T.I.’s Throws Up Deuces @ Tiny?

T.I. & Tiny Divorce

Has T.I. rolled on Tiny? It looks like that’s the deal. Know why? Word is Troubleman has bought a spizz of his very own! But that’s not the only telling thing that could prove Mr. and Mrs. Harris ain’t rockin’ no more…

Not only did T.I.’s big Buckhead bachelor pad purchase go down just after the spring break HE AND TINY DIDN’T SHARE.. MajorGirl has let it be known that she’s also making moves of her own. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Shekinah.

Check it:

TI Moves to New Bachelor Pad


  1. Well she said recently that they are NOT divorcing. She said they were fighting and they had one big fight in particular that went on and on. Maybe they never fully resolved it, but I like that she seems to be moving ahead with or without him. Sometimes its bot good to allow your man too much space though…

  2. Yeah. Its over.

    She already said too much by admitting they had a fight that didn’t end.. arguing over outside kids is not a one time quibble.. or squabble.. whatever..

  3. I hope they can get through whatever rough patch they are going through, but how long will it take before the strippers & THOTS show up at his new spot?

    The problem with living separately is that it doesn’t force you to deal with your issues with any real sense of urgency. Like the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

    Although maybe this will be a case of “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” It remains to be seen.

  4. Does it seem to anyone else that she is always mire into him than he is into her? Even tho she was famous first? I always suspected that may e her up for anything attitude, if those threesomes rumors are true, stemmed from her desire to please him. Like may e she thought that would keep them together forever. The problem though is if u leave the door to your marriage open, u cannot control whatever big booties riff raff walks through.

    • She got bigger breasts to keep her man. She got a bigger booty to keep her man. She allowed others to share their bed to keep a man. If she truly wanted those threesomes, she wouldn’t need to pop X in order to get it poppin.’ Very few men will respect a woman who allows what Tiny does, and a real man wouldn’t want to share his female. They are all a bunch of crazed demons.

  5. TI only married Tiny because it was the right thing to do,but it wasn’t what he really wanted to do.The negative things people say about Tiny have always bothered TI even though he pretends otherwise.

  6. Secondly,Tiny is a Attention Seeker whom spends far to much time on Social Media contingent on the fact that she’s married. Those are clear signs of someone who’s either missing something or looking to stray.

  7. I’m not buying the “I don’t wanna drive home 40 mins away from the studio” excuse. Depending on where you live, you have to drive 40+ mins to go anywhere semi decent in ATL anyways. Tiny isn’t wearing her ring and as much as she used to be her hubby #1 cheerleader, something is definitely up.

  8. Probably been faking it for that TV show.TI probably never stopped sleeping around.. Seems that they had an anything goes relationship…You allow any and everything and expect what? A happily ever after! No respect!

  9. They both got what they wanted. Tiny use to run around Atlanta trying to be chose by the next dope boy, hot boy, rapper, trapper, athlete or local celebrity but she was never anyone’s main lady just a jump off. She snatched T.I. up as her boy toy turned him out and T.I. was down because she had a lot of industry connects and wanted to explore the freaky deaky side. She is back in the game where she wants to be in the forefront not behind the scene songwriting. He made it to be more than just a local rapper / regional rapper. They both had individual goals and agendas. The family hustle was a hit and they ran with it he married her. T.I. never wanted to be with Tiny as long as he was he seems as if he doesn’t even like being around her. So they have no problems parting ways because neither one of them had their heart in the right place in the first place. He had no intention of marrying her. She held on because she did not have the image to be a solo star and with her bad reputatation what guy would wife her up. The way she flaunts around social media, acts, dresses, etc just shows that she’s not settled. She’s doing her own thing and he is too. You’ll start to see some bromance spark up between TIP and Nelly and Tiny will go back to her tricking ways. It’s sad because they need to take care of those kids.

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