Julissa Bermudez Levels Kim K-Klan Kardashian!


Julissa Bermudez is standing firmly behind Adrienne Bailon’s bomb on the KKK-Klan. Bailon recently let it be known that her previous association with the Kardashian’s Kursed her career, leading Kimmy Fake Kakes to step in.

Here’s what Hollywood party girl-turned… turned-porn star… turned aspiring football wife… turned Kanye’s beard… came with.


That’s when Julissa forced the porn star (who Ray J regrets ever putting on) to take those azz-implants and have several seats!

Peep Julissa’s message for Kim K:

“I can read a teleprompter at the very least, let’s start there… Because over 10years of Hard work and NOT laying on your back for the world to see didn’t grant u a Mag. Cover…”


    • She’s nothing 2 hate on….she has a fake ass, fake marriage, & delusions of grandeur, LOL…this chic wants 2 be elizabeth Taylor soooo bad..she probably HATES herself if anything…

      • But that’s her business tho.

        You never met her personally so you sound crazy going in like that as of she f*cked your dude or something.

        It sounds real personal.

        • NWAisCB4: stop kissing her big fake bimbo ass. You’re making me sick over here. God damn.

        • Too many BM come out to ride for white whores that makes them a trick cause you know they not riding for their own mama. And them white whores aint loyal to black people.

    • Kim Kan do Know wrong in my eyes….as far as adrienne is concerned DEEZ HOES AIN’T LOYAL

    • Ain’t nobody hating on that bitch…the truth is what it is. Nobody new who that bitch was till Ray J f*cked her! Point blank!!! Thank you Adriane & Julissa for checking them Hollywood wanna be hoe’s

      • Yall jealous of her success because yall cant get a man even if yall act and pretend yall wholesome. Kim K got yall haters in yall feelings too much. Yall keeping her relevant .

  1. Adrienne Bailon was the person commenting about the Kardashians and how associating with them allegedly adversely affected Bailon’s career.

    Julissa sent that tweet to Adrienne, not Kim. This story is a lie.

    • Wow talk about creating drama on a misdirect. These Kardashians are truly something special. I wonder what their final body count will be.

  2. they ruined careers adrienne and julisa are right the kardashian have some type of spell everything they touch turns to shyt
    prime example kanye’s career before kim dated. kanye his music was good his reputation was in tack him and jayz and beyonce were friends

    when he dated kim his changed not in a good way some women or i should say some white women are poisonous to black men
    and kim is kanye’s poison she ruined black men’s career. either she secretly hates black men and she wants them to suffer!!

      • Hahahaha she’s a high school drop out so it was inevitable she was going to be a slut.

        • exactly kris jenner do’t want her kids going to college because it will ruin their careers!!
          the only person who went to college is kourtney

  3. Kanye always has been a asshole who is full of himself but he was lovable and spoke about real things which is why people liked him but he’s talking about things that ain’t on everyday peoples mind so it ain’t working for him so people can think he changed when he been this way I don’t think her love at all I think he just using her because she was in fashion and designer circles most her life so he dressing her and using the media to force his was in that circle to own his own line and brand

  4. Kim Kardashian Stole That Comment From The DailyMail Comment Section its on the best comment section

    • Kim is a special girl. She has no class, fake as hell and delusional to boot.

      Bitch should donate her p*ssy to science when she dies so it can be inspected & dissected so the world can finally understand why these dumb azz men keep running up in it.

  5. Ok I am about to do something I don’t do take up for Kim. Adrian was in 3lw and that Disney girl group after that she fell off and got with Robert and was brought back to life from being on keeping up with the k. Then she had some nude pictures of her self taking to get talked about after her and Robert broke up someone gave her a job on the real so how is she talking about they are the blame if it was not for them no one would even care.

    • 3lw yes 3 triple goddess el w whore.

      cheeta girls sex slaves sex kittens and they worked for Disney no wonder raven symone’s a dyke now.

  6. ummmmm, why is Adrianne talking about Rob anyway? I thought she moved on a long time ago. Try to get Eve marcelle to talk about Lance. Not gonna happpen. lol
    If a question is asked that she doesnt want to answer, just talk about something else like other celebs do. Why is she going all into detail?
    somebody salty or nah?

  7. These unimportant ppl r still around because we continue to talk about them. They keep getting richer off of our dumb asses who continue to make them relevant.

  8. Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Bailon should be upset with themselves. Giving Kim cover to hijack their space within the world of urban and pop culture. Kim is a vivid example of what’s wrong with whitewomen nowadays. Famous because she bumped skin with Ray J…Nothing Else! Nobody is jealous of Kim, she can believe her hype all she wants. She’s an industry whore, hell, even Scott Storch and Bow Wow got the guts. Her true colors are showing now because she got hoodwinked…Marriage A Sham! Throwing darts at Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and other women because she mad.

