Round 12: Torrei vs. Kevin Hart – Proof of Infidelity?

Torrei Hart Has Proof Kevin Cheated

Kevin Hart recently took to social media to air out his ex-wife Torrei (see below) after she gave an interview promoting her new reality show, ‘Atlanta Exes’, and referred to Kevin’s current girlfriend Eniko Parrish as her husband’s former mistress.

Following Kevin’s outburst Torrei shot back claiming to have proof Kevin was cheating and says he just needs to admit it so both of them can heal.

Here is what Torrei had to say via Instagram:

“@kevinhart4real has been my biggest inspiration I’ve watched him from the beginning he is the hardest working man I know. But in order for people to grow and prosper sometimes God will force you out of someone’s shadow. The hardest thing I ever had to do was lose my family. But as I heal and grow I understand why it had to happen. Yes I was broken at a point in my life but that is only natural for someone who’s had to suffer what I had to suffer.

Our divorce was finalized two years ago and we were only separated 8 months prior to the divorce. Despite what @kevinhart4real has said and the time frames he is trying to establish Eniko Parrish @neekibaby was his mistress and was one of the reasons that broke up my family. I have more proof but Kevin should just be honest for both of our healing. I want @kevinhart4real and I to be friends like he portrays we are to the media.

@kevinhart4real has gained success by using his family as his number one source of material. From his stand up to his tv shows he’s used my personal life as his main story line. So at this place in my career I know he is one of the reason doors are opening up for me. And I am grateful to him for that. And we both have been blessings to each other in that area. So now that the doors are opened the work ethic that I have always had is no longer standing in his shadow pushing his career, now it’s shining so I can have my own.”















  1. Airing the dirty laundry on Twitter is never a good look. That sidechick is smoking hot tho.

  2. Torrei needs to move on with her life. Dont worry about this Kevin Hart.Yes its hard and you share two kids with this man but forgive and live the best life you can. What comes around goes around.

    • I agree she needs to move on but this looks like yet another situation where the people behind this ‘reality’ show of hers (Atlanta Exes) are asking her to create hype for their debut season. I see this with current shows (Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, etc…) where people act up/create interest in the off-season of their show or right before the new season airs.
      I hope she gets over him someday because I see a lot of pain in her.

    • Yes! And Torrei bitch f*ck that nigga! Karma is gonna get his mothaf*ckin ass. In the meantime do you and let the dirty shit he did go. About that Eniko bitch its evident to everybody in the public she is playing him. Watch how this shit unfold. She’ll leave and cheat on that nigga with a mothaf*cka with much more money. And Kevin is gonna cry like a little bitch. Betrayal will come back to haunt his black ass.

      • awww you sound like a heart broken bitter individual don’t worry time heals wounds move on.

        • I WAS BITCH!!! That’s why I know and speaking from my soul bitch! Ain’t nobody worth wasting your time over is what I want to convey to Torrei and other women, its a waste of time!!! Since you wanna laugh at people pain bitch I hope you get ran over by a speeding car and die a miserable death you f*cking Troll.

  3. Girl move on. He’s not coming back. He will not hurt the way you hurt. The only person thatbroke your marriage up is your husband Kevin Hart. The best revenge is always success

  4. Please move on. He will reap what he sows. Trust me he was not happy then and he’s not happy now. Everything he has that is suppose to mean something is bought, so it is really nothing. You did your part, you will soon shine. Bye Gator

  5. As dudes success grew his ex wife became less attractive and to compliment his fame he upgraded to the Prerequisite Exotic looking woman.How Typical.

  6. Kevin Hart = illuminatis newest f*ckboy

    Queer as a $3 bill

    Dress wearing sell out

    Who cares if he cheated? Hes letting them Jews pass his ugly tarred midget ass around now..

    Katt Wiliams replacement

    • Bam!!!! You said it right Willie Jones Jr!!! Katt said himself and you can see it in his eyes he was shook and never been the same in public since. I love that man for keeping it lit.

  7. If Torrei (what a f*cked up spelling) is was really so enlightened she would realize that you cannot force another adult to do anything–right or wrong. He may never admit that he was cheating with this chick. The pop psychologists like Phil and Oprah made “closure” a household name. But the truth is that a door can be closed from both sides. You don’t need his truthfulness to move on. You simply need to close the door, lock it, and throw away the key. You will never make him confess to what he has decided in his own mind and ego not to confess to. Pay attention to your new man and release your ex because he is already gone. Men are like children: you ignore them for too long and they will find something to get into.

    • I know! At least he knows he has two children now, he has no clue if he will father any more. His wife increased his portion and name in the land by giving him the title of father, no amount of money can pay for that.

  8. Blah blah blah, that’s why Burger is the realest mother f*cker out there, keep rockin those Willie Nelson braids! You sick ass, real ass mother f*cker , that’s real comedy with no baby mama drama!

  9. sounds to me lie yo need to be concentratilng o increasing those hld support checks 20 G’s aint ish 4real for the month ….come on now.

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