Does Chris Brown Have a Son?

Chris Brown Secret Child

HSK Exclusive – Chris Brown is rumored to being a father of a four year old son. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tina Davis.

A source is saying Chris Brown’s former manager, Tina Davis, is spreading a rumor that the singer has a son and he wants it to be kept a secret. Know why? Because Chris Brown thinks if the public finds out he’s a father, it might jeopardize his female fan base.

Let’s go!


  1. Having a girlfriend does that too, but he still has the most over glorified groupies of all time.

    • I don’t know who this child belongs to.. but who the hell put two earrings on this little boys ears?!! People need to really stop trying to turn little boys into sissies. The PTB are doing a good enough job with subliminals, formula’s, food, diet, media, etc etc… without the parents helping it along. Damn! Let boys be boys and girls be girls.

      • Sher you’re such an idiotic asshole to think earings makes someone a sissy ….is that what happen to your son or family priest did it ..

      • I agree that he is a child and is too young to have this image and ideals put upon him let him get older and wants earring, tatts or whatever. Let him know the difference first and then let him decide, so many parents are not giving these baby a change because they look at them as dolls to dress up. That is like when I see young parent when babies who pants are scagging how is the child going to know that it is inappropriate if you are not teaching them correctly.

  2. Maybe that’s what Rihanna wanted him to sacrifice & that’s why he fought for his life that Grammy night

    • wow that’s a great theory! Maybe that’s why they keep putting him in jail, make his life hell until he does what they wants.

      • Who is THEY? No one is FORCING Chris to act like a violent animal. If he wanted a quiet life, he could do so. Violence, darkness and misery follows him wherever he goes because thats the energy he puts out in the world. Guess thats his karma for nearly killing Rihanna.

  3. Been seen that on fb. It was a joke bout CB being the daddy. Oh well if he do or dont, the ppl hate on him it dont matter either way.

  4. Chris Brown really doesn’t need to worry. The type of women who are into him would still throw their mothers infront of a train to be smashed by him even if he had 20 baby mamas.

    • Exactly! Those hoodrats wouldn’t give two f*cks on a Tuesday if Chris has a child stashed somewhere. They would still be willing to play hop-scotch on his d*ck!

  5. This boy does look like Chris!!! If it is true, I think no amount of money or fame should become a priority to shame your seed.

  6. D. N. A. will tell the story,stop speculating chis find out fa sure D.N.A. will answer the question

  7. This child looks like an old soul. Wise beyond his four years. I wish him many, many, many blessings. He is royalty .

  8. If she tells about the kid she may as well tell how she was having sex with him while he was under age too.

    • Damn straight! Never trusted that woman! Putting him around those pedophiles and him calling his mom for help. A lot of woman have done him wrong. No excuses for hitting a woman, but this dude has been damaged for a LONG time!

      • STOP making excuses. If truth be told, most of these celebs are damaged. Either abused in childhood or abused in some way via industry control. Yet most, as far as we know, DO NOT experience episodes where they almost kill their girlfriend, and dump her body on a side walk at night. On top of that he fought with frank ocean, beat some dude in washington last year, fought with DRake. Had violent altercations WITH HIS OWN MOTHER The list goes on. Sick of the dumb excuses. He is a f*ck up because he wants to be

    • True Pedophile Yes but he’s a man now He should have spoke when he became of age because I don’t look down on her for taking advantage of a child I blame him for not being proud enough to deny her advances of living together & buying him new fits & shoes What the f*ck

        • Oh I got it’s his mother’s fault he wasn’t cared for properly therefore Tina gets a pass cause that’s just what she do..oh OK! BBTW that tone was completely uncalled for… Shit!

  9. That baby is so handsome. If I were a celeb I would keep my kids a secret too. I think some do as opposed to offering up their kids to the industry ala the kuntrashbins or the Smiths.

  10. Christ Brown….When it comes to the son with Tina Davis…YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LOL, them ears though and his stare, almost identical. Oh well, if it is his child I hope he is being apart of his life. Young men really need their fathers.

  12. Usually Boys Look Like Their Mother But In This Incident, He Looks Like Chris. No Asnwer Asked

  13. They better call Maury. No telling who that child’s father is. I hope for the kid’s sake Chris Brown is not the father.

  14. I dont normally find kids cute since most are tiny versions of their funny looking parents but this lil lad is ultra adorable.

  15. How is this gonna throw a monkey-wrench into his thugged-out persona? These hot in the panties teenage girls don’t care if he got a son or not. Their minds are focused on other things. Chris Brown has bigger issues to worry about,he’s a marked man…The Real!

  16. They have the same hairline, forehead, and chin. Those characteristics are very telling for males. If the momma was really smart, she would keep this innocent away from Chris and his world.

  17. sooooooo… i believe this could be true if you looked up his family that little boy is there he looks just like breezy so ya’ll cant deny if true. plus ya’ll don’t know his whole life style how ya’ll know he not on child support how ya’ll know royalty really his but i think she is just saying.

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