Keshia Knight Pulliam Accuses Ed Hartwell of Trying to Kill Their Baby!

keshia knight pulliam ed hartwell miscarriage

Keshia Knight Pulliam just dropped a bombshell…the child actress is accusing her estranged husband, Ed Hartwell, of trying to kill their unborn baby!

According to sources, Keshia claims Ed is so abusive, so violent and so diabolical, he has plotted to “harm and obstruct [her] pregnancy” by engaging in “certain underhanded and unusual conduct” to trigger a miscarriage.

Keshia, who is 5 months pregnant, does not get specific about Ed’s conduct, but she labels it “cruel treatment” which has adversely affected her pregnancy.

In the new legal docs, the actress says during their 7 month marriage, Ed would constantly curse, yell and demean her. She even says he had affairs with “multiple women,” including his “baby mama” Lisa Wu Hartwell!

She says she and Ed have multiple firearms, and she feels very unsafe having to turn over all the guns to him.

She’s asking a judge to order Ed to stay away from her. She also wants Ed subjected to a mental evaluation.

Smh. This is what happens when you marry a stranger!

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    • Keshia needs to quit it! This is all her fault, damn it! She is pushy, and was thirsty for a baby and as husband, she found the nearest simp! ED Hartwell has to pay child support, for a child that he didn't want or could afford! He should never have sex again, unless the woman is menopausal, or has had a hysterectomy! Uuuuugh! ?????????

  1. I believe it. Statistics show men are more violent when a woman is pregnant.

    I am sure that is especially true when they dis not want a baby in the first place.

  2. Wow! She's going in!…She waited so long to have a baby…Why would she get herself entangled in such drama?? The cruelest thing a woman can do to her child, is give it a father that doesn't wasn't it! Ed is so stupid! Why even have sex with a woman that you don't want to conceive with? They bare both too damn old for this shit! Now he's gonna get stuck paying for the child, and not being able to see it without drama! He embarrassed her, and called this bitch out, and now he's gonna pay! Smh!?

  3. If she knew this dude was this violent and was a flat out brute, why would you have a kid by him? And why would you bring a kid into such a violent set of circumstances.

    • cause earth is a violent circumstance nobody can escape it she needed to have a baby right then

  4. This article might get you sued. The headline reads Keshia Knight Pulliam Accuses Ed Hartwell of Trying to Kill Their Baby! however, the in the article it says "According to sources," as it pertains to that matter, then the alleged court documents don't mention anything about "engaging in “certain underhanded and unusual conduct” to trigger a miscarriage," Which means Keshia didn't accuse him of trying to kill their unborn child, sources did, which is in direct conflict with the headline. Please be careful.

    • it might be a good idea to name the source as the court documents, if that is the case, otherwise this article could be misconstrued as saying something else, leaving you open to a suit from both sides.

      • ?????? I love level headed comments, that are helpful and intelligent!…….Shout out to Jacky Jasper for having such a great blog! Thank you for allowing your visitors to engage, and give our opinions in an open forum, that isn't controlled and censored like some other blog sites that I won't mention! Lmao! Uuugh! Yeah! ✌✌✌

        • I second that it gives troll bitches like yourself a chance to run rampart and change names and personalities … Faking it from Brooklyn and all that good shit right heffa?

          • @ Anon! No you Dumb ass Bitch! Whatever BrooklynQueen? has to say, she says it under the exact same handle Hoe! I don't take random commentary, that's posted on someone else's blog that seriously! How immature are you? Some people do that, and that's their business! I say what the f*ck I want,when I want, to who I want! Just like I am now, faggot! Now, try again cum guzzler! I hate Trolls! You got a chip on your shoulder, because I told you about yourself, on another post! Did it hurt your heart that bad nigga? Your too unintelligent to make a sensible comment, so you choose to TROLL! Typical keyboard warriors! Lick my ass!????????


  6. Hopes she has a healthy, happy and beautiful baby.
    I hope Keisha is concentrating on what is important and put everything into perspective and concentrate on the health and well being of her child. I know its only natural to want to pay someone back for doing you dirty, but right now one of the best thing Keisha could do is try to do everything possible to preserve the health and well being of her unborn child and keep her mental state calm and healthy. It is a known fact the mother's state of mind most definitely can affect the unborn child; so getting caught up in drama and legal actions is the last thing she should be involved in right now. In other words, she needs to take a break from all of this legal action and drama cause it could result in huritng her child physically and maybe even spiritually etc…. I wish her the best, she deserves it, every mother does. God Bless

  7. She got played like lots of rich BW get played by bum bucks. Its very common for men to trap wealthy women into motherhood so he can be connected to the money for 18 years.

  8. She is using standard legal means to protect her money, her home and her future. Her ex was already exposed on RHOA the early season(s). Atlanta is small so it aint like they didn't know each other and their pasts. I am just bored with all the pregnancy flexing, from all the starlets and has-beens.

  9. Sorry to say, but she should have let him do her the FAVOR!
    Shame on you, Keisha, for multiplying this simp azz fool on this planet.
    We need more MEN not mamma's boys. Do yo job gulll!!!

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