Violent Details of The Game’s Abuse on Fiancee and Children Released!

Details are now being released surrounding the domestic violence investigation involving the rapper Game and his fiancee/baby momma, Tiffney Cambridge. This is of course in addition to the LAPD domestic violence investigation and the TRO which was granted last week against the rapper, forcing him to remain at least 100 yards away from Tiffney.

Now, it’s been revealed that Game injured his young children during the melee which left Tiffney and her kids in need of medical care. Don’t believe me.. Ask 40glocc.

Here are some of the grisly details just released today:

“Cambridge says in her docs the fight turned so violent, a table broke, injuring both kids. She says their 3-year-old daughter yelled for help because her leg was bleeding … and Game got even more ferocious when Cambridge went to help her.

According to the docs, he told Cambridge, “Move the f*** out the way” and called her a bitch while tearing her clothing and repeatedly hitting her torso with his closed fist. She claims he also yelled, “I will end it all.”

Cambridge says after the fight … Game refused to let her leave … telling the children that if Mommy called police, both Mommy and Daddy would go to jail.

She says Game eventually allowed her to take the kids and go. She went to the hospital the next day, where she says she learned her nose was broken.”


  1. game never gets a break hitting a woman onme thing but the kids got hurt in the incident.

  2. Ugh…what is that fukking picture??? Reminds me of that she-rick on Orange is The New Black.
    Anyway…that poor baby girl. I knew is was bad but not that bad. Breaking tables and hurting kids is way to Nu h, which is not to say hitting Tiffany was ok either. I just mean the family has to be dissolved now. I would never allow him w in ten feet of my kids. Esp not after that line about ending it all. That Nigga is Cray.She needs never go back or I blame her

  3. I don’t condone hitting women at all, but let’s be real here. She has a broker nose and her children or injured allegedly, and yet you wait to the next day to go to the doctor. Then you say he held you hostage and just lets you go and you don’t go to the police immediately. Between this and her possibly messing with 40 Glocc something smells.

  4. Oh my word….I am permanently scarred by that photo….LMAO….Jackie, you so low down!! HAHAHAHA

    Get on that pole & twerk it out Game!!! LOL

    Oh, and you’s a punk for busting her nose like that, AND in front of your kids, no less. Now, back on that pole & give me 200 twerks.

  5. That shit was dramatic as hell can you say “Another Tyler Perry production” dam! Lol

      • Its certainly a f*cked up situation… but instead of trippin of her hookin up with Tami… he should’ve just invited her into the situation and embraced the fact she’s in her freak peak… Now the 40Glocc shit…. that was straight up to make him mad.LMAO Like Mimi doing a sex tape for profit and to get back at Stevie J… Let’s be honest. She knew. These THOTS aint TOTS… They know better. But continuously square themselves off for advancement no matter who’s in the path… even their own children. They should offer “QUEENS 101” course in college so these women will have a degree in being morally respectable & honorable in these days where it pays to be a SLUTTY EINSTEIN…but in the end, it’ll cost them what they reaaaaaaaally want in life. Can’t buy Dignity.

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