Mike Epps White Slaves Image Comedy or Offensive?

Mike Epps Racist MLK photo

Mike Epps came under fire on Thursday night after posting and then quickly deleting the seemingly offensive photo (seen above).

In an image shared on the star’s Instagram account, a Black man can be seen whipping three White men (slaves) picking cotton; above the photo, there is a faded image of a smiling Martin Luther King Jr. looking down from the sky.


  1. I’m white and I think it’s hilarious. I would like to send it out to everyone I know. Mike shouldn’t have taken it down. White folks have more of an ability to laugh at themselves than you think. And it’s not like we didn’t have it coming.

  2. It’s funny. And it is the truth. White folks aren’t offended so much as they are scared that this may become a plausible scenario. I think white folks are aware that Blacks are angry about past physical enslavement and the continuous unceasing daily discrimination. They know the piper must be paid, and to imagine being subjected to the system of degradation that blacks experience(d) is frightening. Rather than admit that they feign offense.

    • There’s no feigning offense because it’s not offensive. Turnabout has always been fair play.

      The white middle class has all but disappeared. The vast majority of Americans are lower class or working poor. We are all in the same boat now. The piper is collecting as we speak.
      Just remember when shit goes down like Ferguson and Zimmerman, the 1% is loving it. They want us all mad at each other because then no one is looking at them for robbing this country blind. If average powerless blacks and whites were to stop hating each other and unite, the 1% would be shitting their pants.

      • So true Anonymous 23:29. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now–The racial animus this country was founded and continues to thrive off of is one thing, but what you stated is Classic Divide & Conquer strategy. The real question now is ‘where do we go from here?’

      • I halfway agree with you.. but you are only somewhat right. The playing field will never ever be level. I don’t care how many whites pass away. The wealth remains in their family. Ya dig

  3. I thought that this was a picture telling people that we blacks were put in slavery because we failed to follow the laws states and commandments and we are the chosen. It will be like this in heaven with most. I love people no matter the nationality. Race was created by man.

  4. If the things Joan Rivers said don’t bother white people then why should this? Lisa Lampinelli says some seroius racial jokes about Blacks and nobody is bothered by that. So f*ck those who are bothered by this.

  5. U know the yt boys got a sexual thrill put of this. I would’ve use a cat of nine tails on that pig flesh

    • The truth of the matter is many caucasoids got sexual pleasure from whipping and raping the black male. It is called breaking the buck. So those that agree with slavery should not be offended, they should like it.

      • The caucasoids love to run to see a slave movie and give it the thumbs, up, academy awards so forth and so on. They should give a standing ovation to this also. IJS since they love slavery so much.

        • I have never met anyone who approves of slavery. The idea of a person owning another person is repugnant and horrific regardless of the nationality and ethnicities of the people involved. It is abomination in Asia as it was in this country. It is still rampant in Africa and many parts of Asia.

          • You’ve met more than you think. But of course they’re not going to readily admit to it in your face. My dear serious advice w/ love if you will. THINK for yourself w/o fear of repercussions. THAT’S some grown shit.

    • @Boogie I get ur point but a lot of white people don’t have that pink flesh. My family is olive skinned as are many from the Mediterranean.

  6. I downloaded that pic it’s going to be my front on my phone LOVE IT MIKE THANKS MAN 4 thumbs up

  7. Ya’ll should watch a movie called “A White Mans Burden” It didn’t make it but it about the world living the opposite back in the 70’s. White people were in the projects and black people were rich. Blacks always talking about slave movies but they didn’t support a movie that made them look good either.

    • I own that movie and I’ll tell you why it ‘didn’t make it–‘ It wasn’t very good, intriguing concept or not.

      • Had blacks supported it, they would have gotten better the next time. By the movie not making it, they probably thought that blacks didn’t want that type of movie exposed.

  8. Mike Epps has a show on AOL called “That’s Racist” starting next week. It sounds like it’s going to be hella funny and very honest. He’s examining racial stereotypes and arguing the point that most of them are actually true.

  9. This photo is the Sign Of The Times because the YtMan will pay for his atrocities and crimes against humanity and the entire Edomite race will go into captivity so this is Picture Perfect.

    • The Moors whom were Black men BTW ruled over the Whiteman and woman in Spain for 9 00 years,but the Whiteman would never teach that history is his textbooks.Ask yourself why.

      • They assume we don’t know how great we are, and this is their downfall…Trust Me Sis!

      • No one tells the story of losers. TheMoors were losers at life with extremely low self esteem. The majority became slaves after they ruled.

        They also caused the downfall of certain parts of Africa. Moors+Black Hebrew Israelites= LOSERS

  10. I feel the raw emotion of what he was trying to get across,but,brothas operate in the night like a Navy Seal. Us being out in the open like this is too easy for them to pounce on and deconstruct. Their hypocrisy will be on display…Just Sit Back & Watch…Bruno Mars

  11. When Mike Epps work in Hollywood dry up quicker than Vapor after his little Publicity Stunt I don’t think he’ll have any questions as to why it happened.

  12. This would have been funnier if those white boys had blood running down their backs from being beaten by the whip.

  13. It amazingly funny to me to see and hear how loud White people cryout when they feel disrespected given their historical background and how they continue to be so disrespectful to people of color all over the world.

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