Rashida Jones Faces Racism At Screen Actors Guild Awards


Rashida Jones had an awkward moment while being interviewed by TNT’s Danielle Demski, this past Sunday at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Know why? Because Danille Demski, told the 38 year old biracial actress that she looks very tan.

Here’s what Danielle Demski said to Rashida Jones:

“You look like you just came off an island or something, you’re very tan, very tropical tan.”


  1. I heard on the radio that some people don’t know she’s black but I don’t understand cause everybody know that’s Quincey’s kid…sounds like yt shade to me like for all those who don’t know she’s black..now you know.

  2. That’s not racism,stop crying wolf all the time. She meant nothing racist by that. When the real thing comes along nobody will care.

    • Agreed. This is just silly. And I’ll bet the ranch she wasn’t offended. Hell, her mother was a blonde blue eyed woman. I doubt this is the first time she has been mistaken for white.

      • She probably was flattered or literally embarrassed for the people who didn’t know she was black & almost Tupac’s Sister-In-Law

  3. Ha-Ha That’s good for her because she can’t stand looking or appearing black.. She’s the one that wants to distance herself as far from black as she can. Dizzy broad.

    • lol She might want to start by changing her name. Call me ‘Country Bumpkin,’ but I don’t think there are too many white women named ‘Rashida’ traipsing around suburbia.

    • Disagree. She herself calls herself as a black woman. She seems proud of it and doesnt seem to be trying to hide it. Not every passably light black woman wanys to cross over.My oldest sister is very light , with indian ish hair and never lets people mistake her for latina , mixef or other.

  4. This whitewashed bird brain brat doesn’t mind the shade. she’s flattered that someone didn’t recognize her black roots. I have no regards for her whatsoever.

  5. the entire jones family is satanic and demonic qunicy is a high ranking member of the boule and high mason this dude has power to kill anyone in the industry. his kids are very bisexual just like him they have to do the rituals as well or they won’t keep their wealth. his kids know about the masonic brotherhood, blood sacrifces, etc rashida and kiddah know the real reason for tupac and aaliyah deaths

  6. HSK left out the racist part.
    Rashida answer the reporter.
    “Well, Im ethnic”. Not mixed, black or mulatto. Ethnic.

    How manywhite girls you know named Rashida Jones? If that ain’t a black name.

    • Kidada too but never the origins of the names If she doesn’t want to acknowledge her roots then so be it It’s her money her journey

  7. Damn She’s Ugly, She Might Be Mixed But It Doesn’t Mean She’s Gonna Be Pretty!

    You Sellout Black Men Disgust Me!!

    • Your racial hatred is affecting your eyesight. Rashida Jones is a very attractive woman, black, white, mixed whatever. She has two very good looking parents(in their day)and to call her ugly is just proof that you hate anyone with white blood.

      • @Anonymous

        You Really Need To Shut The Fuck Up With Bytch Ass, It’s My Opinion Ever Heard Of It Before??
        Guess Not, Your The Problem In The Black Community Coon And Buffoon Over The White Men

        If A White Man Said Black People Are Ugly, I Bet You Wouldn’t Call Him A Racist, Right!
        You Would Probably Join Him Is His Racist Tyrants

        You Need To Stop Sucking My Dick And Get Off It!!

        FYI Not All Mixed People Are Good Looking

  8. another case of over using a word so much when the right time does come along no one gives a f*ck

  9. Didn’t Rashida claim in an article that she could pass for white if so this was a reality check. I don’t think she and her sister Kidada embrace their black side. I don’t care in her little mind if she and Kidada feel their more white because their light skin because white people will always check them.

  10. Rashida Jones is a Caucasian woman thru and thru. Quincy Jones is her blood father, but, it is what it is. The black father stuff is not my cup of tea. A mixed man or woman looks like the other parent, they identify with that side of the family tree…My Thoughts!

  11. It’s not racist, it’s stupidity! Unfortunately there are alot of stupid white women who are hired as entertainment reporters. I give Rashida Jones credit, she handled it like a professional!

  12. Rashida Jones went through all of the sex slave, masonic bullshit and all she got was a tv show and a couple of movies? If she doesn’t rise up to Halle Berry status soon, it will be obvious that hollywood screwed her; in more ways than one!

  13. ^^^One more thing, that tv show she was in, she wasn’t even the star, she was the co-star. She is hollywood royalty and she passes the paper bag test and Rashida still can’t get her own tv show. She probably got a seven figure trust from Daddy when he dies.

  14. Let’s not be bitter over anything, she can consider herself whatever, if she doesn’t consider herself black, no problem. I’m just pissed when Hollywood tries to whitewash our proud black heroes like James Brown & that bs biopic. All I ask is that she doesn’t do a Michael Jackson move & start claiming her blackness when things don’t go her way

  15. Only know her from the “the office”. She was Italian in that show. That’s what I thought she was. Didn’t know she was Qs daughter. Live and learn.

  16. Black Men In General Needs To Be Very Careful Breeding With White Women

    White Women Aren’t Very Cultural Aware About Black Race, These Pasty Broads Might Act Black
    But They Don’t Have A Damn Clue About Black Culture

    These Pasty Bytch Can’t Even Braid Their Mixed Daughters Hair, So White Women Will Use Black Women
    And Steal Black Women’s Ideas And Shyt

    You Big Lipped Nicca’s Are Dumb As Fuck Got No Respect For Sellout Nicca’s

  17. Rashida is half Jewish- her mother is Peggy Lipton, a Jew. This means She is considered part of the ‘tribe’ since it’s through her mother.

  18. Rashida Jones is Jewish, through her mother actress Peggy Lipton. She’s probably more Jewish than black.

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