Mark Cuban Fathered Love Child W/ Underage Girl!

Mark Cuban Underage Affair

HSK Exclusive – Mark Cuban is at the center of shocking allegations that he conceived a secret love child with an underage Filipina girl, known as Abby Cubeyl!

Mark Cuban Underage Baby Momma

Sources exclusively tell HSK that the alleged cheating affair (not to mention, illegal) went down in 2004/2005 — two-years after Mr. Dallas Mavericks and Tiffany Stewart were married in 2002. That would make the child 10-years-old today; Cuban was 46-years-old at the time of the incidents; and the girl just 16 at the time she was allegedly impregnated by Cuban.

Abby Cubey Mark Cuban Sex Affair

Cuban is reported to have first connected with ” Abby Cubey” in Maryland. That’s where ‘Cubey’ (a noted child protege pianist and gifted scholar ahead of her time) was attending school. Upon the baby’s birth, sources say Cuban “snatched” the child, and has since kept the kid hidden in the shadows. Meanwhile … mama’s said to be on a mission to reclaim her baby!!! She goes by the name ‘Abby Cubey’ — a name that’s been exposed as an alias, complete with a fake birth date.

Dig the Drop:

“Mark took the baby away from Abbey and placed the child in a boarding school and he’s also been supporting Abbey with hush money.

Tiffany knows all about Abbey and Mark’s bastard child and she’s disgusted with him. Abbey is now 27 years old and she wants to go public because she wants to raise her child.”

Mark Cuban Abby Cubey Love Child


  1. I am sick of people here shouting the word “pedophile” at every man who has sex with a girl under 18.
    That does a grave injustice to those of us who were truly the victims of PEDOPHILES when we were 12 and under.
    A male who has sex with a girl over the age of puberty but below the age of 18 is a hebephile. That would be Cuban and Tyga and many others.
    While both are perversions of a kind, there is no comparing a man who rapes a young child to a man who has sex with a teenager IMO.

    • he went to school w/baby snuffer jared fogle and ran the dark net. how do you think he really made his money. like she wanted some gross 50 year old perv. these inbred neaderthals are afraid of women's choice inmen-because it is NOT some 3rd world russian commie w/ a porn addiction. no one dreams of that.

  2. If that’s supposed to be his child in the backseat, she does resemble him. j/s

  3. WTF??? @Anonymous 10:13. Are you friggin 4 real? Whether you started puberty or not, we all know teenagers don’t know wtf they doing, so that means they don’t have the mental capacity to make good choices…i.e. letting Tyga’s ugly ass skeet skeet all over them. lmaoo

    • Can you even read ans comprehend English?? I didn’t say that it’s okay to have sex with a teenager when you are an adult. I said that it is unfair to compare us victims of a pedophile to victims of a hebephile. Now, if you think that a grown man raping a 6 year old child is the same as (to use your own words) Tyga skeeting all over Kylie Jenner’s private area, then you might want to ask for help.

    • 16 is the legal age of consent in most countries around the world, and most states in the United States. Brittany Spears was the biggest sex symbol in the world at the age of 17 when she became famous by dressing up as a naughty catholic school girl in a shirt with a bare midriff, dancing around sexually suggestively to Hit Me Baby One More Time. I guess ALL heterosexual men are pedophiles according to your definition.

  4. Masonic rule number 101, never testify (Snitch) on your fellow brother. Wealthy white people rule all countries that are under the financial control of the International Monetary Fund. Mark Cuban is a wealthy white man. He is being protected. You do realize that mainstream media has not reported this story. If boule Bill has a love child with a underage girl, mainstream media would report the story every hour on the hour.

    • The mainstream media did not say shit about “Boule Bill” until his court case was openly revealed back in the mid nineties when that girl Autumn’s mom was claiming paternity. And they didn’t say shit about the rapes until a black man Hannibal Buress blabbed in his standup act.
      You and your Boule fixation. My father and brothers are Boule and they have give more money to help fellow black folks in any given year than you will make in 10 years. You are a victim of stupid prejudices based on rumor and innuendo.

    • it isn't a white issue. it is a satanic communist issue. white guy gets 33 years int eh slammer for nudie pics. FOGLE jew gets 16 after ADMITTING on TAPE and in person w/ tapes to snuff, pedo, and worse

    • “Wealthy (((white people))) rule all countries that are under the financial control of the (((International Monetary Fund.)))”

      Fixed that for you.

  5. You idiots do realize age of consent laws vary wildly from country to country, even state to state right? smh at all the damn morons who post on this site.

    • Why is an older guy like Mark Cuban hanging out with 16 year olds, anyway? That’s the question, regardless of whether it was legal or not.

      Also, Mark Cuban is a holier-than-thou hypocrite who hates on Donald Trump. You can’t have it both ways. Either you really are a saint, or you shouldn’t be casting the first stone.

  6. So sad , Man. I feel sorry for the child and the child that had the child.

  7. He seemed like a good never can tell. He was 46 at the time..just evil and nasty

  8. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he tried to sweep it under the rug. Rich people tend to do these types of things.

  9. FATHERED? that is not fathering a child. that is not sperm donation. THAT IS ABUSE

  10. She is a liar!!! she is a whore and has been known to sleep with married men for money in Bogo, Philippines and plus she was already in her 20s when she came to America and just dumped her daughter to her ex husband in Maryland

  11. I hate to break it to you, but the age of consent in Maryland is 16……Cuban has little/nothing to worry about legally.

    He’s acting like a Scorned Woman because Donald Trump did not select him for his VP. Beware of someone bearing gifts of offering to let you use their stadium. Did he really think he was VP Material? Geez! He was busted for INSIDER TRADING. He proved to the world that he’s a TRAITOR. He jumped ship & campaigned for Hillary who sold weapons to Isis. He betrayed the American People because of his bruised ego.

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