R. Kelly’s Sex Cult Members Get New Breasts

r kelly sex cult boob jobs

R. Kelly is taking his alleged sex cult members on the road with him, and some of them will have something in common…brand new fake breasts!

According to the NY Daily News, Kelly made implants available to some of the women who are being held up in his Atlanta and Chicago homes.

“I don’t know why and I don’t understand it,”

The singer has a show tonight in Michigan and his girls, who are usually hidden backstage, will be out and about with this time around. But don’t expect their new boobs to be on display.

At past shows, they’ve hidden in plain sight backstage, not looking the part of groupies. We’re told the women typically blend into the crowd, wearing sweatpants, baggy clothes, and baseball caps.


    • I applaud him for CHOOSING to write music blacks will enjoy. and I applaud him for sharing his wealth and showing love to black women. Something that is rarely done by black millionaires. Jealous haters and fools will always criticize.

      • R.kelly love for black woman is being a predator, manipulating them when they 14-16 and pissin in they face, girl bye. If u want that type of love 4 u and ur daughters than i know a good urinal u can get all the ‘love’ u want. Yellow piss.

  1. I want to call those women stupid as fuck but I’m trying not to judge them as for I don’t know their situations.. Nothing about R Kelly remotely even turned me on and I’m not a money hungry person so I can’t relate to this situation at all but R Kelly is a sick bastard and his days are numbered best believe.

    • with so many black guys going homo, it is important for REAL MEN like RKelly to love more than one woman. He has the resources to care for them and their children. He is a hero. Those girls would probably turn lesbian with this man shortage.

      • A hero for choosing underage girls & teenagers he can use for gawd only knows what…gassing their heads up and keeping them prisoners through mental manipulation…the short bus is waiting for you, helmet head.

  2. I’m happy that his shows are getting shut down one by one. Next, he’ll resort to making them sell their pussys to support his lifestyle since the money from his concerts are drying up. Classic ” you owe me” pimp move.

  3. Lol he making the surgries available, like he getting a wholesale deal with the surgeon 10 titties for the price of 6. He offering these build-a-hoes surgeries like its on the value menu, ok show of hands how many yall hoes want sone new titties raise ur hand lmao.

  4. Kelly true freak, showibg you how IRS done since 1992

    Y’all women will cut your mom to let his tongue slurp on the crack.of your asses

  5. He got to come through with those promises and gifts cause them girls been hearing on the streets how he might be broke soon and they bought to boycott his penthouses hahahaha

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