Eazy-E’s Legacy Told By Dre, Penned By ‘White Jewish Gay Guy’


“Raised in an upper-middle class family in Greenwhich, Conn, his father was a high-ranking sales executive at Toy ‘R Us.” –Los Angeles Times, on self-decribed screenwriter Johnathan Herman, “Staight Outta Compton”; “Scarface”

I wonder what Eazy-E would have to say about Dr. Dre teaming up with an upper-middle class, screenwriter outta Connecticut to takeover the reigns of his big screen legacy — while apparently leaving DJ Yella and MC Ren to take the backseat. It’s likely the Ruthless 1 would have never predicted NWA’s aftermath would ultimately fall into the World Class surgical hands of the very Cru member he booted outta NWA. Just ask Arsenio.

“Dre ain’t got no love. No love whatsoever.” – Eazy-Z

According to word from several sources, the story outlined in the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” is almost entirely based on the accounts of Dr. Dre. Oh, the irony. What could be considered an element of potential insult to injury — despite all the Black writers out there, creative scribes outta Compton and other hoods across America, eager for a break into the biz — the good doctor’s chronicling compadre Johnathan Herman, comes to the table referencing the James Brown biopic during in a recent interview. PAUSE.

“I think the fact that I’m a different demographic, different ethically and socioeconomically, to the entire world of this movie, maybe that was an advantage writing in a commercially expansive way for other audiences.” -Johnathan Herman

So there you have it. The NWA movie “Straight Outta Compton” was a story told to a “white priviliged’ writer “throwing back gin ‘n juices with Dr. Dre at the rapper’s home, then turning in a full rewrite.” It’s no wonder why the good doctor found the process of branding the film with Beatz By Dre “difficult.” Don’t you agree?

“I don’t live my life in the rearview mirror. I always look forward so it took a while for me to go back and remember a lot of things that happened in my life, the timelines. It was difficult for me.” -Dr. Dre

Peep what Eazy-E told Fab Five Freddie during a 1993 ‘Yo MTV Raps’ interview:

“Basically, it’s gonna be me, Ren, Ice Cube and Yella cuz we stayin’ sucka-free in ’93, so we don’t deal with Dre cuz you know where he came from — World Class Wreckin’ Cru — so it’s like that now, you know. We stayin’ sucka-free in ’93.”



  1. Jacky, time to post some uplifting story, you know, the Lebron James one. He has just pledged $87 mill for an education program for kids in his hometown!
    Really impressed! Someone tell those other two fools always boasting about a billion dollars fighting in the elevator and how their presence is charity, as well bailing phantom protesters from jail, that this is how you GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY THAT SUPPORTED YOU!

  2. The only Ice Cube could have got this film made is by cutting White writers in on the project and that how Hollywood works when it come to Black artists. Until the artists of a darker hue start complaining and complaining loud as hell for the whole to see they will continue to be treated like slaves

    • OMG THANK YOU I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY 1 who was SMART enough too realize that shit woo I’m not alone hopefully we can find some more !
      The search begins !…
      They pushed the Jew agenda saggy pants drug dealer high school dropout ! Fill up the prison for a free work force !
      Following Jews right back to slavery !
      FUCK NWA and their Jew supporters!
      Before this shitty group you actually had to have skills and a message not kill all niggas shoot him up gang promoting .

      • All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

        Tru . Dre ah homo tho . Been ah fag for years I see why he got ah gay writer he was f*ckin him.

      • I you not the only one fam … Looking back I feel guilty I even bought into that bullshit disrespecting myself and blk woman !

        • Good to have clarity of mind. Many BM bought into the bullshit dissing self the Motherblood and the community all cause some white man loving undercover gay rapper hates himself and BW, of course. Closet queens HATE BW and use them as scapegoats to put the blame on them as they themselves LIE and COON and sell out BP period.

          • No doubt … I wish somebody you were around back then to see what conscious rap was about .. Nigga weren’t wearing flashy shit just blk ropes with red, blk and green and greeted each other with the words peace my brother , peace my queen .. Till these jerry curl homos step on the scene with f*ck the plice and express yourself ! And the era was dead and would never return .. Now crackers master our art form and expressions !

            • I know about Last Prophets and Public Enenmy, Gil St. Heron. etc. BP gotta now protect the minds of young ones don’t let them get brainwashed into being fresh meat in jail.

      • “The Jew Agenda?” Exactly what is that? Do you mean like the Black Lives Matter movement which is 100% funded by a Jewish man George Soros?

        • I’m so happy to see that blacks are starting to see who is controlling and manipulating them. Hitler tried to stop these satanic Jews, just look up ‘HOLOHOAX.’ Hitler was a nationalist and proud of his people just like he encouraged the Japanese and Arabs to love their own, this ‘racism’ stuff is BS and the Jews have lied lied lied about historic events through their lying mainstream media! GOOGLE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FAKE HOLOHOAX!!!!

  3. Another sell out sucking on the pipe I’m not taking about crack pipe I’m talking about man-meat. Dem hoes ain’t loyal talking to you Miss Dre. He is a man-lovah and hates black people what else is new? Of course he got that man to write the script he’s hiding in plain sight.

    • But look at the timing of this movie …they trying to create a Fuck the police movement, when they shooting our ppl dead .. They trying to incite riots .. Why you think the stationed police at the movie theaters showing this flick … Wake up ppl !

      • Preach! Sell out undercover gay coons sold out the repuations of their sisters and brothers for a few coins and the taste of the white pipe. Gays ass phonies got the nerve to be calling BW bed wenches when they hopping in bed with white men on the low 24/7.

        Yall better be schooling your sons and nephews: don’t be a rapper!!

