Ray J & Princess Love Get Married

ray j princess love married

Ray J and Princess Love have finally made things official. The couple got married on August 12 at the Cathedral of Saint Vibiana in Los Angeles.

Ray J’s sister Brandy sang during the reception, and the Game was one of Ray’s groomsmen.

How long before Ray starts cheating again and Princess files for divorce?

#RayJ and #PrincessLove #Brandy singing ?? Back up page @celebgozzipofficial

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Ray J and Princess Love Back up page @celebgozzipofficial

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Ray j X Princess cutting the cake

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Just Married!

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  1. Who care about the clowns/coons they are joke. Joke! Joke! Joke! Not to be taken seriously for anything.

  2. More power to her, but he's a habitual cheater.. Here's a toast to watching your back..

  3. These ppl don't take marriage seriously. It will be over in 3, 2, 1….

  4. She married a Bisexual, dirty dick devil! She might just end up dead in a bathtub!…..Those Norwood's are a mean, and nasty bunch!

  5. funny you mentioned that I used to think brandy and ray j used to f*ck honestly I did he act like he was f*cking brandy back in the day.

  6. Congrats to them, the wifey looks like a spitting image of big sis, that's weird af that he would marry someone who looks just like his sister, anywhoo….hopefully now he'll stay outta Maila''s DM!

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