Young Thug ‘Fired’ His Beard Jerrika Karlae To Be Himself!

Young Thug

HSK Exclusive – The latest word from Thugger’s world reveals Jerrika Karlae didn’t really call it quits on Young Thug. Sources say “she was fired” from her reported role as his beard … and that Thugger has since dropped some “hush funds” on Jerrika, described as being “large sums of monies.”

“All that sh!t she was posting and deleting on instagram was to throw people off … she got paid to do that!” -Music Industry Insider

Around this time last year, Young Thug put that word out of Rich Homie Quan being his “Hubbie” … only to later lash out against Quan, naming him “B!tch Homie Quan” … And then came Jerrika. “I don’t care what he go on the Internet and he put, Thug is not gay,” Jerrika explained during a May 2015 interview. “Trust me. He’s not gay at all. Even if he do put up stuff we laugh at it.” Just yesterday, Jerrika appeared to be boss’in up with an “I’m not done yet” insta-blast … seeming to elude to the possibility of telling all about that Lifestyle …

“So sad that you can be loyal to a person, you can give them your all, defend them, understand them, love them, etc., and they can’t five it back in return. Some people are so broken that they are unable to be loved. #SINGLE.” -Jerrika Karlae

Dig the Drop:

“Thugger’s sister Amina is his manger and she wants her brother to appear as a straight man for his rap audience but Thugger is done with the fake shit. He wants to be himself so he fired Jerrika, dumped Amina, and released a photo of himself in a TuTu and a pair of Gucci flip flops.”




  1. Well duh he wasn’t fooling nobody! That whole bird man camp gay or bi nast as aliens !

    • You doing to much. If anything, what she did was work seeing how she had to pretend to like him. Have you seen this dudes face? How can you look at that bitch and not throw up. I suggest she use her talents for the big screen seeing how she is already acting.

  2. Cant say i am surprised by this piece of information. I remember seeing a picture of him wearing a short dress and twirling like a ballerina some time last year. The times we are living in are truly disturbing.

  3. like we didn’t know he was gay.

    he sucked babys dick admitted baby phukked him in the ass.

    he call mewn hubby straight dudes don’t do that hes a ho nbeen a whore he hired a girldfriend probably wore her clothes she didn’t care as lon g as she got paid.

    don’t listen to rap or queer hop anymore too many fags here trannies in rap videops now women accepting dudes phukking trannies unheard of long ago you better not even tell nobody u was gay or hung arounbd fags you was called out.

    knew a lot of gay dudes who died of aids who wants anal sex why would a man let a man insert hisa dick in his ass so he can risk anal DAMAGE AND YES MY GAY COUSIN USED TO GO IN THE BATHROOM AND CHIT OUT BLOOD.

    • Straight people have anal sex. Many gay men don’t have anal sex. Lots of people have anal sex without hurting each other.

      Stop being stupid. And hysterical. You don’t need to worry about what men do with other men. It’s none of your biz. Is it.

  4. If members of the black community – like this website -weren’t so f*cking stupid about gay men and women, then they’d be able to come out, live freely without lying and there’d be no need for beards!

    Do you not see that you helping to perpetuate the problem? These men are hugely insecure, because their community treats them like subhumans for being gay. Then you whine and complain when they have to hire beards. All to suit you guys!

    • If the shit were natural, there would be no shame.

      If the shit were fit for consumption…God would not have wiped out Sodom & Gomorrah along with human kind the first time around.



    BIRDMAN TOOK A pic with a Asian fag wearing a towel and how else can yopu describe that but gay.

    young thug wears dresses , skirts and call men husbands what else is that but gay.
    as long as they put out this gay chit and these trannies come out and admit they phukking who making it a p[ublic issue we4 gonna talk about it.

  6. @CC, SHE SURE IS!! "AND", ….THEY'RE (BOTH) wearing CROSSES!!

    MY lips ARE SEALED! 😉 :-#

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