Rapper Meek Mill Suing City of Philadelphia!


Meek Mill Lawsuit Against City of Philadelphia

Meek Mill is suing the city of Philadelphia, claiming that the city owes him money due to lost wages following an incident back in 2012. You may remember that Meek was arrested on Halloween 2012 after being pulled over and handcuffed all because the cops thought they smelled Marijuana in the car.

It turned out that police didn’t find anything but in the process, Meek missed a private jet flight to Atlanta.

Here is what TattleTailzz.com is reporting:

“According to court documents, Meek lost $22,000 over the cancelled flight, and $39,000 for the missed party appearance in the ATL.

Not only that, Meek is also arguing that the negative publicity stemming from his arrest knocked down the price on a Puma sponsorship he was negotiating at the time. While he was offered a hefty $2 Million initially, the rapper says he eventually had to agree to $650,000.

The MMG spitter is now suing the city for false imprisonment, as well as invasion of privacy.”

Meek Mill Handcuffed in Philly Arrest


  1. This dude is the posterchild of NlGGARDOM but I stand behind him on this and hope that he wins. Would set a trend for all brothers who are stopped and detained for no reason

    • Oh boy “The City of Brotherly Love” won’t be so loved when this is all over with. Get em Meek! And Good Luck!

  2. Philadelphia’s survival has been their bulldog lawyers. Mill’s nose, as we say, is not clean. So, bring it.

  3. Good sue they ass, this city been doing us black folks wrong for the longest, from false claims to setting you up when they don’t find nothing. Its sad, you don’t even feel safe no more driving down the street, oh and don’t get caught reaching for your wallet.


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