  9. I just came to comment on the photo which is concurrently appalling and funny.

  10. If Kim K wasn’t white, she would not be the rich famous hoe that she is. Kim K’s complexion is the reason why she is rich and famous. If you disagree with me, ask Montana Fishburne and Nicole Narain!

    • if kim was black she would have did king and smooth mags spreads reality shows and pop up in everybody’s video dancing with rappers and homo thugged out singers.

  11. Are people really on here defending KIM KARTRASHIAN?? YUP!its the end of the world as we know it

    • People on this site always defend Kim K. They are staunch defenders of Kim K., Amber Rose and the like. They are not defenders of their sistren, but rather white women who act stereotypically Black, have babies and relationships with Black men, yet show no respect for Black women.

      They respect prostitutes. “Well, at least if she gon’ be a ho, she gettin’ paid.” The devil is so amused by many of these posters’ attitudes and sentiments.

      Too many of us are so far removed from what we were created to be because of what we’ve become. Keep it all in prayer, Anon. Keep it all in prayer.

        • Superhead isn’t ‘supported’ because she doesn’t know how to shut the f*ck up and not be a relentless Attention Whore. The walking Herpes blister lied, sucked and sniped herself onto The Oprah Winfrey Show and played the ‘Poor White Female Victim’ role throughout. Any person who’s only justification for being a walking head case (In both senses of the word) is how much her house cost, a favorite retort of hers when someone calls her out on being a lying whore, isn’t worth the font I’m typing with. Now let’s see her write a book about that.

          • ^Not to mention she recently admitted that most, if not all, of her first book was a lie, which is what damn near all the rappers & entertainers who spoke out against her (Ja Rule, Kool G Rap & their wives and Big Tigger in particular). In addition, Xzibit famously cleared up Herpes blister’s story of Puffy leading the two of them (X and Superhoe) to a gay club on South Beach. And of course her last two books flopped and she got called out on being nothing more than an opportunist on daytime T.V.:


            ^The video has since been taken down, but the post has a slight synopsis of what happened.

            So again, you see why she doesn’t get any ‘support’ from people–It’s because she embodies pretty much every negative thing about Hollyweird except being white and therefore can’t be trusted with a crumb, let alone a ‘secret.’

  12. What in the hell is so special about Kimbo the Dimho? She’s a fake fraudster that despises black women and tries to imitate us eurgh please, give me a break! White women need to sit down because nobody has time to be jealous over their lizard looking skin, and fake plastic body parts. Kim K is rich but she sure aint happy, Kanye is broke and she thought marrying him would give her more shine hahahahaha what’s that saying? ‘You win some you lose some’ bye Kimmy and take your trash Kandida family with you on your way out.

    • Ouch!! Lol but true

      most white women hate black women but then their copy black women!!
      partly because black men are bad mouthing us in front of white women. but these sellout coconut shy n1gga are really talking
      about white women!! their poisonous to black men is fact not fiction!!

  13. to live on a planet where people look up to people who not only don’t give a fu$# about you, but those people have not accomplished anything other than lying on their back and constantly paying for and feeding stories to the dumbstream media, tabloids, and people think its cute. I bet the KKK Klan has a mutated form of std worse than aids.

    People need to get over the word hating. Anyone can be a ho/porno star/ marry simps and buy fake body parts. Its just funny that black people especially bm associate w/ her. She only likes you cause others wouldn’t touch her w/ a 100million ft pole. Ask Alex Rodriguez, Tim Tebow, hell did Halle Berry sperm donor even want her?

    Pic is funny but nauseating at the same time. Man or woman if anyone defends this pointless waste of DNA or its family it says something about their character woman or man. smdh. Too early to feel like puking…

  14. I’m not going there with the race issue bc at the end of the day we are all human but I will say I at least know why Adrienne is famous. As for Kim K. I’m still trying to figure out why she stays relevant.

  15. AB was a coked out hoe for MR. Fab amd Julissa been connected to many football players and men… They can all have a seat and sip tea in their glass house. AB likes talking about the kardashians period and its ok. Everyone wins. AB uses the klan for attention and the klan gets even more attn.. Julissa u just the background noise and its ok. lets all toke on a J and be easy.

  16. people need to stop asking why Kim K is famous. The f*cking ppl made her famous. Its not my fault and the ppl who never cared about her that yall sick of her. Kim K offers women daily styling tips. Yall dont even realize how much all women are starting to dress alike that its scary. Kim K, Beysus, and these other ladies are yall number one source for style esp the klan girls.. and thats why she is famous. yes the sex tape worked but if ppl were really settled in their morals she wouldnt have even made it this far. Paris Hilton couldnt even make her sex tape this big and have a great rep with the masses. Everyone was inamoured with her looks and her father helped got OJ off… yall all loved kim at one point for either her looks or wonder bread persona. and if not let it fly but ummm yeaa shes this big cuz the great ppl/ consumers of america put her there. 90% precent of women all asked or wondered where they can get a kim K hair style, face beat like hers, brows tweezed and its ok. no one will judge u for it.

