Paris Jackson Dumps Confederate Flag-Loving Boyfriend

paris jackson dumps michael snoddy

The Jackson family can finally rejoice because Paris Jackson has dumped her allegedly racist boyfriend Michael Snoddy…for now!

The 18-year-old decided to end the relationship after a year of dating, but sources say “circumstances could change” and the couple could reunite in the future.

The breakup comes just weeks after Paris let the world know she’s a proud black woman. You think this had anything to do with her going separate ways from her Confederate flag-loving boo?

In case you forgot, Paris also has Michael’s last name tattooed on her SMH.

We’ll see how long these two can stay apart from each other.


  1. But why did it take a mass shooting for us blacks to understand that the flag was racist? That flag should have been a topic of discussion during the civil rights era not in 2014

  2. Good she got rid of this red neck hillbilly cracker like all the other honkeys out there.

    • She is one of them… You read that right. “Conditions could change” and they will go back to each other. Like attracts Like.

    • she’s a black racist, against their own black race jackson, so she wont be dating a black man

  3. She’s a waste of space multimillionaire thanks to MJ. She will never raise a finger in her life for herself or anyone else. Same for her brothers. Does anyone think she will be allowed to keep all that money. That money will be reclaimed by the powers that be.

    • they already reclaimed it. she’s white and she’ll pass it to whites when she marries.

  4. She’s a teenager who does stupid things. Hopefully she’ll grow up and start making better choices/ decisions.

  5. Did she dump him so she can be accepted in the black culture tho??? I find that funny she dumps him and claims she’s black now. girl bye if she can say she’s black Then i can say I’m clear ?

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