Homewrecker Adrienne Bailon & Israel Houghton Are Engaged!!

adrienne bailon israel houghton engaged

It looks like homewrecking has paid off for The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon, because her boyfriend, gospel singer Israel Houghton, put a ring on it!

Israel took Adrienne on a romantic vacation to Santorini, Greece and Paris, France where he popped the question with a massive engagement ring. Adrienne said yes, of course.


The couple barely went public with their romance back in March of this year, and everyone believed Adrienne was the woman behind the end of Israel’s 20-year marriage.

Adrienne was also engaged to another man up until September 2015 when she called the engagement off.

Throughout all this messiness, and after Israel admitted to cheating on his wife during their marriage, he lost his job at Joel Osteen’s mega church, but I guess it was all worth it in the end.




  1. How you get a man will be the same way you lose him..
    If they were cheating, what makes one think he wouldn't cheat on you..
    Good luck, because you will need it

    • Actually that is not alwayz the case. Tom Hanks and Rita were married to different people when they met, hooked up and eventually married. And Sharon stole Ozzy, but she has been paying for it ever since..lol.

      So it is possible for people to live happily ever after. It is not the typical scenario and I would never do it because that is some foul shit, but it is possible.

      • Ozzy is cheating like a rabbit in heat. Kelly osbourne even had a fight with his mistress. Just because it lasts long doesn't mean it's a happily ever after. A lot of these people are just there because of the money implications and companionship due to old age.

      • It's not A typical that the man or woman don't cheat.. I have a degree and I seen both sides of the coins.. They don't last and that's just a fact..

        • Not a fact. There are people who do not cheat and do last. You do not know all couples and what goes on behind all closed doors to make that statement.

          • No I don't know and neither do you but statcic shows the fact.. I don't want to go back and forth with you.. But I heard and seen the devastation it leave the spouses…

            • I did not say I did and statistics do not say ALL people do not last so you are WRONG and what you are saying is NOT A FACT.

              • Wow aren't you an angry person, using all caps..
                I'm going by the couples I've counsel.. I didn't say everyone, I said what I know and have the numbers to prove it.. The numbers don't lie 8 out of 10 don't make it…

              • I use caps however I feel and using them for emphasis does not equate to anger. You are just mad because your point is shit and you did say THEY DO NOT LAST. STATISTICS are BS, people use # to prove their lame ass points all the time, so unless you are in EVERY PERSONS HOUSEHOLD YOU DO NOT KNOW SHIT! Good luck with trying to be the ever right fighter, but in this case you are WRONG, and you can only speak for those people you know.

  2. Wow! That was fast! She's so funky, and phony! I never liked her sneaky, underhanded ass! He must a well paid church negroe!

  3. I'm never like that Adrienne she is looks like a bloated Thot when a homewrecker wreck someone else's home her so called home is going to be wrecked as well just remember that Adrienne

  4. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, you can NEVER break up a happy home. It takes so long to get a divorce in this country, but all of 10 minutes to get married, he was most likely already gone before they even started dating. Hell Kim Kardashian was married for 72 days and it took over 2 years before it was final. Sorry but if you're only ties to your relationship is a piece of paper, it's over, and once you file, not when it's final, you are saying Definitively: I don't want you anymore, so why should either party stay around. You're not in a relationship, you're not living together, spritually and emotionally (which is what actually counts remember) you're not together and that is what "wrecks a home."

    • BS you can't…anything is possible on this earth if someone has the determination and wrong mindset to do it and it has happened more than a few times. As women start to outnumber men it will be happening prob more frequently than NOT.

  5. Some of their photos on other sites seem like she's really not into him just into the image of being in a relationship at beautiful locales with a rock on her finger.

    • I see pedo in him .. All this bitch is, is a back stabbing bitch who is jealous of blk women accomplishments .. Put this pie face ho in a room with blk women and trust she snaking them all!

  6. Congratulations to them, but its never a good idea to base your happiness on someone elses tears…it never ends well

  7. she just had another mans ring on 6 months before this.

    she is in love with the IDEA of BEING MARRIED.

    this wont last.

  8. Was Adrienne the one that he cheated with? I was under the impression that she was not. I know that he was friends with her ex fiancée. Well I wish them well. Sometimes you can't help how you meet someone. In a perfect world, I guess it would be nice to meet out and about when you're both single or not friends with each others ex. Sometimes it doesn't work like that.

  9. They make a cute couple and he fell in love and said, "The hell with pretending that I am happy with my Lakewood wife who doesn't turn me on." He is living his authentic truth, so walked away from Lakewood famous Pastor Joel Osteen, I mean fired because Joel isn't going to have his brand damage with having you center stage after divorcing your wife of 20 years. The ink wasn't dried and your on the beach booed up with your mistress now new wife.

  10. LOL, he should consider himself lucky any woman would want his bloated azz on top of them. :p

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