Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys: So You Are Muslims Now?


Swizz Beatz IG announcement seems to reveal much more than just the second baby he and Alicia Keys are preparing to welcome. From the caption, it’s apparent the beat-making husband (and daddy of Alicia’s first born son, Egypt) apparently says the couple are converted Muslims.

“cheers to 100 plus more inshallah”

This news comes on the couple’s anniversary,marking the fourth year of their marriage. It’s also been about the same time that’s past since the birth of their first born, son Egypt.

Check it:

“Love is life & life is love and we’re so excited for another GIFT from up above ???? Happy Anniversary my Goddess ???? 4 years of greatness & cheers to 100 plus more inshallah ???? @aliciakeys,” Swzz captioned July 31. (Swizz Beatz’s Instagram)



  1. That doesn’t mean their Muslims anymore than going to church confirms you’re a Christian.

    • I can see where you are coming from. However, ‘Inshalla’ is an Islamic phrase -meaning God willing . One would not just say it, without affirming that religion , at least that’s what I got from that tweet.

      • A couple of years late, but my wife is a Syrian Christian and everyone in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt uses this phrase like 6 times a day even if they are Christian.

  2. Muslims do’t cheat or have sex before marriage clearly Alicia and Swizz cheese broken that rule!!!

    • swizz cheese look like he’s sitting on a loath of bread!!! put some swizz cheese on it

    • Discussions on religion tend to divide good people. Let’s not turn this thread into palestine, which has been erased off the map due to religious differences.

      • Damn, you are stupid as f*ck!

        Do you really believe the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is about religion?

        It is about Israel stealing land, water and now potential oil reserves from real Semites. I bet your dumb ass didn’t know that 90% of the Israeli population are European so-called jhews whose ancestral homeland is the Khazar mountains in what is now referred to as Eastern Europe.

        FOH, trying to censure folks with your ignorance.

        The death toll in Palestine is now 1,370. That means nothing to your shallow ignorant ass?

        PS wasn’t Swizz already a Muslim?

        • Okay, but religion IS at the heart of the problem because the Joos believe that the land with its resources was meant for them as they interpret th Bible. I’m not agreeing with that, but you cannot remove religion from the equation.
          Face it, 75% of the world’s wars and fights have religion at the heart of them. The white European Christians even used the Bible to justify slavery.
          God/Allah is not bad, but organized religion is very bad.

            • The Torah is apart of the Bible. They are the first five books of the Bible. Maybe you meant the Talmud, but the Zionists who created and run Israel reject the Talmud as well.

              Anyway, the point that I think you were trying to make is that for Israel this is not about religion since Israel is mainly a secular nation, started by Zionists who were atheists that had rejected their God, and so do not believe in Him, the Messiah, or the Scriptures. Most of the current Israeli population is secular – not religious. Many religious Jews are actually against what is happening in Gaza and many of them are even against there being a state of Israel to begin with. They believe that the Jews were not suppose to return to the land en masse until the Messiah comes because He is the one that is suppose to bring them back, and when He brings them back the Scriptures state that they would live peacefully in the land.

              So for Israel, no this is not about religion. For Hamas, yes their religion is a part of the reason why they are fighting. And BTW, the Zionists considered taking Uganda for the Jews after WWII, so again, no, this is not about their religion and exegesis of Scripture since they reject the Scriptures. Many ‘Zionists’ Christians may interpret Scriptures that way, but for the Zionist Jews and many religious Jews who are not Zionists, that is not how they interpret them.

              Rabbi Explains Why Orthodox Jews Refuse to Serve in the IDF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3SJYRkI2hM

              Rabbi Weiss Rips the Ideology of Zionism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_ZiVRedU-4

              What is Zionism?: http://www.truetorahjews.org/whatiszionism

              JUDAISM VERSUS ZIONISM: http://www.nkusa.org/aboutus/whatzionism.cfm

              WHY ORTHODOX JEWS ARE OPPOSED TO A ZIONIST STATE: http://www.nkusa.org/AboutUs/Zionism/opposition.cfm

        • you couldnt have made your point with out being insulting? I love when ppl educate or correct with out being rude but with a way a good teacher will do it.

