Charlie Sheen vs. Rihanna

Charlie Sheen vs. Rihanna

Social Media Bangin’!

Charlie Sheen took social media vengeance against Rihanna today, calling her a “Village idiot” among other things, after she blew off the actor’s request for a quick meet-and-greet as they both dined at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.

Rihanna reportedly declined Sheen’s request by telling them that there were too “many paps outside and it just wasn’t possible at this time.” Charlie said he “personally couldn’t care less” but his response to the situation begs to differ.

Here’s how Rihanna publicly responded:



  1. What was his response that pissed her off? Did he just want to introduce her to his fiancee on her birthday? That doesn’t sound too unreasonable. But I’m sure RiRi had her reasons.

    • Charlie Sheen is a nasty, child-porn addicted old flea bag of a man. He probably wanted a threesome with RiRi and she knows his reputation and declined. He is so used to those washed-up plastic white women throwing themselves at him and when RiRi declined he couldn’t handle the rejection. I’m not a RiRi fan but this shows that girl does have some sense.

      • If he was coming onto her in a flirtatious way I agree 100%, but if he just wanted to stunt for his girl on her birthday, it doesn’t seem like too much to ask to just say hello. In Hollywood burning bridges, no matter how loathsome they may be, is not a good idea. Charlie may have no juice over her career aspirations, but some of his friends and cronies may.

          • Charlie has a whole lot of AIDS too.. All that power does is keep it from being widely known to the public.. But if you read HSK, then you know the truth. Maybe Rihanna knows too, and down the road when it is finally made public, Rihanna doesn’t want old paparazzi photos to surface and potentially link her to that HIV positive dirt-bag.

            • Are you confirming that he not only is HIV+ but that he has full blown AIDS?? YIKES.
              I would have thought with his resources he would be on Truvada, Crix and the whole HIV regimen like Magic to keep the T-cell count high enough to be asymptomatic.

              • Nope, we only know of his POSITIVE HIV status…. Could not speak with any certainty that he has AIDS.

              • We can also confirm that he has infected women whom he did not make aware of his status…And pays LOTS of money to keep it on the hush hush. don’t believe me.. Just ask former porn star and current junkie, Taylor Tilden — real name, Kira Montgomery!

            • It makes sense now! Charlie and his Angels, that whole TigerBlood mess. They ALL quit at once! He got like 2-3 more, they quit; and now he’s married! everybody thought he lost weight because he was on tweak, turns out AIDS! That’s why Denise doesn’t want her girls around that mess, remember she was trying to take his crackhead ex kids and get them help and she would’ve taken care of them, think about it. What EX is down, willing to take care of everybody kids without some extreme situation. Now she don’t wanna play along and is out on her ass!

        • Oh Charlie Sheen has lot juice in Hollywood. He and his family run deep in Hollywood.
          Why would someone that f*cked up so many times still be offered a job, like this dude time and time again does. Right after that 2 and Half mess, less than a month or so, he got, again, another sitcom, main role, and few movies. Any other person career would be done over.

  2. That title was kind of mean Jacky. I can’t believe Rihanna had ole Charlie’s panties so pulled up in a bunch. Social media has turned grown men into whiny children.

  3. Bah bah black sheep burns yet another bridge. She wants to be an actress, yet she refuses to meet with a group of actors on the fly. Smh. Charlie Sheen holds a ton of weight in Hollywood. Good luck, Rihanna.

    • She had no problem with the one night stand with Ashton Kutcher. She is choosing her partners a little more carefully. Plus, Charlie Sheen looks sickly. Why would a beautiful black woman want to f*ck with him.

      • What beautiful black woman? Pps don’t tell me you’re talking bout Fleanna.

        I can smell her from here.

        I bet she tests positive for SOMETHING. Shes been used as much if not more than any of Charlie’s white professional porn whores..

      • Who said he wanted to sleep with her? That was not wise to snub charlie like that. Him and his father are not people you want to cross in Hollywood.

      • She slept with Ashton? Ew. Beautiful black Rihanna slept with Jay Z so I think she’ll pretty much get with anything breathing.

    • @bella i said the same thing charlie has alot of power in hollywood,dumbass pass up a big offer

  4. Her comeback was weak. She should have went in on his old crackhead ass. That bastard think he can snap his fingers and people will jump. The ONLY reason he’s been in Hollyweird AT ALL is because of his equally talentless father. I don’t blame her for ignoring this old racist prick and his porn whore. He is truly detestable.

      • Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise said he used to call her nigger. So in that case I guess Donald Sterling’s best friend is black too.

