WeTV Signs Up For Season 3 of Tamar & Vince

Tamar & Vince Season 3 WeTV

No word on whether Vince cheating on Tamar with her BFF will be a part of this seasons plot.

Here’s the storyline being reported:

“Tamar works to expand beyond just being a successful recording artist, performer and mother.

She is capitalizing on her hugely successful album drop by planning her first solo tour and working on a second album, while also beginning a new gig as a talk show co-host and trying to explore feature film work and developing a project for daytime TV.

As Tamar’s empire expands, with Vince at the helm, they realize serious communication issues are threatening everything they’ve worked so hard for, both at home and professionally.”

via RWS


  1. That’s why Tamar’s been squawking all over Twitter ’bout women wanting to steal her man, she’s merely trying to drum up some interest for the next season of their show.

    I hope this season he does a better job of keeping his mouth closed. He always looks like he needs to have his tonsils/adenoids removed.

  2. Whoever the photographer and editor of this photo is deserves accolade since both of them look attractive which they are not.

  3. Someone or the media put that rumor out about Tamar talking about Vince when the truth is she is and was responding about the Phaedra Kenya Apollo situation

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