Marcedes Lewis Refuses To Pay Up For His Trick Baby!

Marcedes Lewis Porn Star Trick Baby

HSK Exclusive – Jacksonville Jaguars tight end, Marcedes Lewis, served his baby momma and porn star, Savannah Stern, with court papers last Thursday night. Know why? Because Lewis is fighting Stern for sole custody over their 5 month old son. A son he only just learned he had.

A source is saying Lewis wasn’t aware of his 5 month old son until Stern contacted the NFL player’s mother Yvonne Withers on facebook and revealed to Withers the news about her grandson.

Stern is currently on welfare and when Lewis found out the pair share a son together he gave the former porn star five-thousand dollars and refuses to pay her another red cent.

Dig the drop:

“Marcedes is a hypocrite. He used to brag to his teammates that he was smashing Savannah. He had Savannah recruiting other porn stars for this teammates in the NFL.

Marcedes used to go up in Savannah raw dog. He didn’t use protection. So why is he mad that she gave birth to his son?

Marcedes doesn’t want to give Savannah a penny to raise his son. He wants sole custody and he’ll turn over his son to his mother to raise. He’ll pay his mom but he won’t pay Savannah.

He told Savannah to come over to his house to pick up money for their child and when she got there he served her with court papers.”


  1. Wait a minute! Ok he smash a porn star. Let me stop right there. Why his dumb ads ain’t used protection? Savannah had a son from dude. Is she crazy? Now she is on welfare. What in the Hell she is on welfare for? If she is a porn star, this helfa should have money and two why she didn’t take her trifling ass to the courthouse first before he did? Now if that ain’t backward hustling 101 for ya, then I don’t know what yo tell ya!

    • The porn industry is pretty much a done deal. Ain’t no money in the game anymore. As per usual,many of the white starlets developed a fetish for black rappers and athletes over time…So It Goes! Assuming these brothas really cared, they allowed them to raw-dog. With the impression that a mixed child would be their meal ticket…Whitewoman’s Creed!

  2. Triflin…I really hope the courts do not strip the mother of custody based on her being a porn star. Hes a deviant too. It would be one thing if he wanted to raise his son and thought he could provide a better life. But he just wants to dump the kid on his mother so he can keep tricking off on more porn stars. Its strange how he rather spend money to sex a bunch of randoms than pay one sex partner now that theres a baby but thats how some `men’ think. Im fact im waiting for the HSK woman hating brigade to show u.p and start bashing her for being the enemy and trapping him.

  3. You would think in this day & age that folks would think want better for themselves. Guess not. Stupid shit prevails at the cost of the innocent child.

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  5. He’s a clown, who runs in whole whore raw? This monkey ass clown. He won’t get custody so he better be ready to break bread for 18 years. Too bad that NFL money aint guaranteed.

  6. This has to be the dumbest, most irresponsible thing I ever heard a professional black athlete do. I just checked Savannah Stern’s resume online, this chick has performed in over one hundred movies. What does that mean? It means that this chick has probably had over a thousand guys run up in her raw; DAMN! On top of that he got her pregnant and she had his baby? What the hell was Marcedes Lewis thinking? How could he be so stupid?

    • The risk was primarily hers. I don’t want to start an argument, but as it has been stated a million times here, a man has very little chance of getting HIV from a woman. Just like with gay dudes, a top has very little chance of getting HIV if he never bottoms. This has been proven over the many years since HIV was first isolated. WOMEN are at great risk, men who only sex women are not.
      Of course there are all the other STDS which she prolly has.

  7. Rapper Craig Mack, “You must be in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the dumbest motherf***er alive.”

    That quote sums up Marcedes Lewis perfectly!

  8. dude new about the baby right when she found out she was pregnant. he’s a deadbeat and doesnt even acknowledge his 3 other kids. he’s a loser.

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