Columbus Short’s Long Fall From Grace…

Columbus Short is a FOOL!

Six Times a Fool!

Recently revealed court documents allege Columbus Short’s estranged wife Tanee claims the fired Scandal actor has violated the restraining order against him multiple times.

Back in April Short was ordered to stay away from his wife Tanee and their child after he threatened to kill her and then himself in a violent confrontation inside their home. After the Michael Jace incident, authorities are taking threats like this from high profile persons, a lot more serious.

Here’s the drop:

“In the revealed¬†court documents Tanee claims Columbus has violated the protection order six times, but decided against requesting Columbus be held in contempt and instead requested the restraining order be made permanent.

The judge has not made a ruling in the case but the current order of protection has been extended until July 30th.”


  1. People screw-up and blame everyone else, their partners, White people. Sorry, you slit your own throat because you couldn’t act right

  2. This incident with Columbus Short has happened in many celebrity homes but they are not made public. Many celebrity men have abused their wives/girlfriends but they have fixers who make the problems go away.

  3. Never has a man who needed professional psychiatric help been so clear.
    Someone close to him needs to help him realize that he needs help soon!

    • Such a shame too. He was so cute and successful. He had already won 1/2 the battle. Such a waste. Why a good psychologist isn’t first on a black person’s list of things to do when they get money is beyond me. We all have problems (black, white, Asian…all of us).

        • You got that right! Cause I’m f*cked up! And not about to see someone to f*ck me up more by mind f*cking me or giving me some pills. No thank you. He just need to get away by himself to clear his head for a while. Fuck Shonda Rhimes with her twisted wig for firing him. White boys do this shit all the time and NOTHING is done to them. NOTHING. Ol sellout dark ass niggress!!!

  4. Columbus Short is your typical actor. They are all moody, overly sensitive and have God complexes. Just because your other favorite actors have not been accused of anything doesn’t mean they are innocent. I guess he is not a big enough name to get the protection other actors have gotten. Plus, he must not be busting it wide open like many of these other actors or we would not know his secrets.

  5. People making all kinds of assumptions but did it ever occur to anyone that this dude is just an asshole? Straight up. He’s not crazy. He’s just an arrogant dick who thought he would get away with beating his wife and jumping on random people at will forever. And he was wrong. He’s done the sowing and now it’s time for the harvest.

    • Cosign.

      He got checked. and don’t think he had not been warned.

      It ain’t like this kneegrow is 22, he is 32.

      Time to grow up Columbus and discover your inner manhood.

      So yeah, he feelin’ the effects of his stupidity, but as I was always told as a child,

      Those who can’t hear, will feel.

  6. Money makes the violent behavior worse, because others excuse the conduct. Shonda was hesitant to cut Columbus because of the show. A dead blackwoman on her watch…I Think Not!

  7. He has that crazy boyfriend look like dude in that bound to Netflix Essence Atkins flick N-Secure. “I’d rather another man stick his d*ck in my mouth than in my woman”.

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