Racist Viewer Calls Black News Anchor a N***r & Gets Dragged On Air

black news anchor racist

Black news anchor Sharon Reed just gracefully and eloquently dragged a racist viewer who tried to slide in her DMs and called her the N-word.


  1. This planet needs to be all black. Africans are the only group of people who haven’t tried to ruin or control other groups.

      • No. Black people must never become animalistic like them.

        Let them be the terrorists, hateful, and miserable all the time.

        We will continue to be thinkers, artists, and progressive people with a beautiful spirit.

  2. She served that albino beast! That’s how you do it. Put the devil on FULL BLAST! Their words incriminate them.

  3. Hate when black folk have to ‘school’ the racist and publicly no less! What would have been more powerful and meaningful would have been for the YT co-host journalists to lambast this racist woman.

    • You don’t know how Racism White supremecy works… Consorts are both covert, overt and speaking against their own sometimes goes against code, but once in a while is used to further subvert unaware so called Black people.

  4. She is a beautiful black woman who Becky cannot vote off! That is the problem. Black women are a problem when they are educated, articulate and most of all attractive and slim. They hate that. I bet that white woman is even now trying to have her ‘removed’.

  5. Neanderthal Caucasians have issues with themselves and love to take that out on us because we’re fabulous. They don’t realize it doesn’t work. It just makes them look lamer.

  6. Ms. Reed should not have been called a racial slur. She did handle the situation gracefully. However, I wish she’d handle herself like this in her overall reporting of the news. I don’t enjoy watching CBS46 news because Sharon & the white guy Ben are too opinionated. I want to hear NEWS not their opinions about it. They do it WAY too much. For local Atl news, WSB Channel 2 & 11 Alive news is the way to go. They keep it more classy & professional. Sharon Reed doesn’t seem to have a good reputation; she herself was investigated for threatening a woman via social media in Philadelphia & looks like she’s done stuff in Cleveland. She may have dated/slept with married high profile men. All the rejects come to Atlanta. ☹ We used to be better than this.

  7. Why is Ms Reeds’ past mentioned when some ignorant white woman is called out on being a racist? Jackie Who, Another stupid racist attempt to malign and insult this beautiful, smart, fearless black woman. I know! You’re probably in love with Ms Reed but she won’t sleep with you. I guess thats Why you would speculate on her personal life, which has NOTHING to do with the issue at hand! Jackie Who, stupid much?

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