    • well if paris did more than shake her flat ass in panties it would have been more interesting that wasn’t a sex tape that was a ego tape to herself.

      • I’m just saying Paris and cumbucket were hanging out before Kim made her debut Paris already was in the light Kim was just seeking p*ssy shots while getting in the car with the driver Paris Hilton

    • Loved?!!! No boo, you loved her !!! : / Kim can’t lean on her fathers accomplishments , he was famous for a reason. Kim her way into Hollywood. She couldn’t make it on the white side cause of competition, she’s not naturally beautiful, naturally her body is a terrible build before surgery and most of all short !!! The black side was easier cause she stood out being of another race and black men feel when other women of races find them desirable cause of racial conditioning cause of racism. Being called a monkey a Nigger for some many centuries has taken a toll on the mind. Now lets fast forward to the twenty first century now the same type of women use to never look at you know want you , to black men its like, now I’m hot. Women of other cultures like Kim only choose the black side of Hollywood when the competition is to high in the industry, it’s easy for the Kardashians,coco’s to get in the industry cause they stick out easily,being and looking different.

  17. wheres Darlene now.

    she was just ice’s personal whore she didn’t blow up even in the 80’s.

  18. and they married what white women.

    don’t know who Miguel married to he seems gay.

    alfonso ribero was one of mj’s special friends when he was a kid.

  19. Kim was a fashion stylist (to the stars and not punk ones ither) b4 rj, AND a very celebrated one!!! GOOGLE BITCHES

  20. Celebrated?!! Stop playing !!! Unless your @$$ was in the major mainstream which is white Hollywood, you have not made it!!! Don’t play yourself Kim !!! Monogamy in manstream Hollywood like you, which is why you on three black side. and no I’m not endorsing our giving you or yourfamily any money .

  21. Oops i meant nobody in white or any part Hollywood likes you which is why your sorry, fake body parts having@$$ is on the black side of Hollywood. Cause the white side of Hollywood ( which is the most money) don’t want you.

  22. Any one on here knows the little white girls with money act a damn fool and I’m talking to my California people this is a all day stupid shit . White girls blow there family money the dad files bankruptcy then kills the whole family

  23. I know what I said was vague but I’m saying white men try to put up this persona know what they can make but the try so hard to they give up and hang there selves

  24. Why is Julisa even talking, she does the same thing which is spreading her legs to the highest bidder, adrienne should shut up, cause she was riding that Kardashian fame till she was irreverent again. Who knows adrienne, beside from the fact that she was in some Disney cheetah girl group, by the way they kicked out the dark skin girl who was originally in the group, but then who knows what really happened. Anyway adrienne was trying to get her fame out there by releasing a pic, and not a sex tape like the Kardashian Klan, so if anything adrienne hurt her own career not the Kardashian Klan. Also the Kardashians already had money, Kim had money before Ray J, but def she did date and marry people who were in that high income bracket, what do you expect her to do Date some cheap Broke dude, hell naah. She and her Sisters had their own stores plus they also had a rich step father Bruce who was also worth millions I heard, so the whole family was better off. She started to date Ray J because she was stylish to many celebs and Brandy was one of them, through her she met Ray J. The sex tape came out accidentally most likely Ray J released it just like Nikko did. It helped both their careers, Ray J still getting money from the tape every now and then, and he gut many Reality shows like for the love of Ray J etc… Cashed in a lot of money, before that Ray J was and still is Brandy’s little brother. Kim and her family gut the Kardashian reality show, and that took off very fast. Smart Damage control plus a great way to get their names out there etc… She expanded her family business and her own. Its not her fault many girls want to look like her, hey she branded herself in Fashion because she was a stylish, Kanye also loves fashion so they both have a lot in common. To be honest Kim and Kanye look better fashion wise then Jay and Bee. Prob because Kim and Kanye have that strong fashion sense, they are the fashion couple. Anyway, sex tape helped some people, Paris Hilton gut the Simple life which spand on to many other reality shows as well, so the sex tape thing helped their career only the Kardashians expanded their market as a family much better than the Hilton’s could, at this moment. Paris Has her own Line and Kim has her own line, they both making money.

    • By Kim or Kloe you did not have any money during the time you hung out with Paris or became brandy’s stylist. Now as for your step dad, he had the millions not you out your mother, you was a nobody before Paris and that surgery. Don’t worry you’ll be on a decline toward the end of this year,as for you kloe you look horrible with that fake butt you got from Thailand, you’re built to big at the top like the Tasmanian devil character.

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