Jill Scott & Eve Says Iggy Azalea Is a Biter; Should Rep Australia


Jill Scott and rapper, Eve, recently said that, Iggy Azalea is not original and the Australian emcee’s rap cadence is a mixture of Eve and Da Brat.

Here’s what Eve said:

“The blaccent is killing me. She’s from a different place and it would be dope to hear her swag. I love Australia and they got dope emcees to fashion. She should bring more from where she came from.”

Here’s what singer Jill Scott said:

“It’s a little challenging for me because I came from the era she pulled from. To me it’s a mixture of the Da Brat and Eve. I know where that comes from and it sounds like a big bite to me. I’ve spend time in Australia and they’re fresh. They have it. She should bring her accent out more.”


    • She’s a made for show-time puppet. It’s as if they wanted to put a white girl up front to compete with Nicki… smh

      • I like how people are being outspoken with regards to iggy. But when nicki had hype everybody was Hush on her clown gimmicks

        • Not everybody. The same criticisms about Nicki now (She’s untalented, her music sucks, she’s annoying, fake, petty, self-important, etc.) are the same as when she was on the come-up. Many people, namely her brain-dead-ass fans & Industry people, had selective amnesia because she was & still is a hitmaker.

  1. Why do they all (Iggy) have too be so greedy for the blacks dollars. Its enough of them too support her

  2. I don’t have a problem with Iggy wanting to be a hip hop artist but to mock a black woman’s swag and body and think it shouldn’t be a problem to bank off that is just dead wrong. She knows what she is doing….She is not innocent.

  3. In 2014 we spent waaaay more time trashing sh!tty rappers and singers than we did giving props and/or purchasing the really talented ones.


    Props to those who have great projects out NOW: D’Angelo, Ghostface Killah, Run the Jewels II, Diamond District, PRhyme (Royce Da 5-9 & Premier) and J. Cole. Shout out to Marsha Ambrosius, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, and Skyzoo and Torae for making great albums earlier in 2014. I could go on.

    Ignore the BS and push the real shyt y’all!!!

    • I like your positivity. Great attitude. I wish more shared your mindset.
      Bitching about Iggy does absolutely nothing for anyone but Iggy. It keeps her name in the public’s mind and insures relevance. Don’t believe me? Ask Kim Kardashian West. Black folk, particularly women, have been bitching about her family for nearly 10 years. Meanwhile, they have gone from modest millionaires to aspiring billionaires within the next 5 years. They went from having an amateur porno star of dubious intelligence, beauty and talent to producing a kid who even the angriest haters will have to see in ads and campaigns for years to come as she reps Lauder and Chanel. Yep, bitching and complaining has really taken its toll on the KKKs. smh
      Keep all the Iggy talk up and we may hate her straight into Madonna territory before long.

  4. @therealgodwasrightallalongI appreciate your opinion however I deal with facts not opinions.#1 Blacks can be prejudice not racist because we cant benefit from the system of racism White supremacy.#2 There is no such thing of a black community (anymore) because there are no black owned banks,supermarkets,etc.#3 when we do have our own there are always destroyed by jealous whites(Black Wall Street, Rosewood etc.)#4 when we do organize and uplift we are infiltrated and destroyed inside out by the Government(COINTELPRO). Facts!

    • Wow. You have a very limited worldview. There are many black owned and run businesses. And yes, banks too. Perhaps not on a scale with Chase or Barclays, but they exist.

      • They exist but that wasnt her point. There is a distinction between being prejudiced and being racist and it does involve a ruling class being in a position of power and subjugating others based upon skin color. India has a caste system but in america race is the caste system.
        Also you may not realize but that comment was posted in answer to something very offensive against black women. The modz refused to tolerate it and it was erased

        • Actually money is the caste system in America.
          Rich black folks are very very happy.

          Poor white folks and poor black folks are so much alike it’s scary. They are stuck where they are because of economics, not skin color. And yet still they are in a never ending battle of “who’s the low man on society’s totem pole, and I’m better than you(insert N word or crakka.) While they both get nowhere fast.

  5. The mods arent playing that race baiting bullshit today, huh. Good for them. I get tired of racismn against black women.

  6. Australia Is A Racist Country Your’ll Never See A Black Person On Their Tv Programmes Unless Their Tackling Racism Or To Look Cool

  7. So tired of reading about this pale Kangaroo faced broad I don’t know what to do. Every blog post giving this culture vulture power. First and last post about her I will click on. EVER. lol. Just had to get that off my chest.

  8. You Big Lipped Small Dick Nicca’s Is Your Fault For Hyping This Kangaroo Nuts Koala Bytch
    Likes Of T.I And Nick Young Are Making These Bytch Get Cocky

  9. It’s also funny how people (Namely confused, Attention-whoring, Industry vacuum Perez Hilton) went at Keyshia Cole 2.0–My bad, I mean K.Michelle when she criticized the Aussie Gecko for her fake-ass Ghetto black woman accent when she was also correct & justified in said criticism. This just goes to show you how Industry sellouts join up like Voltron to defend pretty much anything that lines their (Really their bosses’) coffers. Sickening but very corporate at the same time.