          • Well to be honest, saying the n word is not always the true barometer of racism. Sterling never said it once in all those hours of tape, yet we KNOW he’s a hard core racist. I’m not okaying it, but if in the course of his relationship with his bf of 30 years Tony, he picked up the word in the way that we use it with each other(sometimes, I know not everyone does) and it may have not been used in the sense of calling a black person a foul term. Look, I’m in no way condoning the use of such language by anyone, much less white folks, but as crazy as we all know Sheen to be, the one thing positive I have heard about him is that he is a loyal friend to those is his circle and will do anything for them, generous to a fault, and that he was very cool with a broad mix of friends.
            Like I said, he has kept TT by his side from the beginning and no matter how big he blew up in the 90’s he never dropped him for a more famous group of friends like so many celebs do when they hit the bigtime. Oh well, it’d hard to judge such things as an outsider, but I wouldn’t put to much trust in the words of either of those druggie ex-wives.

      • Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise said that Charlie used to call her niqqer. So I suppose Donald Sterling’s best friend is also black.

        • Why would he call a white woman that? Doesn’t make sense. How do you know she’s telling the truth?

          • Its an insult.
            Has nothing to do with skin Color.
            Has to do with her actions.
            She might be acting “n*ggerish”.

            Not sure what that is either.
            Hey, the mans a drug addict. Who knows wtf hes talking bout.

            • They’re all drug addicts, Willie. Brooke Mueller, Denise and her pointy nose, Charlie and Rihyawnna.

            • Isn’t Denise like 1/4 black? He shouldn’t be calling anyone the n word but I doubt Charlie is a racist, he’s part Mexican.

            • Cheese:

              Mexicants (sic) are some of the most racist mofos on the planet. Take it from a native Angeleno. They despise Black people, (probably because they’re doing the jobs Black people used to do decades ago). D’oh, well. *reads the part starting with “probably…” in my Vicente Fox voice*

            • Yeah buddy, them Mexicans are something else. In Texas Mexicans act worse than rednecks do. And are quick to holler pinche mayate in front of anybody. They racist as shit.

            • Thank you for pointing that out. ‘Mayate’ is one of George Lopez’s favorite words. Someone should kidney pun… Nvm.

            • Please tell us what Pince Mayate means, thanks.

              We mostly have Dominicans, Hondurans and Puerto Ricans in NY, not many Mexicans, yet.

              Latinos have told me the Mexicans hate everyone, even Spanish-speaking non-Mexicans.

              And of course, don’t be Black.

            • A mayate is a black beetle, so its ‘f-ing black beetle.’ They know we know what a cucaracha is, so I guess they say mayate to be more covert. Go figure.

            • Since we’re on the topic of racism, Mark Cuban just gave an interview on The Insider where he suggests that all people are prejudiced. Then he makes a racist comment, stating that if he saw a Black boy in a hoodie approaching him on a sidewalk, he would cross the street. How can he confuse being prejudiced with being RACIST?

              Go Mavs!

            • Thanx Bella for the definition.

              It would be real funny one day if Mark Cuban gets aught on the wrong side of town and one of his own f*cks him up.

            • The Texas Mexicans just come out and says it means f*ckin nigger.

            • I didn’t know that. Well the Mexicans who clean my house and cut my lawn are very friendly. LOL!

            • @say cheese………charlie sheen lineage is spainard. I dont know if they consided themselves hispanics.

          • Denise has big lips, so he may have called her “n-word lips.” That’s what kids called Steven Tyler growing up. Charlie is a pedo. Who cares what he calls her? Hide ya kids!

          • Courtesy of taped phone calls on tmz or any of those type of shows you can hear him in full action say a million things and call Denise a niqqer. If its not still there I’m sure its floating around somewhere this was years ago and laughed at. He really is a crazy infected sick pedo….Denise says he watches child porn and refused to stop

      • @Anonymous 13:59–Sheen was also once found high in a bathroom in Hollywood screaming ‘Nigger,’ which makes coons like Snoop so desperate to jump on his dick during his ‘Tiger Blood’ phase all the more pathetic.

      • Racism flows much deeper than just having a black friend sweetheart.Racism is not about the color of the your black friend,its about the color Green:Money.

  5. Pink wig = sexual alters…..Rihanna has no say who she’s order to “MEET AND GREET” if you know what I mean .Her bosses are in charge.

  6. Have y’all see HIV POSITIVE posted on this topic?! * looking sideways and hauling ass*

  7. rihanna has self hate issue that’s why she bleaches her skin and dates white men

    she ruined chris brown career then dated drake

  8. Charlie is like an older version of Wilmer Valderrama. I wish Jacky would post a thread about Wilmer. He seems to be the guy who “indoctrinates” the young Hollywood girls when they’re about 17. No one has ever questioned why a man in his 30’s clearly has a fetish for teenage girls. Someone really needs to expose him.

    • I knew something was wrong with that weirdo . I thought it was 17 year old boys tat he was keeping time with though

      • Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lovato… Just to name a few. Mandy is the only one who seemed to make it out of that relationship unscathed. She is married. His other gfs are not so lucky.