    • People in various religious are not supposed to do a lot of things according to the laws of their religion. The same can be said about Christians they are not supposed to fornicate or commit adultery yet some of them do it anyway.

    • Comment:how did you know that they have broken the rule ?did you see them cheat or having sex b4 married?#from Tanzania East Africa

  3. Naw! Can’t see it happening. Islam is full of contradictions that we witness on a daily basis. No intelligent man or woman is gonna convert to Islam…Not Today!

  4. Is Swiss Cheese Arab? Because Arabs–Muslim and Christian alike–say “inshallah” a lot. They say it the way my Appaalchian grandma said “Lord willing” a lot. It’s a superstitious thing in many cultures, to prevent you from becoming arrogant and to remember that everything that happens is God’s will. They gave their son an Arabic middle name, Daoud, which is the Arabic version of David, so I figure Swiss is Arab.



    Swizz Beatz Talk about Being Muslim Busta Rhymes Evee – YouTube
    Apr 11, 2012 – Swizz Beatz Talk about Being Muslim Busta Rhymes Evee !! – YouTube.flv. TheKurdishRebel

  7. Ummmmm is it just me or did y’all miss the memo that Swizz BEEN a Muslim. Sounds like y’all caught a bad case of dont know sh*t

    • Thank you. This is definitely the remedial posters on this story in more ways than one.

  8. Fuck the both of them..how you gonna win when you ain’t right within, so to hell with this fake ass image they portray.

    • I second that. I don’t care how much theyvprofess their love and how much p*ssy Alicia is willing to eat with Swizz in hopes of keeping him from straying, she’s a whore in denial and he’s a sexually irresponsible serial adulterer. She can breed a nation they are still trife!

  9. What a lovely picture. They obviously aren’t perfect, but the make quite a couple.

    Having another child! DAMN…

    BLACK LOVE loses even when married and happy.

    • we don’t want black love.

      we want to see a black man going crazy over white cocoa puffs.

  11. Music as already assaulted Christians and now the industry trying to do the same with Muslims. Jay Prince with the 5%ers and now these two. The devil is liar and manipulator. I don’t believe these fools.

  12. Thank you, Traci404. I wish them nothing but blessings. Only God can judge!!!

  13. Muslims DO cheat, have premarital sex, lie,beat their women and treat them like trash. I was with a Muslim man and he did all of the above. He tried to ruin me. Put threats on my and my kids lives and family members if I wanted to leave. Worse decision to b with him that I ever made. He didn’t confess he was muslim until two months into the relationship.

    • Well you met the wrong Muslim man. Not all Muslim men are like that. I am married to a Muslim Arab man and he treats me like a Queen. No problems whatsoever and he’s religious. Sorry you experienced a bad relationship, but not all Muslim men are like that. If they are practicing Islam and following the Sunnah of the Phrophets and Messengers of God, they’ll treat you like a Queen.

  14. Is this why the FBI is looking at him for all the money (some of hers) he has donated overseas?

  15. Lol nothing to see here as usual….our ppl need to get back to their true selves and Islam ain’t the way nor is you faggot Christianity

  16. Inshallah just means God Willing in Arabic, he’s half arabic, they wanted to say god willing and said it in Arabic since they have a connection to that culture. So what? Second, lots of people with no connection whatsoever to a culture use phrases/words from them because they heard it on TV and it starts sounding cool to say or whatever. Jewish references are in TV all the time, the people saying them aren’t jewish.

  17. Comment:islam is not a religion to be judged but since 65 percent of westerners are stereotyped to hate the man muhammad nd his religion,I'm sure westerners are wastin there time bcos those who will 4llow it if threatened wit death are still on planet earth

  18. they could've write "inshallah" as the exact way it should be written,all true muslims writes it like this "In Sha Allah"

  19. Comment:everbody has commented and said everything that they wish to say… but i believe we all come from diffrent places and we believe in different religions. i guess we better mind our own businesses and praise who ever we wanna praise instead of swearing people .I wish both Alicia and Swizz a good life together In Sha Allah.

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