    • phukk that fag perez.

      think he told sean kinbgston a long time agho he wanted to suck his dick.

      please don’t make perez mad.

      • “please don’t make perez mad.”

        To that I echo another comment of yours above: ‘phukk perez.’ He’ll suck dick or eat shit to stay famous just like the rest of them. And what kind of grown man names himself after a Praying Mantis anyway? All that pink hairdye he wears must’ve seeped into his brain. For shame.

  10. She should just drop off the face of the earth and take T.I with her, she’s a minstral show and he’s a coon. Funny thing is he did all this defending her and the streets spoke, his album is straight trash which nobody is checking for a flop, and the white kids buying Iggy up.

    • That’s exactly what he deserves, he doesn’t defend his wife like he does this tramp.

  11. Both of them are being PC. Her accent is not the issue. The industry sharks know how to bite back,so,they dare not mention the elephant in the room. Iggy needs to hop her ghost-looking self on a plane to Sydney or Melbourne,and transform back into her old self. Don’t put up with nonsense ya’ll. This bs gotta stop at some point.

  12. phukk tip Floyd called tiny a bitch but when snoop calls iggy a bitch ti makes snoop apologize that’s weird.

    snoop been around longer than tip and has more money but he apologized to iggy and snoop been calling black women bitches all his life.

    but he calls a white woman bitch he bows down to a younger dude.

    iggy is not tip’s wife that’s how you know tip is phukking iggy.

    and iggy can’t handle being called a bitch well you wanna be a nminiority tyou have to take the good and the bad.

    phukk her music you need x pills to get into it.

    only 2 mainstream female rappers one black one white.

    pit them against each other.

    white imitators are wack at least they were better long time ago.

    it was kind of odd hearing Christina Aguilera remake lady marmalade.

  13. The industry takes a black musician, gives them next to nothing (a paltry advance, limited promo / PR), and only throws support behind them once they take off.

    Once they’ve reached their ‘peak’ (as determined by the suits), they simultaneously attempt to sabotage the musician of color while ushering in a white counterfeit. The double usually puts in less than half of the work.



    FRANK OCEAN –> SAM SMITH (Where did he even come from?)

    Every black soul singer in history –> ADELE / AMY WINEHOUSE / JESSIE J

    Such is the world we live in.

  14. Say what you want about Rihanna (she can’t really sing, she looks like that thing from Splice, she screwed her way to the top, et cetera), she came from a broken home down in the West Indies, made the most of her instrument to produce global hit songs, and — to be completely honest — defined an era for an entire generation of people.

    Rihanna and Chris Brown, whether I like it or not, were the soundtrack for my life during 8th-12th grade: all of the girls in my middle school class loved Chris Brown and it pissed off me and every other red blooded male (Run It, Yo, Gimme That). Hell, I dumped my girlfriend on Myspace and changed my profile song to ‘Say Goodbye’ lol.

    But yeah, Rita Ora comes from a wealthy Kosovan-Albanian family. Her grandpa is a movie director, and she attended the prestigious BRIT school in London (some of her peers include Jessie J, Leona Lewis, and Adele).

    Rihanna worked her ass off for her spot (stiff dancing, goat vocals and all), Rita’s pulling her power cards. Same with Iggy. Her father wrote a few successful kids books. Nicki’s dad was a deadbeat, allegedly.

  15. Not to mention, Ariana Grande’s mother is the CEO of a private tech corporation that manufactures top-quality communication / satellite hardware for the US military.

    She came out of nowhere and ended up on Nickelodeon, got a rcording contract, and is now being pushed as the ‘new and improved’ Mariah Carey. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey’s voice is gone, her husband is leaving her, and the media is turning against her; 2005s ‘The Epancipation of MiMi’ to ‘The Re-Enslavement of MiMi’ 2015.

    I didn’t start paying attention to Ariana Grande until her song ‘Break Free’. She’s promoting Kabbalah (ie. Satanism) and homosexuality in it… blatantly.

    Next thing you know, her gay brother is on Big Brother and making comments about bathing in baby’s blood.

    It’s not just about race. Satanism, Racism, Classism, the Military-Idustrial Complex.

    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but there’s levels to this shit.

    • Whoa nelly!!! You on point my man. That was some knowledge. Not to mention how trashy igloo Australia & rita bora are. It’s insulting how they try to pull off dated stereotypes bout black women in their videos. That black widow garbage video is a rip off fly with nicki & Rihanna. And Nicki & Riri are way hotter than those two ugly wannabe bitches

      • I agree.

        Remember, everything in plain sight. Mariah played a slave in the movie ‘The Butler’ a couple of years ago.

        In the film she was raped by the plantation owner, her husband was murdered, and the son was ushered away and trained to be a ‘good house n*gger’ by the murderer’s mother.

        I believe Mariah represents herself (or maybe black women in general)? Who does the plantation owner represent? The murdered, powerless husband? The plantation owner’s ‘kind’ mother? The plantation house itself?

        I don’t know. You can read anything into everything. But from what I understand, every little detail in a Hollywood produced movie is placed with a purpose.

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