Bobby V Goes for a Bike Ride & Lets It All Out

bobby valentino rant

Bobby Valentino hopped on his bike and proceeded to rant about the media…while recording the whole thing for Instagram Live of course.

The R&B singer has been outed by numerous trans-women in the past week. He now wants to know why the media only focuses on negative stories instead of promoting other things, like his charity organization.

Click the arrows on the IG pic to watch the multiple video clips.


  1. Okay so it took a tranny to put him on blast for him to talk about all the good he’s done for humanity??? Nigga miss me with that ? ? He low key loves the attention he’s getting he ain’t got this much attention since 2006 and you can tell because he keeps talking about it.

  2. Charity? Nigguh! U jist had ur dick & ass out @ a tranny ho0use wit a voice deeper than barry white! The tranny say u aint have no charity for him, u aint want to pay soooo charity starts at home they always say

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