NE-YO Wants You to Know He’s Not Gay


Ne-Yo is NOT Gay

“The lady doth protest too much!” ~Shakespeare

Ne-Yo wants to make sure he is on record; stating his sexuality is that of a heterosexual male.

Ne Yo Straight Man

Well played sir, well played!


  1. oh really NeYo ?????? but you and YOUNG JEEZY are neighbors that are always getting caught walking out of each others houses LMFAO battyman fi bloodclat dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He can’t convince himself how does expect to convince others !….
      RLMAO !!!

  2. if you not on that team why the f*ck u tweeted about that Caitlyn Jenner shit and ignore what Akon did for Africa he’s a singer like you i love ur songs but u wrong for that

  3. girl bye Ms. Ne-Yo. any time one gotta profess to not being “on some team” is actually “on that team” but is scared to come out. we all know huney. we know. please trust that. you’re like another Ms. Tyrese Gibson…another who feels the need to literally post a tweet or facebook his sexual identity that’s he’s “straight,” when in fact he’s yet another one who is as gay as geese. girl stop it. we know. and will always know, no matter how much you say you’re not gay.

  4. real straight men don’t have to keep shouting out that they’re not gay. obviously he is. and just per laying eyes on neyo, mainly the way he always priching up his lips, the evident does prevails and consitutues he is gay. stop it neyo. it’s cool.

  5. He looks fruity to me. Actions speak louder than words Ne-Yo (puckering my lips back at him ….)

  6. remember when this motherf*cker was parading around town with Hayden Panettiere, at time She was teen!!!!!!

    this was back in 2005 or 2007 (not quite sure)

  7. He’s gay. He had those kids with that lady to please his mama, but he’s gay. He’s just testing the waters.

  8. the consensus is that absolutely no one believes you, Shaffer ! sp? whatever! Close enough! – laughing really loud! –

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