Jay Z & Beyonce’s “On The Run” Tix Sales Also Hit By Solonge?


Have “On the Run” ticket prices drop since the Jay Z & Solange elevator video was leaked? According to reports re-sale prices for Jay Z and Beyonce’s On the Run tour dropped by 13.5% in the days following the video leak showing Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z inside an elevator at the Met Gala.

Tickets had been going for upwards of $300. Jay Z and Beyonce kick off their 20 date On the Run stadium tour June 25th at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.


    • Low ticket sales and reduced priced tickets have nothing to do with Solange. People started figuring out what fake sell-outs these two are. People are waking up and realizing that these coons are doing nothing to help any of us. If everyone would wake up and see these “people” for who they are, no one would support anything they touched.

  1. Ppl are getting sick of these two and the “fake happy marriage ” act.

    Also, they don’t put out good music anymore.. either of them.
    Shes gone nasty & he got old.

    Also, who has $300 to shell out on such stupidity. Like these two (or any of them) need a single penny of my hard earned money.

    I’m ready for the big divorce to start and be over. Then they can go away.

      • No. Bey. Member on the Grammys she was wet. Looked like a wet dog.

        She made about $300 million this spring on her tour.

        so this unfortunately will be a successful tour too.

        • I read somewhere else she only netted 20 mill from that tour. That would explain why they are going back out so soon after Bey’s other tour ended.

    • That’s the real info in the piece. For the resale price to be an issue that means it’s already sold out. I used to love Bey and still do listen to her music even since she went off the deep end. And Jayz can sit his old ass down somewhere, all of his albums are hit or miss the definition of mediocre. But really some people need better reading comprehension.

    • Don’t deny the fact that ticket agents and re-sellers buy up to 95% of all available tickets to events they perceive to be blockbuster. That money usually goes to the artist too!

      Fair is fair…

      • So basically they thought this was gonna be a big seller it may not be so the price had to be adjusted which means the re-seller is taking an L?

  2. Jayz started that mess just in time for the tour. Now everyone wants to see the chemistry. That man is a genius. I love smart men. Part intelligence part hustle.
    “I am hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well”. That is what I miss about my baby.

    • Two dumb mothaf*ckas! Gayz aint smart but the white man issueing his money is! He is a coon an she has turned completely whute! Nuff said. I wouldnt spent an even $30 to see the highest paid Slaves! Both of yall r sum dickriding losers.

  3. The Carters are doing just fine, their foolish stans have already spent their last little bit of money on tickets to their show so they aren’t worried…..yet.

    • Aw c’mon now, Say Cheese not all his stans/fans are down to their last bit of money. You pay that for a decent dinner for 2 where I live. It’s not a big deal.

      • I said stans not fans, big difference. Fans are more objective when it comes to their favs while stans are batshit crazy.

        I’m cheap when it comes to stuff like entertainment and apparel so to me $300.00 is a lot of money to spend on a concert but everyone is different. I prefer to keep my money in the bank over giving it to Bey, Jay and Blue.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think Beyonce is a great performer but she and her husband will not be making money off me.

  4. They’ve worn out their welcome. People are just tired of them. Also, who the hell has $300 to shell out on the garbage they call music. Their music stinks and I think they’ve oversaturated the market with themselves. I don’t think the Solange incident has anything to do with their poor ticket sales.

  5. Any person wanna spend your money to watch they washed up asses be my guest. I saw the whole rocafella when they was a dynasty and destinys child when beyonce was yellin and couldn’t sing live for shit. I seen a pattern from jay z as being a user yall can call him a hustler he’s became a leech. loyalty over royalty . He don’t respect nobody not even his self..

  6. beyonce is getting what she deserve her parents pushed her in to be a lead singer and because of that her parents treated her band memeber like crap. then she fired her father a manager big mistake

  7. Damn the way they work its called slavery! To have to tour all the time with a fews days of here and there ain’t what wealthy people do. Bey and Jay must owe the man hundreds of millions of dollars to work like this. Michael had to drug himself to just get sleep from fear of all those tours dates he had to do and it killed him!! They can have that slave life!!

    • YES thats right and that also says they are not rich as they hype them up to be .seen them retire yet?

      • Clearly they are broke. It’s just too obvious. They will be in the poorhouse very soon I hope.

  8. beyonce and jay wouldn’t be where they are now if it wasn’t for aayiah and 2 pac/bigges not being around

    sad but true

  9. Everybody is tired of these two. Solange was the nail in the coffin. That elevator beat down will go down in history. The fake marriage is a wrap. I hope there will be new talent that will outshine these two overrated illuminati dick suckers.

  10. I believe Jay Z sacrificed Aaliyah. Suge sacrificed Pac and Diddy sacrificed Biggie. Dre sacrificed Eazy.The music industry is so corrupt.

    • You are right. They would be nowwhere without sacrificing Aaliyah, those no talent fools. Beyonce ugly ass with her uglier ass husband, Who wannna look at that? Them too will be back in the section 8 before long you mark my words.

      I’m not so sure that Dre sacrifice Eazy tho.

  11. They are NOT worth what they are charging or those f*cking tickets….AT ALL!!!!!

    • You just no them concerts are going to be empty seats all over the place. hahahaha I can’t wait to see them busted.

      • Julius De Boer, Beyonce’s bodyguard, speaks 5 languages. I could possibly be coerced into buying a ticket for that sh!t show they call a concert if I got to sit next to him and he whispered, or even yelled, sweet nothings in my ear in a foreign tongue. I am fond of foreign ton… Nvm.

        • I thought I was the only one who lusted after Big Red. Wanted to jump on him and hunch his back after I saw the extended footage of the Met Gala incident. Only turn off is that he is rumored to have been with Bey…

  12. Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your money on these two ugly demons! You would be better off spending your money at a high end grocery store like Whole Foods. Instead of going to that stupid concert go buy some porterhouse steaks, cracked crab legs and risoto; have a nice dinner with the family. Fuck that camel and his hump!

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