John Singleton Becomes a Father For The 5th Time

john-singleton-baby-5 ebony

HSK Exclusive – The girlfriend of Hollywood movie director John Singleton, Ebony Cole, recently gave birth to the couples daughter over the weekend.

Here’s a photo Ebony Cole’s sister took of the happy family:

John Singleton 5th Baby


  1. Didn’t know Taraji P. Henson had a damn near identical twin, I see John has a ‘type’

  2. This Could Of Been Tyara Banks Now She’s Getting Dicked Down By Some White Billionaire!

    Funny How This Worked Out!!

  3. I cannot stand a so called man getting a female half his age pregnant. Just makes me sick.

  4. Lies not his child .the baby grew older and looks Asian.the baby father can be a Asian man .the baby doesn’t have John last name .

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