Sherri Shepherd Slammed for Being Unfit Mom… AGAIN!

Sherri Shepard a Bad Mother?

The Views of Both Exes…

Sherri Shepherd being checked — not once, but twice — by both exes, which could led her to lose the custody of two children!!!

Sources say on top of the messy custody battle Sherri faces from currently estranged husband, Lamar Sally… she’s also facing the same full custody battle against ex-husband, Jeff!

Despite word reveling the other ladies of The View are ready to take the stand for Sherri… could two men be crying wolf?

Whatever the case is, a celebrity divorce lawyer says, “No judge is going to want an infant placed in a single parent household where that person is already being questioned as a qualified caregiver, It’s put Sherri in a difficult situation.”

“‘The View’ women are so furious about this double whammy that they say that they’ll testify in court in Sherri’s defense if necessary. They love her and know that she’s a good mom to her son.”

The latest from the Enquirer reveals:

“Sherri’s legal woes began when her estranged husband, TV writer Lamar “Sal” Sally, filed for legal separation and revealed in court papers that the couple expects a child via a surrogate in July. He’s demanding full custody of the unborn baby boy, named Lamar Sally Jr.

He’s also asked that Sherri be granted only visitation rights for the child, and that their prenuptial agreement be invalidated on grounds of fraud.

Sherri, who’s worth an estimated $10 million, married Sally in August 2011. She’s filed separately for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.”


  1. Houston we have a problem. Sherri better lawyer up with the best and fast. That baby’s coming soon.

    • I’m sure she already has a lawyer. What I see is two greedy black men attempting to extort child support. Yes, she’s a working mom and it’s hard to raise children when you have to work but her first husband could have just not cheated on her and they would still be together. The second husband just seems like a greedy opportunist.

  2. Stevie Wonder can see that both of Sherri’s ex-clowns are conspiring against her. Sherri’s first ex is an infidel. I don’t see where a judge will find that suitable behavior for a custodial parent. What will that man teach his son? As for Lamar, what is his occupation? Millions of single women work and support their children. I can understand them having joint custody once the baby reaches a certain age, with Lamar having visitation in the interim, but full custody?!.

    Sherri’s son is a special needs child. Kudos to her for stacking her coin, working her butt off and doing all she can to provide a good quality of life for him.

      • Not sure who put urine in your Top Ramen cup instead of water, but please post their address so I can send them an Edible Arrangement.

        The hypocrisy is that being a working mother is considered a crime in this country. I don’t know any deadbeat mothers, but I know a lot of people who grew up as children of deadbeat dads. They had awesome single mothers who worked like Kunta to support them.

        If you have a problem with my comments, then go finish finger popping yourself in a dark room. Maybe you’ll feel better once you climax.

        • Well damn, someone just got owned.!!! Let me get my popcorn. This is a thriller…

    • Not just now, but later when she is no longer around to care for him. Further, I am sure he requires special programs and teachers to help him. When she gets old, she will still have to provide care for him and when she passes he has to have the means to support himself as he continue to live, if she doesn’t stockpile that money now, where will it come from?. She is working for a reason and these low-lives who have nothing to offer but a dick swinging between their legs cannot see that.

          • Oh, no!!! I forgot about that! “Poppin’ collars!” I love the songs Jamie used to perform on his show. My favorite is “Throw Your Panties on the Stage,” from the MJB and Mr. Biggs episode. Lol

            • I had a list of great black sitcoms and I can’t finish,the shit keeps refreshing…shits frustrating

            • Jamie is so awesome. I always wanted him to sing to me. His voice is so mesmerizing.

              Funny story: I saw Jamie at a club one night. I was wearing a tank top that read ‘golddigger.’ I had a choice between ‘angel’ or ‘golddigger,’ so being the fact that angel was the obvious choice, I chose golddigger. He saw me, stop, read my shirt, and started laughing. That predates his collabo with Kanye. Lol

  3. Having knowledge of how divorce court works Sherri’s soon to be ex pulled a power move by filing ahead of her because now,it puts her back up against the wall and with the smear campaign in full effect she looks more like that villain.

  4. Both these guys are giving Spongebob a hard time over nothing, they are just greedy mofos who are hoping to get their greedy little paws on her money by way of “child support”. They should be ashamed of themselves for conspiring to ruin her reputation just they can get her money. I hope they never succeed in their fight for sole custody of the kids. Smfh.

    • Omfg!! I just can’t! I can’t stop laughing because; I heard that her son wasn’t smart/can’t read and is a reason the guys are trying to get custody from her….SpongeBob, that one word might have answered that. And I’m sure her son is smart!……..

      • Just read that he has learning difficulties, so do I. That was more a fun dig at Sherry(sorry, but dont like to make fun of kids,that much) anyways. Those guys are shit using that excuse and not helping that boy! It was funnier in the Kendell Jenner hahaha you’re so rich and you don’t go to school you can’t read way, not you have actual difficulties and you need help. Shame on them!

  5. These 2 are really pushing the issue. Both are less than manly, ganging up on a woman that invited both between her thighs, and this is the treatment she receives…How The Mighty Have Fallen!!!

  6. Sherri your a very sloppy individual. Its clear that with her busy schedule she doesnt have time for her special needs son. Put your child first instead of last. F the view all they do is play you out.

  7. He’s not. I seen her before at a Duane Reade drugstore. This is before she got married to her current husband. She was dress like she just came from taping the view. Her son was with her and she was very attentive to his needs.
    At the time I didn’t know he was a special needs child.
    His father is an oportunist who have not received the “big break” in his career and rather live off Sherri’s money while he pleasure his white wife. Tragic…

    • If you view marriage like the world marriage is a waste, but if you look at it from a biblical standpoint you would recognize just how serious it is. When you genuinely love a person the love never goes away, “For better or for worse”.

    • Damn that’s low. Don’t make fun of his disability because that could be your child.

      • I am not making fun of the kid! I watched Sherri’s shitty standup a few months ago, and I believe that my IQ decreased by a few points!

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