        Fuck NWA and SOC!!!!!

  4. It’s Greenwich not Greenwhich(pronounced Grin itch)

    By being a producer Dre was able to omit the Dee Barnes incident from the film, and women in the media are angry about that. Still, the movie is getting raves and it’s going to make a good return for the investors. All those upper middle class white kids are who made NWA megastars in the first place, and now they are all middle aged. They can’t wait to see the film and relive their rebellious teens. lol

    If Bill Duke could write and direct a movie about a bunch of old Jewish widows mourning their dead husbands, I guess anything’s possible.

  5. NWA was a bad look for the black community. They glorified guns and disrespected women. I never hear Dre or Cube doing anything for the black communities. All this movie is going to do is feed negativity to the minds of youngsters and perpetuate black on black crime and problems with the police.

  6. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    All the comments is so True. Dre is ah fruad cube fraud except for eze the otha to I don’t know.

  7. Rappers should never be the voice of the black community unless their actively making a difference. I never saw Dre or Cube at the forefront of the Micheal Brown protests or Trayvon Martin. Its obvious they are in it for the money. Two sellouts from Compton.

    • Well they claim they were so … Save all that bullshit .. They claim they were doing Us justice reporting what the local news stations wasn’t go figure!

  8. Blk devil Morgan Freeman grand daughter died in the Same hospital I’m in right now …. Ha blood sacrifice no doubt shit getting closer to home I swear !

  9. I guess if you want to make it in the industry you have no other choice other than to spread your ass wide open and bend over the that casting couch cuz your f*cking talents don’t mean jack shit …its all about how you blow them directors and producers!

  10. Say what you want about Ice Cube, at least he’s married to black woman unlike Dre!

    • Ok then here goes bitch …. Bitch is a bitch whether your poor or rich I speaking to you in his exact same pitch ! …. Bye bitch !

  11. Can’t we all just get along? “Straight Outta Compton” is an excellent movie. Well acted, well-written and well-received by many. Let it go — just dig it for its artistic value.

    • It opened with the biggest box office of any R rated film in history in the month of August.

      Clearly people are very interested in the history of that time and that group. An there was no violence reported at any theaters showing it.

    • I agree. The movie is phenomenal and EZ’s widow, Tomika, actually served as one of the producers, so EZ’s “legacy” is well protected.

  12. I wouldn’t go see this shit. I look at the posters and I’m like, when the f*ck did these negroes become Hispanic? The casting is so off,.

    I found out when I heard Dre provided all the material. He is a total stereotypical queen –hates women, esp. black women, has a white wife, ‘roided up gym boy, and lo and behold, a white gay jewish “godfather” to write the script. Oh to suck on the pipe of your master…

    NWA destroyed rap, f*ck them all and I’ll be damned if I see this jew pushed hollyweird shit which glorifies the perversion of rap and the degradation of black folk.

  13. can t blame nwa there was violence here before that blame Raymond washin gton and tookie Williams for starting the crips blame newton for starting the panthers blame kin g hoover for starting the gangster disciples.

    always was violence since the beginning of time violence will never play out.

    I look at gangster rap as entrertainment only weak minded idiots let it influence them to kill or rob that’s like I I watch the 3 stooges and ii twist somebody nose with a monkeywrence.

    but true nwa served the satanic agenda eazy was heavily into satan he would autoptune his voice to sound like satan.

    • I was with you, Chris, until you included the Black Panther Party as a “gang.”

      They were an actual political party that did A LOT for the black community in terms of school programs, free lunch/breakfast programs and teaching poor folks in Oakland their rights as it pertained to the police.

      It wasn’t until J. Edgar deemed them a “gang” that folks got confused.


        I PLAYED with THE KIDS, ATE, & COLORED! laughing!

    • Tookie n dem were just pawns in the game. The crips were come from police (blue) and bloods fireman (red), and were created by the man to maim, kill, and destroy black communities in Los(t) Angeles. The areas most saturated with blacks in LA, is prime real estate and they were/ are trying to take over these areas for financial gain (greed).

      They even had/ have ‘plain clothes’ officers come in the community to start gang wars…and unfortunately it works, as we perpetuate violence against one another.

      What I wish is we would stop allowing them to come in our communities to do what they intend, which is divide and conquer and realize our common enemy is not each other.

      And I agree w mama abt the BPP…they were all about uplifting the community until. they were infiltrated by the gov’t and neutralized.

      • ^^^^Watts, South Central and Compton are twenty minutes from downtown and twenty minutes from LAX. You are absolutely correct!
        Thank you for addressing the LAPD’s worst kept secret. Black cops indeed pose as gang members in order to destroy the gang struce and keep the gang violence going!

  14. but eazy learned from one of his idols George Clinton who was heavily INTO SATANISM HIMSELF, GEORGE WAS INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS CHURCH A GROUP OF CRAZY WHITES WHO SERVED GOD AND SATAN.



    • @ CRAZY Chris, “THANK YOU!!”


  15. Let’s not sugarcoat the realities of Dr. Dre. He’s in the club, has been for a long time. Any blackman that can make music that tells other blackmen that being in jail is cool and hating blackwomen is “Super Gay.” A 5 year old can understand such logic, but adults are clueless…Come on Ya’ll?

  16. Now we know why this movie got so much publicity from white, mainstream media. Once again black people fell for the white devil’s bait. We spent over $60 million black dollars supporting this cinematic buffoonery. $60 million dollars could have started a second Black Wall Street. White people; especially the executives at Universal made the majority of that $60 million dollars!

    One more thing, in case yoiu didn’t know, Interscope Records’ parent company is Universal Records. Jimmy Iovine made millions off this garbage movie!

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