Tae Heckard Signs On As Brandon Jennings’ Beard?


Tae Heckard is reported to have “just filed papers to legally end her domestic partnership with her former lover Monique Blanton.” This news comes about a month after reports Jennings confirmed his engagement to the video vixon — whose full name is Lashontae Heckard.

To be sure, questioning if Tae could have inked a deal to serve as the Pistons player’s beard would not be reaching. Know why? Tae’s track record is one which includes connections to Omarion and Nelly. Enough said!

Heres’ the latest:

“Tae recently filed to end her domestic partnership with estranged wife, Monique Blanton. Although the two have been separated since 2011, citing “irreconcilable differences” in legal documents, as far as the courts are concerned, they’re still very married. The women tied the knot back in 2008 and Tae even took on Monique’s last name. But, for whatever reason, things didn’t work out for the two. Now, Tae is hoping to have her name restored back to Heckard. Of course, this process is absolutely necessary if Tae and Brandon are seriously considering getting married.”


  1. Teyana Taylor spent her entire interview on The Breakfast Club discussing this. Jenning’s is Teyana’s ex fiancee and Tae is her former bestie that didn’t let her know they were engaged.

    • If it’s her ex-fiance and former friend then it’s not her business if they are engaged and they don’t owe her anything.

      • He’s going around saying he was never engaged to her and Tae is saying that they were never friends. Teyana says she’s not mad at Brandon but Tae. Because her and Tae talked everyday and she never let her know anything. Tae and Nelly are two of a kind. Nelly did the same to Floyd Mayweather when moving in on his ex. He said he and Mayweather were never friends.

  2. Men love beautiful lesbians, and want them up under them all of the time. Its because they are undercover gay and want a beautiful bitch as a front to hide his sexuality. Been there done that.

  3. I always wondered if she was a beard because most of the guys she been linked to have had gay rumors around them one time or another.

  4. Always wanted to do an alter ego derrick blanks shoot 🙁 Congrats to the next will and jada. Teyanna has a thing for suspect men it seems

  5. I don’t care. And i refuse to believe that every black actor, rapper, writer, artist, teacher and trucker are GAY. Am I the only one that thinks trying to convince us they are gay just makes the struggle harder.

    • A large majority of your faves are likely Bisexual/barsexual/gay for pay. I wonder when you stans will realize that your faves don’t operate in the real world. They adhere to a do what thou wilt philosophy. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, if the drink and drugs are flowing right, your faves will stick it in any hole they can

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