Rapper Yung Mazi Shot and Killed in Atlanta

yung mazi

Jibril Abdur-Rahman a.k.a. Yung Mazi, a rapper affiliated with Kevin Gates, was shot and killed while leaving an Urban Pie pizza in Kirkwood, Atlanta.

The rapper had been shot and target by gunmen multiple times in the past, but this last time was fatal. Last year, when asked why he was always targeted, the rapper said, “I might walk around with a quarter million dollars’ worth of jewelry on.” He also said people resented him for being light skin.

When he was shot in 2015, he made a video from his hospital bed and taunted his attackers:

“Public Service Announcement…from my legs. My legs done had enough. So, tell your shooters start aiming for some (expletive) that’s gonna kill somebody.”



  1. Gotta co-sign the light skinded comment. Being beige ain’t easy and those Blue-black Wesley Snipes-Kodak Black ni66az be hating hard. Almost to the point where I try to avoid them if possible. Not self h8 but an unfortunate reality

    • Lol. Hate on what? Because you don’t know who you are with your blended up ass blood and dsrkskin folks do?
      You’ll never be white no matter what you just a confused mutt. You have no real race to claim you only get called black because white folk won’t accept you.

      • What you are saying is truth. However, it is not the only truth.

    • I have been to a few different states and when I went to Georgia specifically Atlanta…I could literally feel the difference in how light and dark people are treated….something I have NEVER felt anywhere else on that level.

      Being a medium to dark complected person in that state seems like it would be hell everyday.

      It felt like I was invisible yet looked down on and not even worth being acknowledged as living human being all in the same breath, so don’t make it seem like you all are the only ones who have it rough, because YOU DON’T…

      Since I am not from there I do not know enough of the history behind the light dark divide, but there definitely is one and it seems NO ONE is a winner in that battle.

  2. I don’t like this.

    He wasn’t killed over the usual nigga nonsense(drugs, cash, girls, social media); but by breathing.

    These predator lookin niggas need to get a hobby.

    • Please STFU…it is dumb nggas like you who don’t know what is really going that keep their narrative of who the world thinks we are alive.

      When will you fucktards wake up and realize they want us to self-destruct?

      They put people in place to cause havoc, keep us enslaved and asleep…shit they flooded the hood with drugs and you really think any people can survive after some shit like that?

      They are even killing there own because they can’t control the drug trade and they don’t even give a shit as long as they think they have us on the ropes…WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  3. But then again he could have beef wit niggas who specialize in drugs, cash, girls, and social media.

  4. Kevin gates serves Satan his friends are cursed because he brings them bad vibes

    Rappers are dying like crazy these days they rap about death, jail, sex, drugs, killing folks and carrying.guns then go out and get arrested or killed too many to name

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