        I’ve never seen him with boys, but he probably keeps that stuff behind closed doors.

        • Thanks, I though he was a all out homo who occasionally sashed chicks. I guess his character on the 70s show helped me come to that conclusion.

          • No, he totally turns the girls out. Not sure what that thang looks like, but I heard he is swangin’. (Sorry. Lol.)

            I remember LiLo being 18, drunk as a skunk, being dragged out of my former bae’s club. Good times! Lol

            • Correction: LiLo was carried out by one of the homies. He literally carried her out. He didn’t drag her out. She still had favor back then.

  9. Wow so its been confirmed Charlie Sheen has hiv. Did I miss the press conference? Isnt he still banging pornstars. Where was the public announcement like Magic did?

  10. Rihanna got herpes from dirty camel himself Gay Z. He smashes all the young girls on a come up. I guess that means soon to be ex wife Beyonce has a burning cooch.

  11. Rhianna needs to slow down, Charlie Sheen is a mirror of her future…Infected! She was so innocent and virgin in the beginning, until she met Jay-Z aka Joe Camel!!!

    • You are absolutely right. She has compromised and spread herself so thin that she has to be health risk.

  12. I dont believe she carried Blu Ivy. She faked that pregnancy. There is no motherly bond between her and that baby. A fake marriage and a fake pregnancy.

  13. I dont believe she’s the age she’ been claiming.She did a video with the Geto Boys called Gangsta Put Me Down and another video with a rapper by the name Lil O called Cant Stop and she does not look 14 she looks 18 in the video. Everything that comes out Beyonce’s mouth is a lie.

      • And she looks every bit of it DaR1, lol. Bey is beautiful but she’s not ageing well at all.

  14. Beyonce could have had any man she wanted but settled for Jay Z. Im curious after the divorce who she will end up dating.

    • She was passed around on her rise to fame. Dudes uses her, but no one claimed her or kept her. Nas put her on blast by mentioning the fact that her breath smelled like a city dump full of worn baby diapers and used feminine hygiene products. At any rate, Jay-Z, in normal Captain fashion, came in and saved her. I still don’t see them as a couple, but a business arrangement. The whole situation is really tragic, tbh. I hope she turns her life around, for her own benefit.

      • Yeah, her breath is bordering on nuclear, too many people have spoke on it. I saw one kid say that Beyonce had an abortion when she was like 16, he knew all about er case he started smashing her at 15, he couldn’t say what grade she was in cause she had dropped out by then. But I saw an article where Gabrielle Union was talking about being friends with Beyonce and spilling the beans that they are around the same age, which is right around the Age DR1 says she is.

        • Yessir! Gabby U sure did let the world know that she and Beyonce attended school together. Unless it was a private K-12 school, then they are close in age.

          • Like lil house on the prairie huh, one of those independent school districts with everybody in one class. K through graduated school and vocational studies on the weekend….lol

            • No, more like an (excuse my use of this word because b*tches love to call me snotty) “elite” private school that only hosts maybe a couple hundred kids, like the one I attended when I first started HS. Lots of celeb kids in attendance.

      • I read somewhere else Bey was giving Robert Townsend hummers in the front seat of his car around the time they were filming that movie he directed. Ew.

  15. Charlie Sheen is everything y’all say he is and then some, BUT

    he is a major player in the industry and he is a wild card. He can bring down some even bigger playas.

    RiRi is some Bajan hooka who got into the industry with barely enough talent to be taken seriously.

    She betta watch her azz, she is easily replaceable.

    To the left, to the left..

    • This has been stated and restated, but I agree. Charlie confirmed his authority when he went up against Chuck Lorre and won. Two And A Half Men tanked after Charlie and Angus left. Now the show is cancelled. Charlie earned $125 million from the series and he walked into Anger Management poised to earn another $125 million in less time. The man is a fcking boss!

      • He said he is a warlock with tiger blood. The media tried to deem him crazy but I think he was just letting some secrets out the bag. And I had already heard stories about his father,Martin.

  16. Is there an unwritten rule in Hollywood that celebs automatically get to make introductions to colleagues? If this is how things are done, then Rihanna should have obliged, but if there is nothing like that, then there is no problem with her declining, especially since this woman is one of how many Charlie has. It’s not like its his wife or child.


  18. wilmer’s a freak so was ashton remember those smoking weed in the basements scenes in episodes of that 70’s show.

  19. Jacky ^,^ Jacky ^,^ Jacky ^,^ You Rock & You keep it Street ^,^ Thanks ^,^ Peace

  20. Assassins? How about some of this trash get assassinated, start with “RiRi”. A worthless culture that needs its hand on the stove badly, that’s what that little piece of shit represents. Period.

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