit of her past. She is the real deal. She just upset it happened to her. But Please Read, Thank you for sending this links. Keep me posted about you and your man while me and Mister still doing the Huck a Buck! Lmao! That’s grown folks stuff! U don’t know about that. Lmao! 14 years going strong! Me and my Mister! Lmao!

    • Please read, like 13:47,I have HSV-2. I suppress everyday. The antiviral drug is a God send. U can always tell when it comes on. And you said he had HSV-2?

      • I’m a little confused. You say your fiancé has HSV-1. Then you write genitally and that he had a sore on his penis. HSH-1 is oral (as in cold sores). HSV-2 is genital. So if he had/has genital sores then he has HSV-2.

      • Baby HSV-1 is on the mouth. HSV-2 is down below. I know, I am HSV-2. Been like that for 14 years.

  12. If yall would watch the YouTube video which is posted you will see that an angry ex-girlfriend set the dude up. That was an incredibly evil thing to do and I hope she goes to jail for ruining his reputation. Women scorned can do horrible things.

    • Even if this fool ain’t got the plague I still wouldn’t go near his stupid ass bragging bout all the bitches he got. Ugh! I wonder did he address that bisexual accusation with such fevor because I refuse to watch this f*ckery in it’s entirety.

  13. & that’s why I have vaporizer pens for my weed & wax & when my closest homegirls ask to hit it I tell them to go roll a blunt for themselves & get the f*ck out of my face Herpes is for life & HIV is just ew

  14. Now that he admitted in writing he knew he was sick, If they can track him down he can be prosecuted for knowingly spreading the deadly virus. I hope they do. Yes everyone should protect themselves but he has no right to not disclose his status and purposely put others at risk.

  15. This may come across as corny and sappy, but I am so glad that we have openly discussed and shared on the matter of genital herpes today. There has been an incredible amount on herpes shaming on this site, and I want to believe that most of it was due to a lack of understanding of just how the virus is acquired.
    It should not be a red badge of shame like in The Scarlet Letter. Sure, promiscuity increases your odds of getting it, but as you can see, even those who treat their bodies and sex with respect and caution can get it too. And I think it’s good to get the word out that more of us have it than you think. If you do get it, your life can continue much as it was before you were infected due to the advances in medical science.

  16. @Shame on You, I want you to read this very damn carefully! I was diagnose in the summer, June of 2001! I walked my ass to the clinic to get check and from there my life change. Now I went to my OB/GYN and told them about it and they started giving me my altered then and there. I have to suppress every f*cking day! Why? Because I was being careful and responsible! I had just had a child and something else was going on at the same time. I am a regular poster on this site. And the reason I went Anonymous because I was scared to tell y’all what my screen name is and I didn’t wanted to be excluded from the group.

    • Continuing. Yes I am regular poster on this site. I was so scared to tell y’all because I didn’t want y’all to judge me. Its hard being two situations as it, let alone deal with these. The main thing my doctor prescribed me so I won’t stress out to have frequent outbreaks was Paxil. Then they change it to Ampitrypline. Yes, the stress pills works and I haven had an outbreak in a while. So Shame On You do you wanna talk a blue pill for the rest of your life? And for those who are regulars on this site, you know who you are,, I “C” you.

      • Shame what 20:30 is saying U can get viral 1 from somebody who had it on the lip and passed it to the dick. Butmost doctors would called it viral 2 because it’s in the private area. U see what I am saying. I understand what she is saying. She knows it can be viral 1 but to make it simplier to place it, they just viral it 2. Hell,that blue pill works wonders from what my cousin tells me.

        • I know someone who that exact thing happened to. They got mouth herpes on their nana.

  17. I call bullshit on this. Lab tests don’t come back positive or negative. The results normally read ‘reactive’ or ‘non reactive’ along with the numbers for most bloodwork

    • Shame…Just chill ok. She is not fussing nor responding. The only thing Imma say positive is if y’all on the board, just say something positive to each other. Its not y’all fault because the both of U are responsible folks. Its just that it happen and this is something serious. Just Thank God y’all both here. She might can help you and you can do the same. Its not worth cussing each other out and get y’all blood pressure up. Now she and the link mention stress can triggered it. So try not for the both of y’all not to stress ok. Y’all are alive and ok…. You cool? ☺

    • So basically U can have viral 2 on the mouth and viral 1 on the private area? Wow….

  18. He never said he slept with men. Where did you get that from because the IG message never said that.

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