Master P Straight Checks Wendy Williams!

Master P vs. Wendy Williams

“How could she keep picking up TMZ gossip as if it was real news when she should have contacted me directly…” ~Master P

Wendy Williams has crossed even a man who stands by a philosophy that there are No Limits to success! Master P is putting the industry’s biggest gossiper on blast for talking TMZ trash about him… rather than checking in with the source! This after Williams made P a ‘Hot Topic’ of her show… claiming the No Limit founder was “using reality TV to capitalize off his dysfunctional family”.

“The Miller Dynasty is founded on integrity and family values. We are not perfect by any means; we go through similar struggles like any family. There are constant battles that we fight especially with having money and fame but with our faith and belief in God we are able to overcome any obstacle.”

Here’s what Master P had to say about it:

“First of all, I thought Wendy Williams was my friend. I understand that her job is to entertain gossip but how could she keep picking up TMZ gossip as if it was real news when she should have contacted me directly if she was really concerned about my family, or me like she claims. If anyone understands being in the media and having to deal with celebrity personal family gossip and betrayal, she should know because of her own situation. If she wants to know the truth, as my friend, she should call me directly to get the facts and the truth rather than joining the media circus and talking trash.”


  1. How is this checking her?
    Seems like a thought out commentary on the issue… a little delusional.

    I was expecting harsh language, threats, or something.. the type of checking I do!

  2. If his family wasn’t dysfunctional no one would want to watch them. Everyone knows about how he treats his wife and favors certain children over the others. If he doesn’t want to be put on blast he should stay off of television.

  3. Wendy is no one’s friend. The fact that he though she was his friend is telling on his part. Wendy is a snake doing what snakes do which is bite.

  4. He sounds like a naive child! C’mon P cut the act everybody knows WW is serpent!

  5. dipping his dick in yellow paint while had a sexy black women at home master p made a bad choice making his ex wife out to be the bad person

  6. But… he is capitalizing off of his family in a tv show. And by that wack response, he’s drawing even more attention to it. Anyone who allows their child to be named “Cymphonique” can have several \_ s.

  7. Method Man straight checked Wendy a few years back for talking about his wife. Why is Master P doing a reality show? Is he broke or going broke? I havent seen your name on the forbes list for a good minute P.

  8. well he can’t sell music anymore.

    I remember when hip hop magazines was begging him to quit recording music.

    remember when folks would’nt even buy his bootleg albums.

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  10. Jacky, where’s the tea on Master P? As long as I’ve read gossip columns I can’t recall dirt on him. Please anyone chime in!

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