Nicci Gilbert vs. TV One & The “Divas Franchise”

Nicci Gilbert vs Hollywood Divas & TV One

When Reality TV Goes Wrong?

Former “R&B Divas” star Nicci Gilbert has filed a lawsuit over TV One’s upcoming series, “Hollywood Divas.” In a suit filed electronically in Fulton County on May 13, Gilbert and her production company NOEGO Entertainment, LLC are suing ThinkFactory Media, Inc and TV One LLC because of the creation of the “Hollywood Divas” franchise.

Here’s the drop:

“The 43-year-old member of the R&B trio Brownstone claims that she is not being compensated for the apparent spin-off, which is an alleged breach of her contract. Additionally, the 15-count court filing makes egregious claims against ThinkFactory Media, Inc citing defamation, fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, emotional distress, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage and tortious interference with business relations, among other things.

Several blog sites have reported that singer Faith Evans, who co-executive produced “R&B Divas” with Gilbert, is part of the lawsuit as well. That is incorrect. After both reading the court documents and speaking to a clerk at the Fulton County Court, we can confirm that Evans is not listed as a co-litigant in the suit.”



  1. Nicci better get her coin from TVOne, because she can kiss her singing career ‘au revoir.’ Nicci pissed so many former fans off with her actions on R&B Divas (as did Kelly Price).

    As much as I enjoy Faith’s music, the Grammy nod that excluded the other divas for their compilation album is cold blooded. I didn’t know Faith is so cutthroat.

      • Nicci has always had a funky attitude, so that is clearly who she is. It’s sad, because she is really talented. Brownstone was signed by MJJ, handpicked by Michael himself to be on his label. That is such a blessing, yet she acts like she is miserable and mad at the world. If Nicci acted the slightest bit humble, she would probably be more successful.

      • I did not know Faith rolled like that, but she did descend from the Bad Boy camp, so Puffy taught her.

  2. The story is poorly written. Is Nicci suing faith or is she not? Just because Faith is not a co-litigant does not mean that Nicci is suing her. From what I’ve read, Nicci and Faith stole this idea off of some gay dude named Jason. In any event I don’t think she’s going to get any money. As Andy Cohen pointed out Bravo started the “housewives” franchise and now there are Basket Ball Wives, Football Wives (I think that was out there for a minute), etc. using the name “wives.” Nice try Nicci but you’re going to lose.

  3. Yes that bitch Faith is cutthroat she slept with Biggie and Pac. She beat up Lil Kim. Sniffs cokes here and there at least Monifah opened up about her drug use. When Faith was on r&b divas she didnt share very much on the show. Nicci has a feisty personality which made it more interesting to watch.

  4. To bad It wasn’t even Nikki’s idea!Itbwas Chrystale Wilsons idea!She stole it from her!Let’s just say karma is a bitch and God don’t like ugly!

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